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  • foxy doodledo
    foxy doodledo


  • ItsDragon

    He says he isn't an architect but the man seems like one lol

  • Poppy Barker
    Poppy Barker

    You have to make a splash potion of weakness and a goldan apple

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve

    "This video made a long time to make" not my problem

  • maruda

    Took the Melon idea from lazarbeam


    Why didn't he use tnt to dig the thing?😂

  • Camille Cutler
    Camille Cutler

    looks like the sort of thing that fits in a jungle

  • Joshua Muhammad
    Joshua Muhammad

    Song at 2:31 m

  • Niki Craft
    Niki Craft

    You can try to put some melon banners it will be cool fo interior and outside

  • CrazyParth

    The people who say that lazarbeam is melon king... They are affected with down syndrome

  • Swayz

    Super late but pickaxe wasn’t your best bet, you have a sheep farm so beds would’ve been clutch.

  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hour

    Wadzee: eats the melon mansion. Google: top 11 anime betrayals

  • Science done right
    Science done right

    He should have used beds. They are incredibly effective and just 15 beds can give you a stack of ancient debris in my experience What I recommend is to make a wool farm to collect stacks and stacks of wools and craft them into beds in the nether

  • Máximo Pardo
    Máximo Pardo

    It would be epik if you change the green windows to red

  • zwn

    I wonder how much this world storage is

    • dutoiu hour
      dutoiu hour

      Im so hyped for him to design the inside!

  • Beso Chingmak
    Beso Chingmak

    Iam not very good at building houses Top 10 lies in history

  • Science done right
    Science done right

    14:22 there's a bit of ancient debris right after the lava

  • Muhammad Saif
    Muhammad Saif

    Episode 42

  • Aidan Xavier
    Aidan Xavier

    When life gives you melons, you might be dyslexic

  • GamingBeast Official
    GamingBeast Official

    Imagine finishing this and realizing: Wait........... it isn't symmetrical

  • mihai covaciu
    mihai covaciu

    Goddamn this guy is a melomaniac.

  • Ysabella Cruz
    Ysabella Cruz

    *"i sub"*

  • ミンアキヤ

    I like your voice so I sub u

  • Shilungtet

    14:03 5 hours just to build this! Lmao it would take me weeks copying it

  • Beelay Mcgue
    Beelay Mcgue

    Call it the Melomansion

  • Jacob Reuvers
    Jacob Reuvers

    i’d love to see you build the longest and coolest roller coaster in all of minecraft

  • KrayzSrgin

    Male a automatic tree farm for apples


    It look good rlly

  • enzo valdivia
    enzo valdivia

    Farfa le gana

  • Hendrik Sander Rommers
    Hendrik Sander Rommers

    thats so sick good job! 🤯

  • Sunita Suman
    Sunita Suman

    Who else wants wadzee to turn this mansion into his house LIKE SO HE SEES THIS !!!!!!!!!

  • Utkarsh Srivastava
    Utkarsh Srivastava


  • PandaMan

    hes playing subnautica

  • Sohail Shana
    Sohail Shana

    This mansion is bigger than the wood land mansion 💯🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Mysterious Is Da best
    Mysterious Is Da best

    The time this video ends is lovely 16:16

  • Ashleen Pereira
    Ashleen Pereira

    Wow how did you do this

  • Louis Romer
    Louis Romer

    Best builder on ISdowns for Minecraft

  • Zhang Yao
    Zhang Yao

    i gotta say dont look too bad far away

  • Joseph Ortiz
    Joseph Ortiz

    Im so hyped for him to design the inside!

  • Yusuf Harris
    Yusuf Harris

    Theres really nothing to fix if u have on ur normal settings

  • Lazy Crazy Gamer
    Lazy Crazy Gamer

    i will eat this mansion

  • Weaty706

    Wait how did he take them off the boat I tried to make a panda farm type thing but I couldn’t get them off the boat

  • GemZ117

    Fight the wither and the ender dragon at the same time..? I like the builds but it’s not challenging enough, hardcore bro, hardcore.

  • Bowo Prakoso
    Bowo Prakoso

    Decorate in the house please 😀

  • Jarylle

    This is the biggest flex ive ever seen.

  • Rusty Virata
    Rusty Virata


  • Baby Yodel
    Baby Yodel

    I wander if it’s possible to build a water mansion

  • jayaarunodayam chitra
    jayaarunodayam chitra

    His impossible builds Impresses thw wah wah army and my mind telling me that he is better than dream

  • alxjovan


  • John Hodges
    John Hodges

    my birthday is on may 10th

  • Pooponmy Face
    Pooponmy Face

    Nice video

  • foxy doodledo
    foxy doodledo


  • Trident

    Wadzee: builds mansion Mobs: is for me? 👉😊👈

  • Baby Yodel
    Baby Yodel

    Yo I wanna build this so badly now but I’m bad at building

  • John Hodges
    John Hodges

    my birthday is in 3 days!!

  • Jimmy Darrow
    Jimmy Darrow

    6:46 so that was a fucking lie

  • EJ

    They must've nerfed Netherite armor because mine with the same enchantments does that work like that lol

  • cr m00
    cr m00

    Saw the nethrite block for the first time

  • okuhhi

    end in nether pls

  • MurderusWayz

    I built this exactly the same in the video and don't get guardians to spawn for some reason. ):

  • Nicolás Fernández
    Nicolás Fernández

    Melons are red inside, you know? I just think that turning the glass blocks into red (and maybe one or two black ones, resembling the seeds) would be just fantastic. The mansion is awesome man, I hope you see this.


    Fun fact : wadzee never hearts a comment^_^

  • iron pigman gaming
    iron pigman gaming

    @WadZee you shoud put nether rutes coming off it

  • Doe Cosplay
    Doe Cosplay

    Your building has definitely improved so much from when you first started playing

  • ANTi_Mikey YT
    ANTi_Mikey YT

    I rate this build 1000000000/10

  • Nathan Tndle
    Nathan Tndle

    Oh I remember when he planted that melon

  • Trey Quarles
    Trey Quarles

    Honey house next

  • Peter Wright
    Peter Wright

    Ok, now do a pumpkin fort

  • Daddy Kev
    Daddy Kev

    Imagine if wadzee named a pig after me 🤔

  • Explorer

    Pumpkin mansion ;)

  • Tarzan Fashionist
    Tarzan Fashionist

    My 11th attempt to ask wadzee to build a giant lazarbeam statue using the melons because he started the meme

  • family channel
    family channel

    so much dedicated

  • Raging Donuts
    Raging Donuts

    At least the back of the mansion is finished 😂

  • Emma 444
    Emma 444

    Techno=potato master WadZee=melon master

  • Dan The Zan
    Dan The Zan

    P O I N T L E S S B U I L D I N G S Lmao but seriously i enjoy your videos

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith

    WadZee: I’m not the greatest builder when it comes to houses Viewers who suck at building: 😔😔😔