Minecraft Ultimate Hide & Seek
Minecraft Ultimate Hide and Seek... Today my Friend and I played Hide and Seek in Minecraft but you can transform into mob. We had five minutes to find each other. If you found the other person before the time was up you win the round, first to win 5 rounds wins!
Switchy: isdowns.info/window/hg_LBRDZUlykRkoKh1HtGQ.html
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Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-...
Artist: incompetech.com/

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      Macey Bell

      What is the mod

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      this is awesome!!

    • Simba Channel
      Simba Channel

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      faith hayes

      Yes sir

  • Marcus Mägi
    Marcus Mägi

    How is round 4/5 fair, you can't just switch from a desert where there was a bunny, 5 salmon and a squid to a jungle with a ton of hiding spots and a good bit more animals

  • 714 princess 1 the anaz
    714 princess 1 the anaz

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  • Prem Sharma
    Prem Sharma

    i liked it when wadzee didn't killed the pig for some nice content XDXDXD

  • Hello How are you
    Hello How are you

    Ww stands for: Wadzee wins

  • F Gaming
    F Gaming

    Make more pls 😂

  • Drag0n

    what mod is this

  • Luck

    Mega baseeee!!!!

  • Maria Ortiz
    Maria Ortiz

    The owner videos they literally broke the world record quickest to find diamonds no cap if you ask but some people might not believe me because the person who found the diamonds was a hunter and they waited but I believe that he deserves the title that he got the diamonds and I think 52 seconds and people thought the world record was March one minute and 62 seconds

    • Migmig1017

      How is this related

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  • Noah Kessler
    Noah Kessler

    I would just turn into a bat and freakin FLY OUTTA THERE

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    Carmelle Harben

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  • Nathan Hamilton
    Nathan Hamilton

    nobody switchy: can you be a melon? wadzee: I AM MELON LORD

  • Stein I'd do pranoto
    Stein I'd do pranoto


  • Macey Bell
    Macey Bell

    What mod is it

  • Redmond Rider
    Redmond Rider

    Little tip- Wadzee kinda revealed his location... When he said it might be lava that caused the fire- It means he’s nearby....

  • Donnyniue

    I saw the just kidding

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    JarrenGaming Bolang

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  • Daniel Da Rosa
    Daniel Da Rosa

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  • ً

    If my dad was in this he would win, he's been hiding for 6 years now.

  • Preston Giesbrecht
    Preston Giesbrecht

    What mod did you use to do the barrier and morph things

  • gjk t
    gjk t

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  • Hein De Gijzel
    Hein De Gijzel

    Can u get me some money for minecraft

  • Caley Pollock
    Caley Pollock

    The way he does the "dun dun dun" from dreams videos💀💀

  • Blake Larson
    Blake Larson

    do split screen next time. But great video!

  • vedanta

    Wadzee where's your tesla

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  • Zynnox

    Minecraft Prop Hunt

  • GameBoy Icon
    GameBoy Icon

    13:45 cods do not be in ravines so that is obvious.

  • Paarth Rathore
    Paarth Rathore

    How did wadzee immediately know that switchy was a horse? Like how?

  • Sthitapragyan Biswal
    Sthitapragyan Biswal

    Round 7 ending part has the song name called "flight of the bumblebee"

  • MaoriFN_

    How do i join the wah wah army?

  • Jeffrey Baker
    Jeffrey Baker

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  • Nils Andersson
    Nils Andersson

    Whats the datapack/plugin or mod for this

  • Charlie Caddick
    Charlie Caddick

    What is the mod pack for this?

  • Vaibhav Keer
    Vaibhav Keer

    7:42' Bedrock under the tree'

  • tonynleo

    Wah wah army? (really are wah wahs)

  • Sepia Smith
    Sepia Smith

    They should turn off their creature noises so they can't hear which one the other is killing lol but this was cool

  • Ada White
    Ada White

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  • Big Con
    Big Con

    The chicken is peach in the new super mario 3D world.

  • Joshua Malaki
    Joshua Malaki

    I love how wadzee always gets good biomes

  • LeeOne 2000
    LeeOne 2000

    Imagine if this was real

  • Ishan Gadhiya
    Ishan Gadhiya

    Please do PART 3

  • Darth Lees!
    Darth Lees!

    What is this mod called

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    eldin alexander taal

    i love you wadzee

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  • Johnny_ Vindy
    Johnny_ Vindy

    Just watched the live premier of the new one

  • Radu Becheanu
    Radu Becheanu

    You could mine a hole and cover it when you are in it

  • Kunj Singh
    Kunj Singh

    Spy party in minecraft

  • aToxies

    who ever likes my comment realized the "just kidding" when he said "whoever wins gets a brand new tesla" without looking in the comments

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    MacLand 37

    Haters are gonna hate. Look at dislikes.

  • Bui Khang
    Bui Khang

    Just find a village and turn into villager.

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  • Alpha plays
    Alpha plays

    More CONTENT

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    Mr. Gaming

    I am your fan dream=👎

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    Mr. Gaming

    Yo coller than dream

  • Fisharecute

    Just feel like it would be cool if the counter went down

  • retro


  • Fuzzy Shady
    Fuzzy Shady

    Imagine being that one guy that morphed into a wither or an enderdragon

  • ian mathew
    ian mathew

    it’s funny how this videos longer than most of his challenges he actually completes😂

  • Tara and Davis makes Videos
    Tara and Davis makes Videos

    OA B

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    Khloe Harmon

    i will only sub if ender dragons dont fly

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    Nam Sa Nguyen

    I thought the pig on the thumbnail was technoblade.😅

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    Lemon-aid Boy

    The seeds weren't fair

  • Evan

    what is that texture pack?

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    zerodabeast santiago

    Welcome to fish hunt

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    Ryan Kothari

    People from tik tok>

  • Mercifax

    what texture pack is switchy using?

  • Starz on YT
    Starz on YT

    I like how you said just kidding for the Tesla


    I need help can please anyone tell me how is wadzee's minecraft world so bright i mean light up in distance without night vision or torches spread around even in night and caves please tell me


      @occhiolist ok and thanks a lot mr

    • occhiolist

      "Only bright" is a mod that let's you have night vision constantly without needing a potion!

  • Cont3nt Error
    Cont3nt Error

    When I read the name I almost cried

  • Ebbe Böyy
    Ebbe Böyy

    how do i install this mod

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    galuh ep

    wth are there 1k dislike here

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    Mrgwyther19 fatty

    10/10 vid

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    fact : switch watches dream

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      Fact: no one cares

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    Pls make part 2!!

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    This was so funny

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    no offence but totaly unscrypted

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    I've always wanted to be a squid! lol

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    I was thinking that he was playing with Technoblade because I saw a pig

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    Geng Zhao

    This is GUESS WHO

  • Qasim Sarguroh
    Qasim Sarguroh

    Try this in nether

  • parkour master
    parkour master

    Can you show the link to the mod

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    Thibo Meurkens

    Please do this again!

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    Murat Pro gamer

    0:36 *vibin to the song*

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    Burcu Ece Bildik

    İ love this video so much

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    Rabbe Kabir

    Dreams next opponent xD

  • Gaming Ke Shenshah
    Gaming Ke Shenshah

    Anybody saw just kidding

  • Waluigi Gonna Win
    Waluigi Gonna Win

    Round 6 wadzee used 4 guesses

  • Glitch Thing
    Glitch Thing

    Your friend socks for one is beating you

  • The Mystery
    The Mystery

    Challange: Most Villagers collacted wins

  • Zottic

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    When u realise .1% aren’t subscribed or not subscribed 👇

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    What resource pack is switchy using??

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    Dream to George , " Oh George!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wadzee to Switchy, " Oh Switchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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    milan vrijs

    Can u react a link to the mod pls