I Found the RAREST Axolotl in Minecraft Hardcore (#46)
I Found the RARE Blue Axolotl in Minecraft Hardcore, this is the RAREST Axolotl in Minecraft! In the NEW Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update they introduced Axolotls into the game, a new mob which comes in multiple different colours. In this video I show you have to find the BLUE Axolotl in Minecraft. Also, I made an Axolotl Farm in Minecraft Hardcore. ENJOY

Watch the series from episode 1:


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  • WadZee

    So what should I name my new Axolotl friends?

    • 0 00
      0 00


    • Roman Badorrek
      Roman Badorrek

      Hi tommy

    • RoastyXD-_-

      Breed them

    • Zane Knight
      Zane Knight


    • Kool_KidGaming

      RLM (new video) more like trash loth mash (new shit)


    i have the blue axolotl what should i name it?

  • Sophia Paige Parker
    Sophia Paige Parker

    WadZee: *Gets two of the rarest axolots in minecraft* Me: Who has never even seen them in my game...* :

  • Gamer Wolf
    Gamer Wolf

    Pretty sure water dept does matter for axolotls-

  • ZevenZoulz

    I don’t know if this works but you can try to make the floor and walls completely stone for the axelotle farm and see if that helps the spawn rates

  • Mr Muffinz111
    Mr Muffinz111

    It’s for lazar

  • MavZac G
    MavZac G

    Gg it took me a month just to get 1 blue axolatol in my survival world i am dead you are so lucky you should be banned in minecarft for 2 months

  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer

    The passiv mobcap is very low hostile is 70 so you want to name, take ore kill all the mobs in there fast so new mobs can spawn

  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer

    Make a hostile mob farm there if so many mobs spawn there its already well spawnprofed like a slime farm

  • Stevawesome

    Blue Axolotl spotted 15:00

  • Lavínia Sousa
    Lavínia Sousa

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  • +*-Ňėķø-*+

    Me spending hours to find emeralds for hours: Me trying to find a rare fish for more Hours:

  • GodOfTheEnder Hero
    GodOfTheEnder Hero

    2:29 ..........I never watched the other vid, however I feel like slapping this dude till his face is pure red.... Catching an Axo without a bucket of water is like trying to take a fish home IRL without filling the bag with water, of course you need the water! It’ll die without it!

  • orgelekS

    Today I'm going to make the Zelda OoT Water Temple boss room!

  • Gamer Noob
    Gamer Noob

    Why does wadzee build better than me even IF I’m in creative And he’s on hardcore

  • Epic Gamers
    Epic Gamers

    I saw a blue axolotl but it was attacking my glow squid but I didn’t know it was rare so I killed it

  • John Lee
    John Lee

    I would build a axolotl fish tank

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee

    Am I dreaming or did I just see a zombie with enchanted nether armor in 4:18?

    • Honey Bee
      Honey Bee

      @Yolo ohhhhh

    • Yolo

      It’s enchanted leather armor it just looks funny because it’s enchanted

  • Jimmy Chen
    Jimmy Chen

    I saw someone watch your videos like this one he one up it and got 4 of them

  • Jimmy Chen
    Jimmy Chen

    Hey axolotos will soon die on land so if it was in a bucket it would soon die in the bucket

  • Huang Ming Yu
    Huang Ming Yu

    Wadzee is the luckiest man alive

  • The creepers kids
    The creepers kids


  • Naphat Niamsalud
    Naphat Niamsalud

    Am from thailand. i like wadzee.😄😄😄😚😚😘😘😙😙😙

  • Inat Brown
    Inat Brown

    Next plssssss do squid

  • Joe Pan
    Joe Pan


  • Pika Girl
    Pika Girl

    no one going to tell him that F7 tells you what chunks can spawn mobs?


    With my texturpack you have GREEN AXOLOTL on place Brown (Bad English)

  • Piper Mahon
    Piper Mahon

    i keep forgetting that its hardcore, it seems like you have no worries about dieing

  • RyanJPaint Gacha
    RyanJPaint Gacha

    You should build a giant amethyst geode to use as a pool to keep your Axolotls ✨ i do that xd

  • 𝕊𝕎𝔼𝔼𝕋 ʙᴜᴄᴋʟᴇʏ
    𝕊𝕎𝔼𝔼𝕋 ʙᴜᴄᴋʟᴇʏ

    It isnt pink its luecstic

  • Jojohonis

    wad zee its feeling Closter phobic in here takes blox off of the sealing *proceeds to put more blox on top*

    • Jojohonis

      hey still looks noce do

  • FruitCake Playz
    FruitCake Playz

    15:02 that a blue axolotl????

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming

    Oh no I made my experience farm with glass

  • DSMP_simp_UwU

    If u want a slime farm here is how I make it: So u need an iron golem. Spawn the golem in a wall and trap him with fence. Then place campfires in front of the fences so that when the slime go to the golem they get damaged by the campfires. The place hoppers leading to a chest underneath the campfires. And thats it

  • Muntasim Noor
    Muntasim Noor

    Wadzee please please upload another episode of hide and seek with switchy please

  • LondonTube

    Name one bengie

  • skellybone

    This is giving me a swimming pool/ spa vibe, except it's for axolotls

  • Øpal Demøn
    Øpal Demøn

    Me thinking the cyan axalotl is rarest then I see this me: ooo 😮 😔😔

  • Googzie

    Okay so something that needs to be specified because people in the comment session are enraged, Blue Axolotls were able to naturally spawn in "1.17.0" that being the reason wadzee was playing in based on the date the video was released, however it was "patched" and now you can only get them through breeding (1.17.1 Version) Also idk if it was the same in 1.17 and 1.17.1, but nowadays axolotl only spawn above naturally generated stone blocks (and variant), that's probably why his farm didn't work as he desired (edit because I wrote the first half of the comment before watching the whole thing)

  • Taha Kesuri
    Taha Kesuri

    The Minecraft Bob Ros is deffo Wadzeeee


    Love from 🇮🇳

  • Luca Stancu
    Luca Stancu

    breed the axolotls (the blue ones) to make another blue axolotl.

  • kayla shannon
    kayla shannon

    That blue axcilatal was there in the last episode

  • oscar crassus
    oscar crassus

    I spent days looking for just an axoltol and I gave up then one day when I was in a cave I ran into this axlotol and was shocked

    • Epic Gamers
      Epic Gamers

      I saw a blue axolotl but it was attacking my glow squid but I didn’t know it was rare so I killed it

    • Bonita Barrett
      Bonita Barrett

      i did the same

  • Luis Pena
    Luis Pena

    Bro I got a new phone and forgot about this epic man and HOLY CRAP HE BUILD A FRIKIN DRAGON

  • Nacouuu

    make the farm look natural

  • Lu Lu
    Lu Lu

    Idk why but it’s so satisfying listening to you play Minecraft while I play Minecraft 😂

  • Rostyslav Nozhak
    Rostyslav Nozhak

    14:32 bruh it’s raining underground again…

  • Jump BUSH
    Jump BUSH

    I love you because you showed me how to make an axolotl farm

  • Rasili Dahal
    Rasili Dahal

    There is also a white axolotl

  • Rasili Dahal
    Rasili Dahal

    There is also a white axolotl

    • Snakefilled

      The white one is called cyan, you can see the belly on the white one is cyan

  • Stephen

    Wadzee is the chosen one ⭐⭐😁

  • Stephen


  • Stephen

    I'm just so sad that my dog died. i would be happier if my dog Had stayed alive even if i found the rarest mob 😭😭🐶

  • Xander Wilkerson
    Xander Wilkerson

    Billy bobs

  • Kunpai

    this is epic

  • Satya Parkash
    Satya Parkash


  • darling lizada
    darling lizada


  • ChompyB

    4:12 mario jump sound there lol

  • Fulano

    I found 4 of the rarest axolotls but a creeper explodes one


    Desert : exists WadZee : *Is* *for* *me*

  • Luciana Barontini
    Luciana Barontini

    The pople con tuo??

  • Elizabeth Pamolino
    Elizabeth Pamolino

    Name your Axolotl berry

  • Ryan Jagpal
    Ryan Jagpal

    God that was lucky in 10 seconds, I can’t even get it when spawning them, at night I always think the pink axolotl and white axolotl is the blue one

    • Pr1ce

      theres no such thing as white axolotl, do u mean cyan axolotl by any chance?

  • Evan Kray
    Evan Kray

    I remember when he was confused as to why everyone wanted his world seed. The luck of the spawns is why

    • Unusual Activities
      Unusual Activities

      the weird thing is that the blue ones don't spawn naturally in the 1.17 release

  • Quail Land
    Quail Land

    Make a GIANT melon with all the melons from your farm!

  • Emily Harrison
    Emily Harrison

    "This will take a while" when doesn't a video you do take a long time? I'm convinced you're a masochist from everything you do for content 😂😂

  • KoalaKrazy

    If you breed them you will always get a blue axolotl

  • Lazer

    Wadzee you should collect 100 of every axolotl kind out there

  • Liam Shriver
    Liam Shriver

    to me the blue axolotls look like purple axolotls

  • Beatrice Sugarman
    Beatrice Sugarman

    You know you could've used a pair of frost walker boots while building on the water

  • sunni claws
    sunni claws

    i have army of purple axolotl :D me and my bestie are gana rule with them

  • Majd Ashraf
    Majd Ashraf

    What the hell I just got notified 1 month later I get notified

  • Fatsnatfam36

    how can i make no darkness like him?

    • MatiazAnimates

      Download a full bright texture

    • Evan Kray
      Evan Kray

      turn your brightness all the way to 100 on minecraft


    I also got the blue axolotl and I named it Bob

  • Mikaubri D
    Mikaubri D

    Woah 9800 melons

  • Kratika Gupta
    Kratika Gupta

    wardlet name?

  • Kratika Gupta
    Kratika Gupta

    gift from minecraft for his progress edit name axozee

  • Molly Howe
    Molly Howe

    @wadzee u can press F7 to see how much space the torch covers i think

  • haiden playz
    haiden playz

    wait u can only get a blue axilotl by breeding it so.. i think he cheated O.O

    • MatiazAnimates

      No you cant, they spawn naturally

  • Snailrocks

    Well for starters, you need to name one mudkip because that is what the blue axolotl is a reference to.

  • Coney Javelona
    Coney Javelona

    You are so lucky started a video found a blue axolotl

  • Zoe Bergeron
    Zoe Bergeron

    You should breed your blue Axolotls until you have 100 like your past videos. Just an idea.

  • Ammar bin Iftekhar YT
    Ammar bin Iftekhar YT

    your Axolotl farm is not dark enough

  • Aadika

    Unnecessary Info: You can use a bucket of axolotl as fuel for your furnace

    • WraTh 3o2
      WraTh 3o2


  • Jack-Junior Maadenjian
    Jack-Junior Maadenjian

    In stead of stained glass use tindid glass

  • Jaylord Ferrer
    Jaylord Ferrer


  • Roma Durell
    Roma Durell

    at 16:44 hes playing adventure capitilist music!!!!

  • Blitz_TOH

    jeff be like: owner left me for axolotles :(

  • Aleks Mazurkiewicz
    Aleks Mazurkiewicz

    BlueZee and WadBlue

  • theres a hooter outside my windoe
    theres a hooter outside my windoe

    I got 10 blue axolotls because I watched a video how to do it on a command block and i breed 2 and i breed all and i got 10 and I build them a farm Edit: 3 hours later and now I have 80 blue axolotls Edit 2: now I have 90 Edit 3: now I have 100 and i don't know what to do with them

  • Kaylynn Walsh
    Kaylynn Walsh

    Its based off of the pokemon mudkip name it midkip

  • Thalleous Sendar
    Thalleous Sendar

    I summon Million almost billion of Axolotl and i still not found blue

  • Kalvin Morrison
    Kalvin Morrison

    now you can breed both and you can get a hole bunch

  • Christian Desmond
    Christian Desmond

    Anyone wanna make a map like this

  • tino elprop
    tino elprop

    You inspired me

  • Till Martens
    Till Martens

    dude breed a hole tank of those to have huge lake full of that rare color!

  • Peterspeedman Speedman
    Peterspeedman Speedman

    There have a new green

  • Wanda_8008

    that axolotl don't exist in minecraft it's mod there in vanila is only pink white and brown

  • Mr_Bear_4873

    In the words of darkviperau “MILLIONS TO ONE!!!”

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