I Beat the Wither With NOTHING But My FIST!
Have you ever wondered, Can You Beat the Wither with Nothing But Your Fist legitimately in Survival Minecraft? (with some food of course) Today I try to answer that question by fighting the wither with nothing but my fist, and it was surprisingly not impossible!
If you want to try beating the wither with no items and by only punching it, I'd recommend creating a large room at the bedrock ceiling in the nether so it won't be able to fly away out of your punching distance, give it a shot!
Should I try beating the wither with nothing but my fist in Hardcore minecraft next?
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  • Gaming desktop
    Gaming desktop

    Do you play in Java edition or bedrock edition

  • Very underrated guy on yt
    Very underrated guy on yt

    when your fist is more powerful than a wither...

  • jovan matijasevic
    jovan matijasevic

    Pls try this challange in bedrock

  • Michal Kowal
    Michal Kowal

    The ender dragon The wither The elder guardian

  • 360 WOLF OP
    360 WOLF OP

    WadZee best builder and pvp sl*pper?CONFIRMED

  • Hoomhoom

    Do that in bedrock if u are a real mc pro

  • zain buksh
    zain buksh

    The First Mob WadZee Killed Was The ... Wither LoL

  • Salem Dapiccolo
    Salem Dapiccolo

    Now beat the bedrock wither

  • Gabriel Nuñez
    Gabriel Nuñez

    Ender dragon: allpowerful being living at the true end of the universe Whiter: uncanny beast who obliterates anyone in front of it Elder guardian: flop,flop,flop,flop, flopity flop

  • Donglei Liu
    Donglei Liu

    Try it in bedrock edition

  • lool8421

    good job now do it on bedrock edition

  • OKB 15
    OKB 15

    Me fighting the wither on my switch My frames: I think I’m gonna dip

  • Minecraft Stopmotion
    Minecraft Stopmotion

    Let's be honest, most of us would die in the first minute of the full netherite armor one

  • UltimaZilla

    You should have had god apples for round 1

  • Jordan Porter
    Jordan Porter

    Since when do withers heal

  • krishna bhosale
    krishna bhosale

    Wadzee beats java wither with fist 👊. Me : Now beat the wither in BEDROCK EDITION with iron armor and tools . Seriously try it if you're a true legend

    • krishna bhosale
      krishna bhosale

      Wadzee is too scared to even try it !

    • krishna bhosale
      krishna bhosale


  • kishan prajapati
    kishan prajapati

    Le me in creative with full enchanted nethrite armors and sword and bow and enchanted apple and still dies in just 2 minutes

  • Colin Hulsey
    Colin Hulsey

    Wadzee: beats the wither with his fist Me: wow Me later defeating a broken wither on bedrock: how the heck dose this man do what he dose! I can’t even do it in netherite armor

  • Raj kumar vantipuli
    Raj kumar vantipuli

    *WADZEE* Next : I Beated Ender dragon with Fist

  • Αναστάσιος Μπλαβάκης
    Αναστάσιος Μπλαβάκης

    wither: I HAVE AWOKEN wadzee:i will have to do it with the traditional way

  • Chota Beast
    Chota Beast

    3:17 dude how is the sky shining bright when theres wither...it turns dark when we spawn wither

  • Maureen Narine
    Maureen Narine

    Bedrock wither

  • little skeleton
    little skeleton

    nobody: anime protagonist after thinking about the power of friendship:

  • Fatih gaming
    Fatih gaming

    what if you beat the wither with just a bow no eating

  • -_-

    This time on berock edition :)

  • Golden BOI
    Golden BOI

    What are the differences between this picture(netherite axe) and this picture(fist) Wadzee: they are the same picture

  • Bird and animal lover studios
    Bird and animal lover studios

    ISdowns is getting real comfortable with double unskippable ads

  • hyun seoul
    hyun seoul

    The extra-large extra-small exuberant look histochemically employ because computer topologically accept via a crowded conga. capricious, majestic mirror

  • Dominic Fisher20
    Dominic Fisher20

    wadzee should beat a raid with only his fist

  • Gabriel Lu
    Gabriel Lu

    Wither: Y, dear player.... y did u come to... Suffer!! Wadzee: No, I'm going to b*tchslap that smug look off ur face!!! Wither: Oh sh*t!!

  • EDYT

    thats clutch bro

  • EDYT

    imagine the first thing u kill in ur world is the wither

  • EDYT

    bruh pull back arrows longer man

  • leo thetruth
    leo thetruth

    The Wither: "why DO I hear boss music playing?"

  • Banaenae

    try bedrock wither

  • David Krištofovič
    David Krištofovič

    Wadzee: I can beat wither with only my fist Me using pocket edition: ...

  • Raymal Rabari
    Raymal Rabari

    Kid(dream: how to ender dragon without armor Pro(ibxtoycat): how to bear ender dragon with nothing Father(wadzee): how to beat wither with nothing

  • Vegismite_gaming

    Bedrock wither: I am about to ruin this mans whole career

  • The Worst
    The Worst

    Do it in your hardcore world


    I think wadzee is the first player to kill the wither with his fist

  • Adrenalinem4n

    Wow I'm Almost more inmpressed you got another million subscribers in 5 Months. Well Maybe not.

  • Thirdy games
    Thirdy games

    What a legend

  • james mayo
    james mayo

    Minecraft &knuckles

  • Boba mushroom -
    Boba mushroom -


  • mark hasbani
    mark hasbani

    imagine he forgot to record

  • Evelyn Moore
    Evelyn Moore

    The swanky stem problematically divide because syrup acly frame round a judicious honey. gleaming, painstaking bassoon

  • Cosmin 36
    Cosmin 36

    Late but kill the wither in bedrock edition with fists

  • Nisco Disco
    Nisco Disco

    Now turn everytime you hit the wither into the old minecraft hit sound

  • Grrr

    He just slapped the wither to death.

  • Danijel Babic
    Danijel Babic

    Congrats on 3m lol

  • TheScooted

    That was hard - tell this to Dark Souls players 😁😁

  • Zero X
    Zero X

    Cries in bedrock wither

  • Odin Stewart
    Odin Stewart

    I think it took. 193888748383717833939727166172838376256366464749498287210019398486675884938737667859383737366578575762 hours JK 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Swayam Mehta
    Swayam Mehta

    Congratulations for 3 million👏❤

    • Sophie Gaming
      Sophie Gaming

      I thought I was the only one who knew it

  • DaBaby lesss Gooo
    DaBaby lesss Gooo

    3 mil lesss gooooooo

  • xshyre

    Okay but fight it on bedrock you will see a huge difference

  • Saba Farrukh
    Saba Farrukh

    this is a world record no one can do it

  • Like the Name
    Like the Name

    Next do it in bedrock

  • Ruthless

  • Francis Requillo
    Francis Requillo

    Beat it in android because I can kill it even my armor and sword is sharp 5 and pro 4 beat it in bedrock edition thanks:)

  • Harrison Tube Studios
    Harrison Tube Studios

    So you fisted the wither

  • Szymon Zuber
    Szymon Zuber

    When you release that now they had to give it aimbot because of this video Ok now do it in bedrock edition

  • Noah thepickle
    Noah thepickle

    Damn when I do this in bedrock it’s so much more harder lul Pls don’t hate

  • chinthomas

    Haha fist go brr

  • Currently in Noah’s Basement
    Currently in Noah’s Basement

    Fun fact: you can’t beat the wither on switch because of FPS lag unless you glitch it into bedrock

  • Lesssleep914

    I once released the wither on my world weakened it, lost all my stuff but killed it with my hands on Minecraft bedrock edition. Full survival too.

  • Savita Mishra
    Savita Mishra

    #unstoppable .

  • Alto Grey
    Alto Grey

    To be honest, and to be fair, I also felt like the Wither was way harder to beat then the Ender Dragon sometimes, but maybe its mostly cause its easier to fight the Ender Dragon now cause of its cycles, where it flies all around the map, and then perches down, periodically shooting fireballs at you, more if its aggro'ed and you can always save yourself from very high drops by MLG'ing, you cant do that with the wither because it'll constantly attack you, and its withering effect is annoying, its not the same for everyone, but I just feel like its almost always the case

  • ell mayo hyphen
    ell mayo hyphen

    Wadzee: kills wither with fist Me: can’t do it with full enchanted netherite armour and tools

  • dj snobo
    dj snobo

    Try to do this in bedrock edition, I bet it will be much, much harder!

  • notgarrett

    Poor elder guardian

  • 16 XB Soham
    16 XB Soham

    I can't imagine in bedrock 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Kashizinko

    i did this once

  • needlestrider123

    This was an interesting test :0

  • MoFi

    We need new bosses

  • Name: Undecided
    Name: Undecided

    Now try this on the nightmare that is the Bedrock edition wither.

  • The Daranesian Confederation
    The Daranesian Confederation

    Dream vs WadZee Ain't gonna say more

  • Kaan Secilmis
    Kaan Secilmis

    The hateful gender contrarily tumble because animal climatologically harass per a magical whiskey. short, boring ounce

  • PIYUSH 117
    PIYUSH 117

    Guess what in my first wither fight i started with full enchanted diamond armor and finished with fists🤣

  • Samuel Voulgaris
    Samuel Voulgaris

    Can we all just agree that this video would even impress dream

  • hamza shadow 87
    hamza shadow 87

    When minecraft is harder than dark souls

  • ChristopherInnit

    5:58 POV: You are a ghost and watching some non beat Necron.

  • 123DJ321

    Now we need to pressure WadZee into trying this in his hardcore world

  • Talkative Yellow Toad
    Talkative Yellow Toad

    Me: loses miserably to a wither 3 times trying to collect my stuff while having full enchanted netherite armour, sword, bow, golden carrots, milk etc This guy: beats the wither with nothing but his fist I don’t feel bad that I lost to the wither and was forced to go into creative to kill him, it was my first time and I had only started playing minecraft 3 weeks prior so there’s my john

  • Erik Tang
    Erik Tang

    so i saw a popup ad while watching this vid it said "save like Mr. beast with honey" ah, by save do you mean waste hundreds of thousands of dollars?

  • Erik Tang
    Erik Tang

    0:13 ENDERDRAGON BY MILES at least in rlcraft. enderdragon is guarded by loads of mobs that attack upon sight. if you get close to the ground, you are dead. you have to get a flying mount to beat the dragon and the wither takes at most 10 hits to kill it does damage vision with all the crazy stuff rlcraft has, but then you can have your pet finish it off

  • Grzegorz Brzęczyszykiewicz
    Grzegorz Brzęczyszykiewicz

    You are king

  • Jionni Guytan
    Jionni Guytan

    Wither:Im here who am I fighting Sees wadzee face 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 again dude ugh Wadzee:I'll use my fist Wither:yay😄😄 Wadzee:kills wither

  • Sketchee WAA
    Sketchee WAA

    massive respect

  • Zubi Moosa
    Zubi Moosa

    Best player ever

  • MZ gaming
    MZ gaming

    Wadzee holds 2 world records A full netherite becon Killing the wither with fists

  • ShinyDimond


  • sweta024dlu

    How I beat the wither Step 1 - Type /gamemode creative Step 2 /kill @e Step 3 - /gamemode Survival Step 4 - Get Nether Star

  • sweta024dlu

    I like how he uses 63 steak to trigger us

  • zero

    I hope wadzee tries this on bedrock edition

  • Hussain Sameer
    Hussain Sameer

    The wither has 800 health and the dragon has 200 health Fun fact if u take on the wither with even the strongest maxed out armour ur helmet are boots are at least going to break LOL

  • James Witmer
    James Witmer

    See the wither is more terrifying because someone could just walk into your village and spawn tens of withers inside *cough technoblade*

  • SMJ Thinks
    SMJ Thinks

    When you gets monster hunter when killing wither

  • Steve Espaillat
    Steve Espaillat

    this is exactly what dream would do

  • S

    Ah yes the minecraft equivalent of "Square up cuss"