I Built a Giant DESERT PYRAMID in Minecraft Hardcore (#33)
Today I Built a Giant Desert Pyramid in Minecraft Hardcore. Welcome to episode 33 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Let's play, in this episode I will be building a giant desert pyramid in Minecraft.
Watch the Series from Episode 1:
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    you should make a nether fortorse next

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    WadZee is buildding satesfaying.

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    In the earlier episodes his house is literally the biggest build he ever built but now...... It's probably an ant comparing to other builds XD

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    Will you give the save to download?

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    why dont you use rtx on your gameplays?

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    Is it just me or did he really flex hard by putting the omega symbol on it just to tell us even more that he is an omega god and a beast at Minecraft and I really hope WadZee actually sees this so he can see just how awesome he is

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    Him making all this on hardcore Me who still uses normal iron armor on ez mode for 1 year now : Amazing.....

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    TNT Trap?


    Try to put water in the chanles

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    Ω is a Greek capital O, the strong type

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    U should add a beacon in the middle

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    You should cave about 6600 melons on that farm now

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    How do you make a enderman farm...

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    it's beautiful and i do ugly constructions and i'm disappointed there are people who build better than me

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    Imaging getting Emerald Ore

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    17:02 the same beat as 12:18

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    I mean not a nether fortress

  • Christine Kendall
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    U should build a fortress bot a nether fortress at at the overworld

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    Does anybody still remember water checkpoints?

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    He should put water in the stair channels

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    Put a beacon in the pyramid

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    No one: Me vibing to the music every 30 seconds

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    Imagine how cool it would be that mojang actually change the pyramids to this

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    no this is Awesome

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    my brother saw that I was watching this video so he told me to comment on it so here you go! You should add a chandelier to the interior of the pyramid.

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    this is something normal people build for their mega base but wadzee does it so he can look at it everyonce in a while

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    You should make where you got the sand stone and make it a nether

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    love from greece!!! the Ω letter lookin thicc

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    Mofang should make this strucktor a real one

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    this disgusts me that a DESERT temple was built in a birch/oak forest instead of a DESERT but the build was really cool and enjoyed watching it

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