Can You Beat Minecraft on the NEW 1.17 Cave Update?
I Played Minecraft's 1.17 Cave Snapshot! Today I ask the question, Can you beat Minecraft on the NEW 1.17 Cave Update? the goal is simple: Beating Minecraft 1.17 with the brand new Minecraft Cave Generation!

What do you think of the new Minecraft Update? Do you like the giant caves? Leave a comment down below with your opinions!

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  • WadZee

    Can I get a "Wah Wah"? In reference to people saying my full brightness is cheating and I wouldn’t find diamonds without it. I completely disagree, the only person that wouldn’t be able to see the diamonds would be you guys. I literally only do it so you guys can see

    • GracefulExo

      𝙒𝙖𝙝 𝙬𝙖𝙝

    • IamH

      That will be 0.99 cents please

    • Shoime wtf ӝ
      Shoime wtf ӝ

      Wah wah

    • Mati gaming and vlogs
      Mati gaming and vlogs

      Wah wah

    • ZORD redknight
      ZORD redknight

      With fortune 3

  • Anika and banzu
    Anika and banzu


  • Anika and banzu
    Anika and banzu

    Why aren’t you mining the copper

  • Guy Kephart lll
    Guy Kephart lll

    Imagine asking a person “hey, can you beat Minecraft in the new update?”

  • Ashley Crus
    Ashley Crus

    7:52 i think this is only a texture pack look the gold still a blocks

  • Safee You tubers
    Safee You tubers

    Wah wah even thing

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh

    Hi wadzee... Am you big fan form India please beat the game without touching grass block... But you can touch dirt and other blocks please make video on it...❣️👌👌

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh

    Hi wadzee... Am you big fan form India please beat the game without touching grass block... But you can touch dirt and other blocks please make video on it...❣️👌👌

  • はらさきふるき

    Is this actually from the game ir this is and addon?????? Pls answed im confused and if this is a world gen can i have the seed pls?

  • dddevil suck
    dddevil suck

    I know I look dumb but if Mojave don’t own minecraft anymore then how does Mojave update minecraft

  • Бисер Стефанов
    Бисер Стефанов


  • Omar Fisher
    Omar Fisher

    Wah Wah

  • bora uysal
    bora uysal

    the spawn rate in bedrock 1.17 is ridiculous. i mined strait for 6 hours and found 3 diamonds. this is why java is a 100 times better than bedrock

  • Frezzy Chen
    Frezzy Chen

    Dream speedrun 1.17 minecraft Beat dragon with full diamond :)

  • josh harrison
    josh harrison

    the doors shouldn’t be able to do that. it’d be a lot harder if there wasn’t the stupid door shit

  • Related

    for some reason in the snapshot the diamonds are not textured

  • 700mobster

    8:19 All I can think about is underground city fantasies

  • 700mobster

    7:28 Netherite: am I a joke to you?

  • Tomas Cardiga
    Tomas Cardiga

    Doors should be water logged by now

  • cat1129

    ISdowns in unsubscribed me .-.

  • Bat-Erdene Cod-Itgel
    Bat-Erdene Cod-Itgel

    I wish 1.17 was like this

  • Jaden Autry
    Jaden Autry

    I love this new update it’s so cool 😅😅😅😊😊😊😊😆😆😆😆😁😁😁

  • Jaden Autry
    Jaden Autry

    Hey bro I just found some coal you want some Sure 😅 OK hey bro I just found some diamonds you want some nah I’m good😅

  • Naufal Fariz
    Naufal Fariz

    And copper

  • Mark Lawrence Ronquillo
    Mark Lawrence Ronquillo

    You are lucky, you have a lot of diamonds

  • Naufal Fariz
    Naufal Fariz

    New cave crystal

  • Fredthegamer520

    This is rigged

  • Marinos Fintanis
    Marinos Fintanis

    Players that play in bedrock edition : why are we still here just to suffer........

  • Antonique Marshall
    Antonique Marshall

    Diamonds....nah Netherite.....YAAAASSS

  • X-26 YT
    X-26 YT

    I can finally find diamonds easily now

  • Ketchizz

    no they removed strongholds

  • yamak Hussain 123
    yamak Hussain 123

    What the heck

  • yamak Hussain 123
    yamak Hussain 123

    Y i hate ppl that ward

  • yamak Hussain 123
    yamak Hussain 123

    Y do you say badwords or swear ward like s f or s

  • Trishia Caputol
    Trishia Caputol

    15:18 my eyes!!!!!

  • Chetty Bee
    Chetty Bee

    I guess minecraft caves have became more realistic

  • Chetty Bee
    Chetty Bee

    Wow they did make minecraft ALOT deeper.

  • Brantlee VanDuyn
    Brantlee VanDuyn

    If it was well he would of collected raw iron,gold,copper ore

  • Brantlee VanDuyn
    Brantlee VanDuyn

    Not 1.17

  • Mʏᴛʜɪᴄᴀʟ Wᴏɴᴅᴇʀs
    Mʏᴛʜɪᴄᴀʟ Wᴏɴᴅᴇʀs

    Ngl, The Redstone ore would look more like Ruby if it was added in minecraft-

  • David Kolesanov
    David Kolesanov

    anyone ever just find random floating blocks or chunks of blocks in their Minecraft world on 1.17?

  • Safia Abrahams
    Safia Abrahams

    This man is lucky

  • Chatty Kat
    Chatty Kat

    i read the update page thing and there are ruby's why did u not get any and it did say dimonds will be more easy to find so not cheating and why just why did you not get a axolotle please get one😡


    I'm your new fan😊😊

  • bread

    what snapshot is this

  • I'm Plant
    I'm Plant

    i think that diamonds didn't actually get less rare, it's just that there's such a small amount of space that diamonds could have spawned in previous versions comparatively

  • Patt Cassebaum
    Patt Cassebaum

    - wadzee I don't need anchant debris also wadzee builds a full netherite beacon

  • Eva Andrea
    Eva Andrea


  • Eva Andrea
    Eva Andrea

    Is it just me or are all the caves normal for some reason 😭😭😭

  • Eva Andrea
    Eva Andrea

    How did you make the cave that bright

  • Micah Frederick
    Micah Frederick

    They need copper and crystal armor


    the vines are called glow lichens man get used to the future

  • Hubble.-. _
    Hubble.-. _

    I used to love stripmining 🙃

  • L25 陈恺鹏 Tan Khai Phern
    L25 陈恺鹏 Tan Khai Phern

    you swim through and run through soooooooooo much!

  • L25 陈恺鹏 Tan Khai Phern
    L25 陈恺鹏 Tan Khai Phern

    oh boy wadzee you know what? you missed soooooooooooooooooo many diamonds!!!

  • erdemtugs mygmarsuren
    erdemtugs mygmarsuren

    I have a question , pls answer it Mr Wadzee. How I change my cave look like ur cave( brighfully)

  • I like anime
    I like anime

    is the ender dragon supposed to be hard?

  • GK

    Maybe they fix this problem at second cliffs update.

  • TanqR 1490
    TanqR 1490

    i was hoping the bedrock would go to y - 69

  • Ted Board
    Ted Board

    Make a new series that is hard core and you live under ground for a lot o time.


    what the

  • Guru Charan Sendhil
    Guru Charan Sendhil

    diamonds would be harder to find if u were not using night vision shaders...

  • Bryan Ser
    Bryan Ser

    3:56 light viens or i dunno


    I found 78 diamond's in 10 minutes it got way to easy

  • Mrs. Nandez
    Mrs. Nandez

    Just came from a video that said that diamonds are way more rare in 1.17 than in 1.16, so now I don’t know what to believe 😅

  • Synphul Hero
    Synphul Hero

    Ultra challenge: light the entire cave system up but with NO torches whatsoever

  • BlazingMattz Playz
    BlazingMattz Playz

    Alternative title: 16 minutes of infinite diamonds

  • Bharti Devi
    Bharti Devi

    It's not a difficulty mode it a easy mode

  • Yuvraj Bihani
    Yuvraj Bihani

    I really don't like this update coz if finding diamond are so easy what is the fun

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker

    The screeching gram clinically return because tornado weekly wait among a petite brandy. roasted, abashed octopus

  • Mukesh Kumar
    Mukesh Kumar

    Diamonds: exists After 1.17 update: ... Coal: don't worry ur like me now Diamond: am I a joke to you ;-;?

  • Mukesh Kumar
    Mukesh Kumar

    Warden Ree

  • aparnapandit

    Good , now can they do this for ancient debris also

  • Astie

    This video aged badly, should probably rename it to "UPCOMING 1.18"

  • Creason the Gaming Creeper
    Creason the Gaming Creeper

    wah wah


    Wadzee: the one thing I don’t like is how easy it is to find diamonds Me: dude shut up Mojang might see this video

  • happy boy
    happy boy

    Wadzee:can i get a wah wah? Me:wahhhhh*crys like a baby saying wahh*

  • Ivan.

    Looks dumb ez to find diamonds if they don't change this

  • Wendy Field
    Wendy Field

    Bedrock players sad

  • Asphalion

    I'm sure if you couldn't it would be a problem

  • Big Bruh
    Big Bruh

    Can you beat Minecraft in the 1.17 update, I sure hope you can

  • Retnuh

    1.17. The Speedrun update

  • Rens

    REminds me ''The Forest'' game memories

  • Storm.57Z

    Anyone notice the big barge sweep music at 3:25

  • Whit M
    Whit M

    It's glow lichen

  • Niv Burshtein
    Niv Burshtein

    The title:Can you beat minecraft in 1.17 Me: bruh why wouldnt you be able to

  • Zillion Radzy
    Zillion Radzy

    15:59 well, about that: YOU CAN BARELY FIND DIAMONDS NOW

  • IamNotMadBG

    U don’t realise but you go very down under the caves And then you are dying to see light

  • yeyeye1984

    Well bois it's here

  • Chlowee Ramos
    Chlowee Ramos

    I saw emerald ore and clicked right away like wth that's impossible

  • Kimberly Barefoot Clowers
    Kimberly Barefoot Clowers

    Did u skip that one DiMoNd u are cursed

  • L U M P I A
    L U M P I A

    Hey you, yees you...

  • Jesse Nienhueser
    Jesse Nienhueser

    To be fair, I like that they made, and hopefully will keep, diamonds less rare, because now we have netherite which is extremely rare!!

  • Leonardo Simoes
    Leonardo Simoes

    WadZeed: instead we ended up with disgusting copper Subnautica players: (proceeds to pick up gun)

  • Awkward Weirdo
    Awkward Weirdo

    Diamonds are probably easier now since netherite is the hardest mineral, there is no need for diamonds to be so rare anymore

  • newheat nyc
    newheat nyc

    The infamous great-grandmother early raise because locket ectrodactyly overflow failing a pumped transaction. zany, raspy sale

  • Ryan Tomsich
    Ryan Tomsich

    Diamonds are more common than gold

  • Larniie Playz
    Larniie Playz


  • Magdalena Ibarra
    Magdalena Ibarra

    Cave update is gonna be realized in June 8 2021

  • Tú Vũ
    Tú Vũ

    That mean the world of minecraft is circle