Can You Beat Minecraft in a World that's ONLY Ocean?
Can you beat Minecraft in an Ocean Only World? Today I played Minecraft but the entire world was ocean. This is a custom generated world which has Ocean Biomes Only. Will I Beat Minecraft in an Ocean Only World or will I end up drowning? make sure to watch the whole video to find out!
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TRY IT OUT FOR YOURSELF (Credit: u/The_Dingos)
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All music by Kevin Macleod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.

  • FireRuby1

    I love the cute pirate music XD

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    Fncs Humer

    What’s the seed?

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    19JIME2 CookiesD best

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    Random SloMo

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    4:10 I am horrified. Crosses.

  • First

    Respect for this guy still alive after 2000 years

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    reva banka

    8:16 u ignored the iron block???

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    zaza modebadze

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  • SFG Cards and Craft
    SFG Cards and Craft

    WOW! I have only been to the End Dimension in one of my worlds and that was with the help of my son. I usually play in peaceful mode. Perhaps next time I log in I might try in steps. I love watching your videos. Keep them coming. Regards Liz. PS. I am an old woman who plays and enjoys Minecraft.

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    Pov: you have scrolled so far that you’re seeing all the cringey comments.

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    ALL in ONE

    Wadzee, u always do a shoutout to someone and say that they r an absolute legend but every single person in this entire world knows that wadzee is the best person in the world and is an absolute legend.

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    Elon Ari Nitzaan

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    Fortnite Gamer157

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    dreamer _8_

    Why dont u use magma as water breathing Like 2 block n place the magma then boom

  • booker dewitt
    booker dewitt

    fun fact: you can still drowning if you swimming too much IN REAL LIFE NOT MINECRAFT

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    Joshua Fogarty

    5:59 Moms on mobile game ads

  • Joshua Fogarty
    Joshua Fogarty

    Me: C- WadZee: Yes

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    king XD

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      king XD

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    Tom Harris

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    King Spades

    My friend did this, but he hasn't completed it yet.

  • *Blueberry*

    It hurts me to see that he did not get the bamboo. he could of got a lot of sticks by growing it

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    Lord Guinea pig

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    Thijmen De Jong

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    nightmare jaydenthejackle spring

    What's the name of the song in your outro ? I wanna knows

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    Julien Bergeron

    You did not just put the sound of a dodge ball over the death of the Ender Dragon! LOVE IT!!

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      Zoey Gunnett

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    Kris Schmidke

    Watching Minecraft but listening to RuneScape

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    Virgils _Red_Boots

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    Virgils _Red_Boots

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