G'day Guys, my name is WadZee, Welcome to the Channel!
Minecraft ISdownsr from Melbourne Australia!

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  • Ty loves cats
    Ty loves cats

    You should beat the game as a cat!

  • Holden Moen
    Holden Moen

    you need to make yourself a castle

  • K3rmi7 Hardc0re
    K3rmi7 Hardc0re

    WadZee, if you die in this series, can you please not put it in the title because we want to be surprised if it ever happens.

  • Aditya moon
    Aditya moon

    Make an amusement park

  • Nightfury

    Me just waiting to see him sleep there 😃😄😁

  • The Brown Family
    The Brown Family

    do you think you could put out a world download? i love your builds

  • Griffin Coddington
    Griffin Coddington

    This man says he will let the turtles go free once they reach adult hood. 5 minutes later- builds a containment chamber for said turtles

  • Zahraa Mohsen
    Zahraa Mohsen


  • index

    Now you should work on making the inside look like the nether with the five biomes so it’s not just hollow in the inside, would be a sick idea

  • Alexandria Havenith
    Alexandria Havenith

    u should of made a comet at the bottom of the hole

  • Jonel Basug
    Jonel Basug

    Next build make you own village or make end world into the over world

  • Sentinal Gamer
    Sentinal Gamer

    Make a wheat biom in minecraft

  • Black Screen
    Black Screen


  • JJ Wang
    JJ Wang

    He doesnt know that when he destroys the soul sand he brings the souls back from the nether to the over world.

  • ShanRovic

    I searched for this because I accidentally spawned a wither and too scared to fight it

  • Aldrych Andrick zean
    Aldrych Andrick zean

    You not build the snow and ice build

  • Beverly Reyes
    Beverly Reyes

    Video idea: making a wool rainbow across the entire map or some of it because Minecraft’s map is infinite right?

  • Neel Raut
    Neel Raut


  • M_memes4Life

    Imagine dying in this world

  • Mrwaffle

    You should add some veins of ancient debris near the bottom

  • ReVeNgE GoTryMe
    ReVeNgE GoTryMe

    Attack on Titan wall haha

  • Daniel Botts
    Daniel Botts

    Idea: create the overworld in the End and create the end in the overworld then make another city but with end city builds

  • Alexandria Havenith
    Alexandria Havenith

    How do you build so well?

  • Alexandria Havenith
    Alexandria Havenith

    Wadzee ur still amazing though

  • Sadeem Tech Gaming
    Sadeem Tech Gaming

    you are the real hardcore player others just use cheats

  • Arya N
    Arya N

    What is his outro music/song at the end.

  • Arya N
    Arya N

    What is his outro music/song at the end.

  • Chitt Lam
    Chitt Lam

    It inspired me to start a diamond beacon in my world

  • Eyes of Life
    Eyes of Life

    Hey wadzee if you think mining that end puller took awhile you should see what ibxtoycat done to the pillers

  • Rosscelot

    its actually 1 our of 50 chance

  • Joe D
    Joe D

    Petition: Build a End City along with the Ship in the Overworld

  • Luigi Polizio
    Luigi Polizio

    Giant aquarium

  • Alexandria Havenith
    Alexandria Havenith

    can u skip doing the melons its boring

    • Alexandria Havenith
      Alexandria Havenith

      also if u keep doing it i'm not having fun and i might unsubscribe

  • Omar Mireles
    Omar Mireles


  • Luke Hurley
    Luke Hurley

    Wadzee should fix a whole bastion

  • MeetYuumi


  • DarkHunter gaming
    DarkHunter gaming

    10 is the max diamond vein btw not for 1.17

  • Von Pelayo
    Von Pelayo

    3:27 title of the song?

  • DarkHunter gaming
    DarkHunter gaming

    9:00 i actually found 10 vein NGL

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez


  • Rowills00

    Am I stupid or shouldn't the mobs be spawing in the mob farm of he used slabs for the spaces?

  • nooby guy
    nooby guy

    Whos gonna tell him that he forgot to put ancient depri

  • Neeraj Negi
    Neeraj Negi

    He got 2 netherite scraps and taken only one

  • Maria Bautista
    Maria Bautista

    Mack it look like a mountain out of nether rack

  • Sherpal Singh
    Sherpal Singh

    You can trade with piglin for obsidian

  • Reagan Mvaarloisnzkeik
    Reagan Mvaarloisnzkeik

    Song at 8:11 is called For the Damaged Coda by Blonde Redhead btw

  • Abby Davis
    Abby Davis

    me realizing that the village he found close to his house is a village that he actually HAS found before in episode one that he couldn’t go in because he had bad omen 😀👍

  • Jake Taylor
    Jake Taylor

    He gained 150 thousand subs in 2 weeks

  • Alonso Reyes
    Alonso Reyes

    A giants melon out of melon blocks

  • David Mañueco
    David Mañueco

    best friendships to ever exist. In top one we have WadZee and the number 100

  • Julian Vargas
    Julian Vargas

    ok so y does it say desteroy da tree in the top right plz reply if you know

  • Zeros Future
    Zeros Future

    Only 64 pssssh chumps. Was thinking they should add another 1000

  • Elena

    You should bring striders to put in the lava in your nether biome

  • Mysterious Myth
    Mysterious Myth

    Shouldve became piglin ;c

  • Alex Lewin
    Alex Lewin

    hey wadzee can you make a volcano for me pls its my b day I will be so happy if you do it

  • Gaming Gamers
    Gaming Gamers

    Anybody else’s sharangon

  • thefowles1

    6:22 Ace Online music?? REYNARD BEACH???????

  • Miguel Zubiate
    Miguel Zubiate

    Wadzee how about next video you build your self a mansion

  • Julian Felipe Gomez Bravo
    Julian Felipe Gomez Bravo

    14:17 the robotic "auuuch " it´s te best things ever lol

  • mareø løyal fam
    mareø løyal fam

    To see him build all this in survival mode is just incredible 🤯 I'm a new subscriber by the way

  • Devon W
    Devon W

    I realy just spent 3 hours putting keys on my keyboard 🤨🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


    Such a good ISdownsr I like the neither thing although I think this is better. The neither transformation was wonderful. I started watch the channel a few weeks ago and it seems to be better than a lot of channels.

  • Dub Love
    Dub Love

    He should make his house bigger

  • Daytron Plays
    Daytron Plays

    Petition for wadzee to put a piglin bastion inside the overworld nether

  • Meleboo

    How did this not show up in my recommendations? I’m even subscribed.

  • mareø løyal fam
    mareø løyal fam

    This guy deserves an award 💯 minecraft needs to give this man a big hole trophy 💯🌟🌟✨

  • CloudSHMof

    Should add anchient debris for the lolz

  • Slandeber -
    Slandeber -

    Imagine he died and made a video on it and all of us were sad

  • Noah Farthing
    Noah Farthing

    Do you not realize the nether grass spreads to neatherrack

  • Andy Oamelda
    Andy Oamelda


  • Just Stuff
    Just Stuff

    Now nether in end and end in over world and nether

  • Angela Miller
    Angela Miller

    I think you should build a dragon maze out of concrete and try to get through it with dangerous mobs

  • JJasonW

    the people with the most patience in the world: Minecraft players

  • RScott

    I got dehydrated watching this video.

  • Imsoohappy

    What if you did the spot that you took out last time like the exact same thing

  • sajilaim #
    sajilaim #

    What would wadzee's stand be 🤔🧐

  • Krushna Agnihotri
    Krushna Agnihotri


  • Grace Neckelson
    Grace Neckelson

    your better than laserbeam your awesome

  • Liam Gunness
    Liam Gunness

    Nether cake 🍰