Can You Beat Minecraft on the NEW 1.17 Cave Update?
I Played Minecraft's 1.17 Cave Snapshot! Today I ask the question, Can you beat Minecraft on the NEW 1.17 Cave Update? the goal is simple: Beating Minecraft 1.17 with the brand new Minecraft Cave Generation!
What do you think of the new Minecraft Update? Do you like the giant caves? Leave a comment down below with your opinions!
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  • WadZee

    Can I get a "Wah Wah"? In reference to people saying my full brightness is cheating and I wouldn’t find diamonds without it. I completely disagree, the only person that wouldn’t be able to see the diamonds would be you guys. I literally only do it so you guys can see

    • Dipali Tayde
      Dipali Tayde

      I JVM

    • Swin Louiz
      Swin Louiz

      Wah wah

    • Chartlie Plays
      Chartlie Plays


    • RG GAMES
      RG GAMES

      Wah wah

    • sathiya priya sreekumar
      sathiya priya sreekumar

      Thats kinda rude towards your viewers wadzee,but still,wah wah

  • treeband

    ain’t nobody need dream luck no more lol

  • SomeoneHumanMan

    all u need diamonds now is for extra gear in case the others break and to make enchanting tables

  • SomeoneHumanMan

    netherite is rare now

  • NekoCraft gaming
    NekoCraft gaming

    DiAmåner i mängder

  • Zeros Future
    Zeros Future

    Only 64 pssssh chumps. Was thinking they should add another 1000

  • Dark Link
    Dark Link

    is the title of this video really, "can you beat minecraft in the new 1.17 cave update?¨ :\ I think we all know the answer to that

  • Niklaus Lange
    Niklaus Lange

    Diamonds are generated by the amount of blocks that are seen so with more blocks being shown because of the bigger caves there are more diamonds

  • Sadys Garcia
    Sadys Garcia


  • Demon Triumph
    Demon Triumph

    Wadzee: Fails the challenge. Everyone: My dissapointment is... immeasurable. Wadzee: WAIT I SWEAR I JUST... Note: No he didn't fail, I just thought it would be funny if he did.

  • JuicyGaming

    Imagine getting fortune 3



  • Carla Dakin
    Carla Dakin

    Wah wah

  • Matt Frey
    Matt Frey

    So yes, you can beat the game. And get like 1000% more diamonds!

  • allison boucher
    allison boucher

    Give us this seed

  • Jayden Blanchard
    Jayden Blanchard

    Finally I’ll be able to find diamonds in a cave

  • Noob

    Wadzee: Oh my god DIamond isn't even rare anymore Us none snapshot users: *Struggling in 1.16*

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      Under spawn

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      Yea sure I'm not caring bought diamonds in my 1.17 world

  • Svetla L. Georgieva
    Svetla L. Georgieva

    I would love playing survival in 1.17

  • isaac


  • arianne santos
    arianne santos

    Hey the copper

  • navrit bahri
    navrit bahri

    worst update ever

  • P Ch
    P Ch

    It is a part of the new update

  • Laginator HD1
    Laginator HD1

    13:16 what soundtrack is that? i know its from Kevin Macleod but whats the name of it?

  • Vector

    Wah Wah

  • Charles I
    Charles I

    Finally night vision can be useful

  • Topaz Flip
    Topaz Flip

    why does he make an axe with his first diamonds smh

  • Rainbowappleslice

    So is the y11 diamond mining gonna change or not?

  • Brightbein

    Damn you have somewhat pf a british face

  • Haobin Chen
    Haobin Chen

    Kill warden

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      Comes winter

  • fabio susanetti
    fabio susanetti

    guys Tbh diamonds are not going to be easier it's just that new caves will be bigger this means that we can see more blocks without mining and this means that there is more probability of diamond to spawn

  • Preston Feden
    Preston Feden

    Kids on bedrock: ohhhhh finally it took me over an hour to find that fortress Kids on Java: 😏

  • Deniz ÖZTÜRK
    Deniz ÖZTÜRK

    idk why i watch this vid today but about diamonds ik like there are so much vanes but vanes has like 4-5 dia s

  • Seth Korver
    Seth Korver

    Waa wah

  • Seth Korver
    Seth Korver

    There where mineshafts but the aren’t in minecraft 1.17

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      They are upgraded

  • Lil Joe Mama
    Lil Joe Mama

    diamonds are so much easier to find now

  • Alian Prain
    Alian Prain

    Can you do this again : can you beat minecraft on the new 1.17 cave update ......again

  • dana wynn
    dana wynn

    Wah wah

  • Κωστας Ψηλοπαναγιωτης
    Κωστας Ψηλοπαναγιωτης

    This is fake guys. Diamonds don't float

  • Frances Ojeda
    Frances Ojeda

    1.17 makes diamond finding easier

  • Brendan Reich
    Brendan Reich

    Dude I think he was lucky to not run into a warden. If he did he could have died.

  • {MoonlightFadeʕ•ᴥ•ʔ}

    "Im so rich, Im so rich it makes no sense." -WadZee (February 2021)

  • Ansim Ansim
    Ansim Ansim

    I think it will be easy to make a diamond beacon in 1.17

  • HydraX

    Wah wah

  • ItzJoud123

    I got 20 diamonds by strip mining in one single tunnel

  • shravan

    In new update there is no fun to find diamond,s

  • Zander Bynsdorp
    Zander Bynsdorp

    At 9:53 OWO

  • Elivim !
    Elivim !

    Just goes under water looks at diamonds

  • Justo Chacko
    Justo Chacko

    5:22 cringe right there

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      Sir this is a wnedys

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof


  • Dylan Roy
    Dylan Roy

    Oh my gosh the intro is so good

  • Piss Cloud
    Piss Cloud

    It’s so easy because everything is bright turn that off and there it’s actually fair

  • dorfsam

    that video was great and all but when he burned those diomand felt cringe

  • Shenegale

    *fUnkY WaTEr cAveS*

  • Audrey Roberts
    Audrey Roberts

    No worries I subbed

  • Hound Doggur misses ze internet Woof
    Hound Doggur misses ze internet Woof

    when minecraft cave update becomes part of subnautica.

  • Tee Hooi Nee
    Tee Hooi Nee

    Wah wah mabye dream needs to try to speedrun in this update or manhunt WAH WAH

  • Agrafena Baharava
    Agrafena Baharava

    in bedrock you can't do the door glitch which will suck

  • MrMrClock

    i think they only turned up the rarity of diamonds for testing out the update, diamond veins are actually gonna be smaller when it’s released fully

  • wewdoqai

    *Diamonds before the monster hunter achievement*

  • The old X_X_Midnight owl
    The old X_X_Midnight owl

    Wah wah

  • BULLZ_Infinity

    Are these reloading hits only on pc ?or did i dont know about it

  • Myu Zu Ki
    Myu Zu Ki

    Prbably, the reason why diamonds is not so rare anymore due to the cave size, its more larger unlike the old version thats like 4-6 or smth blocks high

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      Esp in deepslate

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      They are more common

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      Also diamond gen

  • Swapnil Gharde
    Swapnil Gharde

    Well guess what mojang fixed the diamond thingy now you will only find one vein diamond in y level below 0

  • rxsvie

    The nevether is already huge

  • Puppies Are Cute
    Puppies Are Cute

    11:10 I like your wolf.

  • Zachary Lassanske
    Zachary Lassanske


  • Brawler Aakif- YT
    Brawler Aakif- YT

    Dont dig straight down, you might fall into water(u also have Frost Walker II)

  • Nishanth MC
    Nishanth MC

    Imagine lighting up the new caves to build a mob farm

    • Sayn BTD
      Sayn BTD

      AFK 115 blocks above

  • DemonKing19951

    I will say, those caves probably need a good number more enemies to balance out the rarity of diamonds. I'm aware the warden exists but he as able to mine a full stack without noted resistance. At least, in the water. So perhaps since those caves are so deep, they might deserve more of their own enemies to make them more dangerous. So there is an actual risk reward factor going on besides the off chance you meet one new enemy.

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      Diamonds are useless other than equipment and jukes and enchant not fireworks

  • Lemri Stm
    Lemri Stm

    Is minecraft hard on pc or pe What do you think about it

  • Lemri Stm
    Lemri Stm

    Because diamond r hard to find So he me it easier and hard I thinks so

  • Lemri Stm
    Lemri Stm

    What is wah wah. I hve subs you 100 years ago

  • Charlie Benoit
    Charlie Benoit

    In bedrock the door thing doesn't work

  • Imperial Admiral
    Imperial Admiral

    One disadvantage is that iron in this update is rare

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      No that's a bug

  • Flora Sakura
    Flora Sakura

    Dude 1.17 is easy 15% daimmonds in 1.17

  • Jaden Sievers
    Jaden Sievers

    Wah wah

  • please dont kill me
    please dont kill me

    Diamonds are free from this update

  • Darth meme -_-
    Darth meme -_-

    Well copper is useful cause if have 2 copper ingots and 1 amethyst shard u can make. a spyglass and a spyglass is useful finding a fortress and may some powder snow for water bucket MLG in. The NETHER

  • Sulaksman Mukunthan
    Sulaksman Mukunthan


  • ヌツテつぬちむふつん!


  • ItzGameBoi YT
    ItzGameBoi YT

    From now on we will be bringing night vision and water breathing potion, Thats INSANE

  • Xavier Goguen-Morgan
    Xavier Goguen-Morgan


  • MLG Cool dude
    MLG Cool dude

    you can make a diamond base and six beekin bild and a stachow of your self

  • MLG Cool dude
    MLG Cool dude

    you can not have tomeny diamonds

  • Dave.

    10:08 What do you mean ‘pointless’? There’s clearly some points right there.

  • Isaac Mercado
    Isaac Mercado

    they should add scuba gear and water animals you can tame and put a saddle on them and go underwater with them that would be sick for underwater exploration

  • Kane Mullins
    Kane Mullins

    Wah Wah army! Love ur videos :D

  • Jm mplaysz
    Jm mplaysz

    Why make the three diamonds into an axe

  • pa_jsab_mc_rblx fan123
    pa_jsab_mc_rblx fan123


  • Potatoe

    Alternative title: Minecraft is easy to get diamonds now.

  • Pickachu Strike BG
    Pickachu Strike BG

    2:50 Me:what diamonds Me:when i play minecaft 40 miniutes just iron

  • BB Aldrich Veejay C. Gondeza
    BB Aldrich Veejay C. Gondeza

    WadZee sees diamond:😱😄 Again:😃 Again:😀 Again:😁 Again:🙂 Again:😐 Again:😑

  • Rose Pahayahay
    Rose Pahayahay

    dude so epic!!!!! btw where did you download that version i want to download it!!!!!!

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      Comes two parts first with mobs blocks and features in july and gen is holiday

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      Its not released that's beta


    If you mine diamonds i will subscribe

  • godwinmhar jamot
    godwinmhar jamot

    it was so easy to see a diamons ahhaha

  • xander Grod star
    xander Grod star

    Dis like

  • Elle

    Maybe diamonds are just as rare, but because more earth has been dug out, they are easier to find.

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      @Elle They are more common

    • Elle

      @Catsdogs woof Wdym?

    • Catsdogs woof
      Catsdogs woof

      At your time its more common without caves

  • TheAshtree25

    Wah wah best update

  • shunnie

    Minecraft feels like a videogame that will be around until I die and one that I will occasionally go back and play. Honestly what a game

  • Thobiacstio


  • Taha Toor
    Taha Toor

    Bruh he is the luckiest player in the game and the process like what bruh😕😕😕😲😲😒