Can You Beat Minecraft in a FLOATING ISLANDS ONLY World?
Can you beat Minecraft in a FLOATING ISLANDS World? Today I played Minecraft Floating Islands Mode. This is a custom world generation type in Minecraft where the entire world is floating islands over the void, like skyblock. Will I be able to Beat Minecraft but it's floating islands? Watch the whole video to find out!
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All music by Kevin Macleod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.

  • WadZee

    What did you guys think of the editing on the dragon fight? also why are you reading this scroll back up and like the video

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    man made a ender dragon mc montage

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    Jarvis insane

    I don't think there's diamonds he says as there above him

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    Randell Arellano

    yeah that also happened to me when I was mining in a ravine some animals fall

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    idky but i love his little gasps XD

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    Tiffany Leger

    :0 3.14M

  • Cynthia Hayden
    Cynthia Hayden

    Question: Can you beat Minecraft in a flat world? Answer: Yes, if you find a village you can collect wood, food, etc. Though you will probably not gain diamonds, but you are able to collect things as you will not need sticks, as you can find them or either what you need in a village chest. This can be beaten in probably any version of Minecraft with villages and a flat world. :)

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    7:46 r/softwaregore

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    The Minecrafter2021

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      The Minecrafter2021

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  • Bastien Mercier
    Bastien Mercier

    End island are you kiding me ?

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    Arctic Turtle

    I love how this is just the Aether but less fun

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    Loralie Alscher

    His editing skills are on fleek

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    my event is good there 2 gold coal iron and a lot of diamonds and lava:>

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    7:20 mobile adds be like:

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    Dennis Digeno

    i broke my pc trying to leave a ike

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    Demi Gød

    3:03 What a person will do without food and beds

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    Beau Hanna

    this is what the over world would look like in the end

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    bro you upload right on my birthday lol

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    Razeen Sudheer

    Why was there a pice of ancient degree in ur chest

  • Donnyniue

    do a veson were your in hardcore but if you were i think you would be dead

  • ᴍᴜꜱᴛɴᴛʀᴜɴᴀᴡᴀʏ

    Imagine if the end wasn't a floating island

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    Anusha Singh

    Over world but it works like end

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    Jakob Wolf

    oh nice for ghg only

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    Sajjad Hossain Soykot

    Btw every Minecraft world is a floating island 😄

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    Jimmy Carlson

    13:38 more Roadman Shaq sound effects please lol

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    kakashi idk

    Me watching it at 2 am ,and the memes he added killing me 🤣🤣

  • Iroh for Avatar
    Iroh for Avatar

    bruvs if u used the world gen settings then u could have biomes....

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    Ãg Gàmèér YT

    Oh so I was only the one who thought floating islands is skyblock

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    Jai Paxton-Wojcik

    The intro music sounds like something from Alvin and the chipmunks

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    Frosted Slime

    Floating Islands is basically the End Dimension's terrain generation

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    Pb IV

    You great

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  • Maria Catherine Mendoza
    Maria Catherine Mendoza

    oh look like it's sky dimension but they were removed in beta 1.9 pre-realease 4

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    Sarah Grant

    you should make a series on this

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    Maria Ortiz

    Missed a piece of lava Little Easter eggs for y’all is fine literally almost every time I print out something for y’all to find like a little Easter eggs for your eyesight like finding nani

  • SpyPepper's Son
    SpyPepper's Son

    I think the game hated the floating island thing, 1 or 2 in the lava bucket, village void, and arrows only orange

  • Claire Rose
    Claire Rose

    Play it in the caves and cliffs update, it's amazing

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    Congrats 3m👏👏👏

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    tips : hit the dragon 1 time before you explode the bed. so even if the dragon died from the sleepy damage, it still count as your kill

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    @WadZee try to beat minecraft in flat world;)

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    The biome you start never ends because you spawned in plains Theresa only gonna bé plains biome

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    Mayen Mayen

    Nobody: Me: Asks why he can't just go to the nether and get lava

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    Diary of Alp

    does anyone else see the lava in 3:55

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    When your s hacker and you turn minecraft into floating islands The hacker: what did I do

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    5:37 You should really make an infinite lava source :)

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    How many times the villagers tried to kill themselves in the ravine: | | V

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    Awesome video! I'm actually making an entire Let's Play Series in the VR version of Java Minecraft, so seeing this gives me hope that I can have a pretty cool let's play experience haha.

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    I think that sheep was on a murder sis ion

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    I know this is late but at 5:54 if you slow down the clip I’m pretty sure those are diamonds

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    I'm pretty sure the flouting island is just for fun not survival

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    Am I the only one wondering why he was going so slow on that gravel in the nether

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