Can You Beat Minecraft in a World that's ONLY CAVES?
Can You Beat Minecraft in a CAVES ONLY World? Today I played Minecraft World Type: Caves, which is a custom world generation type in Minecraft where EVERYTHING is caves! Will I be able to beat Minecraft in a world that's Only Caves?

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  • WadZee

    not gonna lie, your comments are very cringe...

    • ꧁honey lovely girl꧂
      ꧁honey lovely girl꧂

      Hahahaha lol

    • The Endernal Clips
      The Endernal Clips

      What is the music you used when you entered the nether

    • Jason B
      Jason B

      no u

    • Wazza 350
      Wazza 350


    • Super X
      Super X


  • Marci Burkey
    Marci Burkey

    Wad Zee: is forced to eat rotten flesh Also Wadzee :finds and leaves like ten melon seeds

  • Adhe Yetty
    Adhe Yetty

    18:50 the inventory is blew up like a nuke

  • KillSl4ught3r

    Did no one else noticed the thumbnail. The purple thing is in the new ubdate.

  • Ivancho

    literally anything: *happens* wz: cringe lol

  • CrazyPlayz

    I like how you beat the ender dragon wearing iron armor when I can't go to the nether without diamond armor

  • Hans Lim
    Hans Lim

    How did you guys get nightvision?

  • Electron Cyclone
    Electron Cyclone

    The new caves and cliffs update be like:

  • Huck’s History
    Huck’s History

    I wish me and fellow ps4/Xbox/switch, on bedrock had this cave option

  • Sugarcubey

    shame on dream, he didnt add you to his smp. you'd fit so well there ^^

  • Aidan Meadows
    Aidan Meadows

    there are naturally generated structures on the top of the world

  • newheat nyc
    newheat nyc

    The alcoholic oak proximally zoom because xylophone interspecifically strap toward a resolute spain. clever, responsible call

  • Sleepy garage
    Sleepy garage

    This should be a survival series

  • Light

    Me: Makes something Wadzee: That's so cringe bro

  • demir uçar
    demir uçar

    why no one gives the link of download?

  • Joseph Hawkins
    Joseph Hawkins

    How many times does he say cringe.

  • Game Master
    Game Master

    I am only seeing your video's to listen the song

  • Teendowning S
    Teendowning S

    this guy said cringe about 69420 times

  • LoL 881
    LoL 881

    How is it that bright in there

  • Parzivalstorm

    Intro music please

  • Vladitor

    I'm sad he over looked the seeds which will grow with lights from torches

  • freakyshine

    Imagine, everything is cringe

  • AES77

    Questions you should never ask: A man his salary A woman’s weight How many times Noah will change the video title

  • Andrew Moulden
    Andrew Moulden

    You are infinitely cuter than dream and also more entertaining


    learning how to use the word "cringe" in progress

  • The Cube Hackers
    The Cube Hackers


  • Olive Consumer
    Olive Consumer

    Is it just me or when you go through a nether portal for the first time you feel like there's going to be a million ghasts and you're by an edge to a lava lake and you're going to die instantly.

  • Juice WRLD 999
    Juice WRLD 999

    Cave update in 1.16 lmao

  • katwim

    Take a shot every time he says cringe

  • IsataM Jalloh
    IsataM Jalloh

    1.17 update be like:


    You can break bedrock so you can go up but can not come down cause you will have to break bedrock which is possible in survival. To go up throw an ender pearl.

  • ND HoangMinh
    ND HoangMinh

    Use ChunkBase to locate Mineshaft, Ruined Portal

  • ꧂『Dręåmÿ_Røsębērrÿ ヅ 』꧂
    ꧂『Dręåmÿ_Røsębērrÿ ヅ 』꧂

    Imagine Switchy didn’t help him 😀✋

  • Keith davis
    Keith davis

    11:44 the cops came after you

  • blingous man
    blingous man

    Wadzee: talks about how switchy talks wired cus he says everything is pog Also wadzee: that crystal is cringe this spider is cringe that’s so cringe

  • Piano DNA - James
    Piano DNA - James

    You can get chicken from zombie jockeys, then start an egg farm and once you get like 32 eggs you can get about 2-4 chicken after hatching them, so you can eat meat You can also get steak from mooshrooms, and if u shear that u can get normal cows too

  • galvaro keanan
    galvaro keanan

    Ender pearls more loke cringe pearls

  • glaze 80 YT
    glaze 80 YT

    Use seeds

  • galvaro keanan
    galvaro keanan

    Wadzee: ngl why is it always nametags and rails The seeds in the chest: am i a joke to you

  • Md joy
    Md joy

    I have a qwestion guys please answer what is lol

  • omar salhi
    omar salhi

    What #Israel is doing by killing our people in #Palestine amounts to war crimes, on the pretext of self-defense. Israel defends the illegal occupation of the Arab lands of Palestine. We will stand by the Palestinians' right to an independent state. The international community should not confuse the perpetrator and the victim with the aggressor and the oppressed. #SavePalestine‎#انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح ‎‏#savesheikhjarrah ‎‏#ŞeyhJarrahmahallesinkurtarın ‎‏#SalvailquartierediSheikhJarrah ‎‏#RettedasViertelSheikhJarrah ‎‏#sauvezlequartierdesheikhjarrah ‎#الشيخ_جراح ‎#حي_الشيخ_جراح ‎#لا_لتهويد_القدس ‎#أنقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح ‎#لن_نرحل ‎#القدس_تنتفض

  • go to Welyn on Twitch
    go to Welyn on Twitch

    sounds like the farlands to me

  • Berndi Krenn
    Berndi Krenn

    You could kiöled zombies and hoped for a carrot or porato ut youcan farm this under earth

  • Fouss _8
    Fouss _8

    Its just a nether look like overworld

  • Griffin Nash Alconaba
    Griffin Nash Alconaba

    Every time wadzee say the word cringe I cringe

  • Griffin Nash Alconaba
    Griffin Nash Alconaba

    3:05 this is minecraft!!


    The nether is complety like mine same biomes and same bastion

  • 123Ony gamer
    123Ony gamer


  • Fizzypop_

    cringe counter 1000000

  • Pikmar16

    when 1.17 takes over

  • Cherwubi

    I have just started watching your videos and I'm just going to say that maybe this wasn't the best video to start off on I will be watching your other videos and I hope to not see nearly as much cringe >:(

  • Miika Tenkula
    Miika Tenkula

    Am I the only one thinks that it is the Nether rendered as the Overworld? I mean, its Nether's world creation calculations but its rendered/created with Overworld blocks instead of Nether block.

  • Sargeant Will
    Sargeant Will

    This man needs to make a giant obstical coarse for flying

  • Robert Discovich
    Robert Discovich

    Take a shot after he says cringe. Got hammered in the first 3 minutes

  • the floofy doggy :3
    the floofy doggy :3

    it trigers me when you dont grab all the stuff from the chest-

  • Brobery

    wadzee cringer counter:999999999999999999999999999999999

    • Brobery

      i mean cringe not cringer lmao

  • TheReddest Panda
    TheReddest Panda

    “Oh this is a big cave” he says when he is literally in a cave 10 x the size

  • Sam Ganner
    Sam Ganner

    Why did you purposely die to the creeper?

  • Maryam Ahmad
    Maryam Ahmad

    It was super funny when he said cringe spiders 🤣🤣💀

  • A very small YouTuber
    A very small YouTuber

    I really hate that you ditched a zombie spawner, there is a small chance that those things can drop iron, potatoes, and carrots.

  • grievous

    Alternate title: a Bri'ish dude saying "cringe" for 19 minutes straight

    • digitalprogram8

      he's Australian

  • Suresan Kandiah
    Suresan Kandiah

    Wadzee ( is that cring )

  • Saleem Odeimeh
    Saleem Odeimeh

    the piglin trades gave them blaze rods, why did they go to kill the blazes???????

  • Gacha Bunny
    Gacha Bunny

    Your very cringey

  • Virtus1320

    I want a series with him

  • Andrew Childs
    Andrew Childs

    With friends like these... Lol

  • Szymon Berlanga
    Szymon Berlanga

    If you counted every time he said cringe you would probably be counting for half an houer

  • Sirisha Gade
    Sirisha Gade

    Which intro music did you use, tell name

  • Sirisha Gade
    Sirisha Gade

    Which intro music did you use, tell name


    Its like you guys are in Hollow Earth😂👍

  • Riley Morgan
    Riley Morgan

    So this is pretty much Hollow Earth from GvK, only in Minecraft... I love it!!

  • Olivia Marshall
    Olivia Marshall

    The caves and cliffs update but it’s glitched:

  • Henry Kilburn
    Henry Kilburn

    👇 Cringe’s said

  • Hemaank Sharma
    Hemaank Sharma

    How did you get Flint and Steel?

  • sean patterson
    sean patterson

    He could have used watermelon seeds and made a farm

  • Jigwix

    Wow, WadZee really this is Sparta'd the skeleton

  • yaya_delta

    Since when did he start saying “cringe” a lot?

  • Reality Progressive
    Reality Progressive

    could you beat this without the night vision?

  • ELMO makes plays
    ELMO makes plays


  • Connor Best
    Connor Best

    you said you found your strong hold easy mine on my world a normal one tho was right next to my house cause i built my house on a beach i went exploring for 2 mins while coming back i saw a the stone bricks at first i thought my cuz was playing a joke but it was the strong hold it was right infront of my house

  • NollamaDrama

    why would i ever unsubscribe

  • iamarealybignoob gaming
    iamarealybignoob gaming

    They lets go find shrooms me bois use your seeds

  • Fightboy cs
    Fightboy cs

    We found his new word guy's LOL (cringe)


    The amount of times WadZee said “cringe” ⬇️

  • ur mum
    ur mum

    WadZee: Can You beat minecraft in a world that’s only CAVES??? SB737: *check out my vids

  • Noé / Unicorn
    Noé / Unicorn

    Ahhh the end music !!!!

  • tchings

    Is cringe THE new word lmao?

  • Dimid gaming
    Dimid gaming

    Everything is cringe 😬 in this video

  • Kxyz2e

    *you gave us spoilers at the start.* *now WE know what happens.*

  • Aalyaan Samdani
    Aalyaan Samdani

    Alternate title: what WadZee finds cringe

  • The Watch - A Cappella Quartet
    The Watch - A Cappella Quartet


    • The Watch - A Cappella Quartet
      The Watch - A Cappella Quartet

      seriously, bro

  • DounutCereal

    You two have good Whitelite and J3ZA energy

  • Nalin Bhatti
    Nalin Bhatti

    do you even know what cringe means?

  • Wiппer

    2:48 Switchy's got a point here though

  • Grecoh 073
    Grecoh 073

    Like for the "look up a little bit" moment.. hahahah

  • TanqR 1490
    TanqR 1490

    if everytime he says "Cringe" i get 1$ i would be a millionaire

  • Julian Smit
    Julian Smit

    You r my fav ISdowns

  • Davit Khachatryan
    Davit Khachatryan

    A wise old man once said, "Those who call men cringe are the true cringe man"

  • gamjr80 _
    gamjr80 _

    He’s at the cringe stage, but then he’s going to go to the sus stage.

  • Willa Li
    Willa Li

    What if while they were flying with the elytra there was a mine shaft. 😦

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