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  • HunterCool22

    8:27 They Pillagers heard about a more impressive mansion than their woodland mansion and they went to investigate lol

  • HunterCool22

    Should’ve named your axe the *Melon Mutilator* lol

  • Not_Strxwberry

    *chicken slaughter*

  • RogueSwordThesco

    Put a hole in the bottom of the glass and let it fill back up.

  • HunterCool22

    I think this is still my favorite build by you. *It’s simple, but I love it!*

  • SiZzy

    Says "I'm gonna add a bit of a river in here. Me: 🧐

  • Not_Strxwberry

    play cookie run

  • stick of butter
    stick of butter

    Wadzees level when he put down the emerald beacon was 164


    You can build pond very big one

  • Rosalia Moon
    Rosalia Moon

    I realize I’m a month late. But a short cut to making concrete faster is to put the powder down where you want the concrete to be and then put the water on it. It works great for wall and floors. You just can’t use that for the ceiling

  • Captain Creeper Gaming
    Captain Creeper Gaming

    You should make a giant pixel art Rick Roll

  • m n
    m n

    How about Covering it with a glass dome and put lights in the floor

  • Czepanski Calendar
    Czepanski Calendar

    wadzee fundy made another difficulty PLAY IT FOR DA BOIS

  • issy


  • fgfguhfdkhf bdjdgdvgdjs
    fgfguhfdkhf bdjdgdvgdjs

    build the ender dragen one hit cannon: isdowns.info/lift/kmvPqYxioY57kZo/v-deo

  • Daniel Maar
    Daniel Maar

    Why getting mining fatigue before bad omen 🤔

  • zuxxez

    Anyone realised be uses aot soundtracks 😂

  • Joeybro Uk
    Joeybro Uk

    Lol nice

  • cool dude Hess
    cool dude Hess

    Now you don't have to buy a facecam you have one in your world lol

  • Abrar Islam
    Abrar Islam


  • celestefan139

    Dream: I bet he can't do it alone Wadzee: did somebody say hardcore

  • Abdulaziz Alsaeed
    Abdulaziz Alsaeed

    :Wadzee: this is the scaryest phase beacuse of creepers :Jungle Vase: am I a joke to you

  • Mr cat
    Mr cat


  • Cudation

    He should add some moss or grass on the out side on the stone to look old and more detailed

  • zuxxez

    Dogzee i know im late 😂😂

  • Pranav JA
    Pranav JA

    Wha wha army need a new sky block series

  • TragicReeze

    WadZee: "Ligit, we're just chillin in lava right now" Wait, that's illegal- If you don't get it I mean that like you know chill means cold so yeah.

  • Agashebuzz

    Just ran cross these videos. They're awesome!! Makes me think of Bioshock!

  • Abdulaziz Alsaeed
    Abdulaziz Alsaeed

    :Wadzee:square gang sucks :mob grinder circle gang sucks :me: both gangs are fine

  • Varshilplayz

    WadZee, you are the best youtuber ik I love hardcore...YU R THE BEST, #WAHWAHARMYDABEST

  • Eliza khan
    Eliza khan

    2:45 Where i left off :D

  • Sushama K
    Sushama K

    big shoutout to the mouse who took all the pain

  • Shankar Khandade
    Shankar Khandade

    i wouldnt work so hard

  • Waseem Khan
    Waseem Khan

    Build a raid farm

  • Aris de Kwaadsteniet
    Aris de Kwaadsteniet

    It looks 3d

  • Caroline L.
    Caroline L.

    can you just like, do a tour of your Minecraft world?

  • YT Misi
    YT Misi

    I lve this videos

  • Prayank Goyal
    Prayank Goyal


  • Pepper and Casey's RV
    Pepper and Casey's RV

    I eat a lot of melons IRL and IMC. I like u farm!

  • Abdulaziz Alsaeed
    Abdulaziz Alsaeed


  • Tristan Ogram Buckley
    Tristan Ogram Buckley

    I love how he still gasps every time he finds diamonds

  • DesertRider 1123
    DesertRider 1123

    When you’ve been here since day one 😎

  • Kolex

    maybe make the leaves more like brocken down so its not just this huge blob of leaf blocks, like make it more messy somehow

  • Munawar Saeed
    Munawar Saeed

    1000,00000000 rs

  • MetePlayz

    you are better than LazarBeam

  • Shambhav Gautam
    Shambhav Gautam

    I'm assuming both Wadzee and Sb737 are out for a week with Fundy's new difficulty.

  • Eerika Kapp
    Eerika Kapp

    Where have gone your water breaks??

  • Last New
    Last New

    1:33 Wadzee: so we're gonna transfrom the over world to the Nether Ghast: :O

  • Yo mama
    Yo mama

    Imagin having a netherite Beacon but no silk touch

  • Rainbow Starr
    Rainbow Starr

    It’s a unlimited food source


    Challenge: make nether fortess/bastion in overworld Or in end

  • Happy

    I seriously got mad last video that you couldn’t figure out how to get the axolotl 😂

  • Angel p
    Angel p

    U should of boxed them all in obsidian 😂

  • davi

    just crazy

  • Sarvesh Dhingra
    Sarvesh Dhingra

    7:35 caught you

  • navneeth krishna
    navneeth krishna

    all that trouble.....when he could just trade some book shelves

  • Aris de Kwaadsteniet
    Aris de Kwaadsteniet


  • Bill cipher
    Bill cipher

    Why do you need birch logs

  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil Sharma

    Surprised that this wasn't hardcore...

  • I'm Danky
    I'm Danky

    Thank god this is not in hardcore... xD

  • Bianca Fowler
    Bianca Fowler

    Your interior design looks awesome

  • Sub to me Cullen dickinson
    Sub to me Cullen dickinson

    The cobblestone foundation PATRIK!!!!!

  • Max customs
    Max customs

    Bro I can’t survive a zombie attack and here wadzee

  • Naruto

    Everyone with endermen:give me that frikin pearl. WadZee:give my sand back!

  • cristina 06
    cristina 06

    if you die in your hardcore world i will rage if i were you

  • Tobias Tolcher
    Tobias Tolcher

    Can u name the music that played at 5:38

  • Javier Carrasco Melo
    Javier Carrasco Melo

    Here a Pixlriffs fan, I'm surprised to see someone taking this challenge up a notch by doing it in hardcore!! Oh both did that in the similar time :O pixl's video was actually released one month later! Lol anyway, both videos were really cool!!!!!

  • Md. Shahriyar Islam Shafin
    Md. Shahriyar Islam Shafin

    Worst video of WadZee ever came.

  • Kriplayz

    Imaging dying accidiently with 5000 debris in hardcore

  • Varshilplayz

    VIBES LOL, I paused the video and CHEATEDDDDDDDDDDDDD HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHHAH, lol i was a bit weird Sgniupf42 i agree to you Me: WadZee Make the Diamond armor you got from end to netherite WadZee: Mhm...aha, this is the best music aha mhm

  • Jeffmiguel Penales
    Jeffmiguel Penales

    I really love wadze videos

  • Amosa11

    Like ur vids...........................................................,...................,......................

  • sᴏɴᴀᴛᴀ.

    This Is So Satisfying

  • Ño Oñe
    Ño Oñe

    Well man you deserve a lot more likes considering the effort you put into it!

  • bruh mg69
    bruh mg69

    Next video: i transformed the overworld into the overworld in minecraft

  • GodMeme

    Imagine accidently putting sponge🤣

  • Last New
    Last New

    Some1: name them blue and berry! Wadzee: how about berry and... "Barry" Evry1: it is... Acceptable!

  • Declan Ü
    Declan Ü

    Wadogzee for dog name