I Beat the Wither With NOTHING But My FIST!
Have you ever wondered, Can You Beat the Wither with Nothing But Your Fist legitimately in Survival Minecraft? (with some food of course) Today I try to answer that question by fighting the wither with nothing but my fist, and it was surprisingly not impossible!

If you want to try beating the wither with no items and by only punching it, I'd recommend creating a large room at the bedrock ceiling in the nether so it won't be able to fly away out of your punching distance, give it a shot!

Should I try beating the wither with nothing but my fist in Hardcore minecraft next?

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    Minecraft bedrock. I played for 7 years I m best pvp player (I think so) I win every game of bedwars duels and skyward that I play , but if I have full enchanted iron with a iron sword with smite with strength 2 on hard mode then also the wither destroy ' s me . The wither in bedrock edition has 500 extra hp and aim bot so ya if u play bedrock u know my pain. well I can defeat a wither on hard mode with unchanted diamond Armour and sword with an unchanted bow

  • Droolify

    Now repeat that all in Bedrock Edition >:)

  • reema

    But could you do it in bedrock


    9:04 timer skips 5 seconds

  • Hannes Biersack
    Hannes Biersack

    Not sure if this will be read anytime soon, but beating the Wither can be made super easy. Just go to y=10, dig a 1 × 2 × ~30 blocks tunnel (or longer, depending on your armour and skill), I had Prot IV Netherite armour so I was probably overprepared, but you can pretty much tank every shot with a few simple potions (regeneration and strength) and just bring food and a few gapples.

  • Sreang Bolong
    Sreang Bolong


  • Prakash Ghimire
    Prakash Ghimire

    Me seeing a wither : Oh goodness run for your life ! Wadzee and Sb : look at that three headed sheep !

  • Lui_Plays1

    Imagine this was on bedeock the wither in bedeock is super hard in bedrock the wither slams at you and spawns 3 wither skeleton

  • Tariffic Typist
    Tariffic Typist

    On bedrock it dashes at 40 m/s then rapid fires 4 shots then it repeats after like 3 seconds so this method would be obsolete in bedrock as well as 600 up which is twice as much, luckily you can't get the wither effect on easy mode but that's is it, you can't do this on bedrock edition

  • Samir Roy
    Samir Roy

    Play Minecraft bedrock edition you'll cried

  • Sarah Basalama
    Sarah Basalama

    I did not know u can do that

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    now do it in bedrock

  • Patricija Babenskaitė
    Patricija Babenskaitė

    Me who dies of wither after 30secons with best enchants and netherite armor 👁👄👁

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      Probably because you play on bedrock

  • Amirali Kamseda
    Amirali Kamseda

    Elder guardian isn't a boss but kind of

  • Evan McGee
    Evan McGee

    Wow I wonder what happens in this video

  • Aldrin2185

    Wadzee is the most insane and cool youtuber i've seen

  • Andrie

    I aim like the Wither.

  • Sinister Omen
    Sinister Omen

    Now try it on bedrock

  • Sebastian Huggins
    Sebastian Huggins

    Hahahahaha this is great *NOW TRY BEDROCK*

  • Icicle the ghost leviathan
    Icicle the ghost leviathan

    *now do it on bedrock edition*

  • Shadow Ninja 1019
    Shadow Ninja 1019

    Bro that was some insane skill

  • ropia kisus
    ropia kisus

    New challenge 4r you....defeating the wither with no food

  • Anime Edits
    Anime Edits

    Bedrock wither: let me indoduce myself

  • Dylan Sheldon
    Dylan Sheldon

    lol clickbait

    • Dylan Sheldon
      Dylan Sheldon

      It was just a joke

    • Dylan Sheldon
      Dylan Sheldon

      @Rhett Mueller it says nothing, but he used food

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      Wdym he killed a wither with his fist

  • Ruth Johnson
    Ruth Johnson

    There's noway


    beat wither on bedrock I dare you I couldn't beat it without enchanted diamond and I still died like 5 times but... I'm a bit of a noob at PVP or PvE really

  • Ertuğrul Ghazi
    Ertuğrul Ghazi

    Aren't Raids considered a boss since is has a boss bar?

  • Zedrick Noel
    Zedrick Noel

    Wadzee in java : I beat the wither with nothing but my fist Me who plays in bedrock edition : Its so freaking hard Like he has 600 HP in bedrock edition He do dash attacks He is going crazy at his attacks It can kill you with full prot 4 netherite armor Sometimes it destroyed a whole plains biome at my survival world And lastly sometimes it shoot like 2 blue skulls

  • Lunatic Aman
    Lunatic Aman

    Disclaimer: Wither is insulted in this video

  • Coco Craft
    Coco Craft

    *now do it in bedrock*

  • ShockedMitten

    * Crying because of 50 iq skill with OP armor 5 gaps no potions in bedrock edition *

  • Krish Jaiswal
    Krish Jaiswal

    Try this in the bedrock version next

  • IcyCreamzy

    DREAM IS A NOOB wadzee comes and beats the hardest mob to deafet WITH HIS HANDS!

  • Khang Daniel Lam
    Khang Daniel Lam

    Breaking news: Local wither boss tickled to death by minecraft veteran

  • Ferdinand Kuhn
    Ferdinand Kuhn

    How Wadzee prepares for the wither: Finally a worthy opponent! OUR BATTLE WILL BE LEGENDARY!!!

  • Param Jethwa VII-B
    Param Jethwa VII-B

    All you see is a red wither cause its taking damage repetitively.

  • Shravan Srivathsan
    Shravan Srivathsan

    This confirms that wadzee is the best minecrafter. The battle should be wadzee vs technoblade

  • Itz gamer boy
    Itz gamer boy


  • Andrei Samarin
    Andrei Samarin

    On bedrock died to wither 5 times, lost all my full enchanted netherite armor, elytra with mending, set of netherite tools and just gave up eventually. Not only the wither itself is a lot stronger, but just trying to control your character on ps4 is so much harder. The next time I try this, I'm just gonna get him stuck in bedrock.

  • Beatrice Mondero
    Beatrice Mondero

    You would know if he is a sweaty player by hearing him click his keys.

  • Lucky Corsiga
    Lucky Corsiga

    Me who forgot im in BE: Oh cool imma try it... **Deletes minecraft world**

  • Lucky Corsiga
    Lucky Corsiga

    **milks cow**

  • Slowking G
    Slowking G

    Now do it on bedrock edition, where it has twice as much health, spawns a couple wither skeletons when it spawns, breaks so many blocks and has another attack where it tucks its head in and charges at you

    • Slowking G
      Slowking G

      It spawns the either skeletons when it enters the second phase, not when it spawns

  • rue

    WadZee 2077: Today I'm going be rebuilding the Woodland Mansion WITHOUT MOVING!

  • Siren Head
    Siren Head

    Wadzee is insane

  • Chrysler Castillo
    Chrysler Castillo

    This is how you torture wither for destroying your house then slap it in the face as many times as you want

  • ϿατꞩϜꝋԅꞆꜧзꙌꙇɴ

    Welcome to 3 hour time-lapse of slapping wither

  • scoop_g

    Try it on Bedrock Edition. It's literally impossible. Try to prove me wrong.

  • Yephus

    Nice work, now do this on bedrock edition

  • Sonya Song
    Sonya Song


  • K4Z4R0N1

    Just lost literally everything I had to the wither yesterday on a server. We had to call the admins to come get it lmao, the wither is def much harder

  • Tim Shack
    Tim Shack

    on bedrock stage 1 is like stage 3 but you die 4 or 5 times. plus you can say goodbye to your world if not fully prepared.

  • Angelo morgos
    Angelo morgos

    Stage 2 is soo me

  • Angelo morgos
    Angelo morgos

    You lost lol

  • FineHoldenTheGamer

    I dare you to beat the Ender dragon with your fist

  • Rohit Kochar
    Rohit Kochar

    thats insane cause he killed wither with 10 steak and fist

  • Science 'n Games
    Science 'n Games

    0:24 Why does it sound like GHIDORAH

  • Gaming desktop
    Gaming desktop

    Do you play in Java edition or bedrock edition

  • Very underrated guy on yt
    Very underrated guy on yt

    when your fist is more powerful than a wither...

  • jovan matijasevic
    jovan matijasevic

    Pls try this challange in bedrock

  • Michal Kowal
    Michal Kowal

    The ender dragon The wither The elder guardian

  • 360 WOLF OP
    360 WOLF OP

    WadZee best builder and pvp sl*pper?CONFIRMED

  • Hoomhoom

    Do that in bedrock if u are a real mc pro

  • zain buksh
    zain buksh

    The First Mob WadZee Killed Was The ... Wither LoL

  • Salem Dapiccolo
    Salem Dapiccolo

    Now beat the bedrock wither

  • Gabriel Nuñez
    Gabriel Nuñez

    Ender dragon: allpowerful being living at the true end of the universe Whiter: uncanny beast who obliterates anyone in front of it Elder guardian: flop,flop,flop,flop, flopity flop

  • Donglei Liu
    Donglei Liu

    Try it in bedrock edition

  • lool8421

    good job now do it on bedrock edition

  • OKB 15
    OKB 15

    Me fighting the wither on my switch My frames: I think I’m gonna dip

  • pig commenter
    pig commenter

    Let's be honest, most of us would die in the first minute of the full netherite armor one

  • UltimaZilla

    You should have had god apples for round 1

  • Jordan Porter
    Jordan Porter

    Since when do withers heal

  • krishna bhosale
    krishna bhosale

    Wadzee beats java wither with fist 👊. Me : Now beat the wither in BEDROCK EDITION with iron armor and tools . Seriously try it if you're a true legend

    • krishna bhosale
      krishna bhosale

      Wadzee is too scared to even try it !

    • krishna bhosale
      krishna bhosale


  • kishan prajapati
    kishan prajapati

    Le me in creative with full enchanted nethrite armors and sword and bow and enchanted apple and still dies in just 2 minutes

  • Colin Hulsey
    Colin Hulsey

    Wadzee: beats the wither with his fist Me: wow Me later defeating a broken wither on bedrock: how the heck dose this man do what he dose! I can’t even do it in netherite armor

  • Raj kumar vantipuli
    Raj kumar vantipuli

    *WADZEE* Next : I Beated Ender dragon with Fist

  • Αναστάσιος Μπλαβάκης
    Αναστάσιος Μπλαβάκης

    wither: I HAVE AWOKEN wadzee:i will have to do it with the traditional way

  • Chota Beast
    Chota Beast

    3:17 dude how is the sky shining bright when theres wither...it turns dark when we spawn wither

  • Maureen Narine
    Maureen Narine

    Bedrock wither

  • little skeleton
    little skeleton

    nobody: anime protagonist after thinking about the power of friendship:

  • fatih gaming 13
    fatih gaming 13

    what if you beat the wither with just a bow no eating

  • -_-

    This time on berock edition :)

  • Golden BOI
    Golden BOI

    What are the differences between this picture(netherite axe) and this picture(fist) Wadzee: they are the same picture

  • hyun seoul
    hyun seoul

    The extra-large extra-small exuberant look histochemically employ because computer topologically accept via a crowded conga. capricious, majestic mirror

  • Dominic Fisher20
    Dominic Fisher20

    wadzee should beat a raid with only his fist

  • Gabriel Lu
    Gabriel Lu

    Wither: Y, dear player.... y did u come to... Suffer!! Wadzee: No, I'm going to b*tchslap that smug look off ur face!!! Wither: Oh sh*t!!

  • EDYT

    thats clutch bro

  • EDYT

    imagine the first thing u kill in ur world is the wither

  • EDYT

    bruh pull back arrows longer man

  • leo thetruth
    leo thetruth

    The Wither: why do *I* hear boss music playing?

  • Banaenae

    try bedrock wither

  • David Krištofovič
    David Krištofovič

    Wadzee: I can beat wither with only my fist Me using pocket edition: ...

  • Raymal Rabari
    Raymal Rabari

    Kid(dream: how to ender dragon without armor Pro(ibxtoycat): how to bear ender dragon with nothing Father(wadzee): how to beat wither with nothing

  • Vegismite_gaming

    Bedrock wither: I am about to ruin this mans whole career

  • The Worst
    The Worst

    Do it in your hardcore world


    I think wadzee is the first player to kill the wither with his fist

  • Adrenalinem4n

    Wow I'm Almost more inmpressed you got another million subscribers in 5 Months. Well Maybe not.

  • LemondogLeaderYT

    What a legend

  • james mayo
    james mayo

    Minecraft &knuckles