I Made a FULL DIAMOND BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore!
I made a FULL DIAMOND BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore! This video is the follow up to I made a FULL NETHERITE BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore! This is far less impressive, but still the next best thing. How many diamonds do you need for a diamond beacon? Only 1,476. Making a full diamond beacon took me only 20 hours over 3 days of playing minecraft!
I made this diamond beacon legit in survivial, 100% legit, no cheating and ALL ON MY OWN! It wasn't that hard but I had a lot of fun completing the full diamond beacon achievement!
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  • Arkin

    What level were you mining on?

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer

    omg so dumm you could use a becan with haste and speed, to instamine.

  • ali Pg3d
    ali Pg3d


  • ali Pg3d
    ali Pg3d

    Naah the netherite beacon he Made wasn't fake i Even subscribed to him and Even Left a like On that video

  • DarkHunter gaming
    DarkHunter gaming

    10 is the max diamond vein btw not for 1.17

  • DarkHunter gaming
    DarkHunter gaming

    9:00 i actually found 10 vein NGL

  • FrizzyP1

    Somehow I once got 2 8 veins right next to each other so kind of a 16 vein Edit: and I don't mean like 1 block away from each other both 8 veins were literally touching, don't know how rare that is

  • amir67

    12:30 is it me or it sounds like the naruto music rise and fight

    • Actual Egg
      Actual Egg

      Maybe a remix?

  • Gita Channel
    Gita Channel

    ive mined 11 stone and found a 15 vane of diamonds and 8 vane of debris hahaha

  • floyd hemming
    floyd hemming

    What Y Do you mine on ?

  • Travis Curran
    Travis Curran

    So for all U people freaking out about the "10 vein" of diamonds this is how it happens: So basically you get an average of ~2 diamond veins in a chunk. Basically how this happened is that there were 2 different biomes, and 2 veins spawned side by side. Although for some reason in the coding, if 2 veins spawn side by side, the total value in the vein won't exceed 10. Also, if there are generated structures (below or above ground) such as strongholds, villages, Mineshafts, temples and even witches huts, there is a small chance of no veins spawning. So best bet, is to go mining where there are no generated structures, inbetween 2 biomes and at level y 11-12 Hope this clears things up

  • Imperial Periwinkle
    Imperial Periwinkle

    10 is actually the max amount of Diamonds that can spawn in 1 vein so you found the biggest vein possible. The 10 veins are also rare

  • Péter May
    Péter May

    Why not make the wither help you in the mining?

  • Sooup

    I think end busting is also a legitimate and effective way of getting diamonds...

  • Jefferson LemusOrellana
    Jefferson LemusOrellana

    dam he corrected us

  • Liam Peck
    Liam Peck

    if you fight the wither in the end, you wont get witherd,black hearts

  • MidnightMist

    I mine at y11 but listing to a guy who has every type of beacon im gonna start mining there lol

  • Assassinator

    Why absolutely why make it nethetherite before diamond

  • Noah Jones
    Noah Jones

    I hate the people that say it’s fake he’s on hardcore

  • Patrick Edwards
    Patrick Edwards

    Sub to pewdiepie to defeat cocomelon

  • owen mai
    owen mai

    skeleton:An invader of the melon farm level:Strong Wadzee:Big Buff

  • not that important
    not that important

    yh you get more but you run into more lava

  • Max Leo Bararnowski Arnason
    Max Leo Bararnowski Arnason

    Because of WadZee diamonds aren’t rare anymore

  • Felix

    1.5mio subs in 5 mnths

  • naresh sharma
    naresh sharma

    Is no one gonna comment how he found a vein of 10 diamonds.......ok

  • MrVakesGaming

    Sheeeeeeeeeeesh..... can I get a poggers in the chat 🏹🗿🔱😈😈🥶🤡👹🙊💀🍆🌈🔥🔥🔥🔔🔫⚰🚭🇬🇧👍

  • Mr Pickle
    Mr Pickle

    He’s mining at the frickin wrong level

  • Dark Link
    Dark Link

    what y cord ar you mining at?

  • SupKar

    y5 or y11, i do y10

  • Ishmael Saintvil
    Ishmael Saintvil


  • Gabriel myrstad
    Gabriel myrstad

    The only reason you find a 10 vine is that it’s in 2 different chunks. Love your content😁

  • Barna

    Minecraft will never get old. Please keep up the good work and make as many mc videos as you can!

  • Caleb Godfrey B. Malay
    Caleb Godfrey B. Malay

    ive found a 12 vein while makong a spider spawner farm

  • Dubz.Glitch

    From my understanding, a 9-10 vein, doesn’t exist, what it was was 2 views right next to eachothrr

  • Atharva Beedasy
    Atharva Beedasy

    Omg he found emmerald

    • Khaos

      Are u like 4 it isn’t hard lmao

  • Harvey Harris
    Harvey Harris

    You missed some netherite

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams

    Am I the only one who uses 1 strip min for like ever ???

  • dragonheart 64
    dragonheart 64

    ill find 3 in 2 hours edit: it hurts

  • Pim Hendriks
    Pim Hendriks


  • nolan eddinger
    nolan eddinger

    the 10 vain was 2 vains

  • Seashell Roblox
    Seashell Roblox

    There is No redstone beacon?

  • James Keane
    James Keane

    Make a melon beacon

  • Aravind Santhosh Kumar
    Aravind Santhosh Kumar

    Skeleton came to the melon farm wadzee what are you doing in my farm

  • steveslime

    me yelling at him for not using the tnt method but 20 mins later realising diamond isnt blast resistant.

  • Sickan 09
    Sickan 09

    I fond 16 no cap

  • Manuel Quan
    Manuel Quan

    my grandmother seeing this "how is not blind?"

  • Arul Kaarthi
    Arul Kaarthi

    I Always Find Ancient Debris Easier Than Finding Diamonds

  • Imperial Admiral
    Imperial Admiral


  • pratyush bghosh
    pratyush bghosh

    when he gats withered, (15:28) his hearts look like VENOM!!!!!

    • pratyush bghosh
      pratyush bghosh


  • pratyush bghosh
    pratyush bghosh


  • Deepak Arora
    Deepak Arora


  • Obamaspuebes

    The reasons I mine the ores Redstone gold and iron every time I see them is because while mining every one of those I have found diamonds behind them so I gotta make sure I'm not missing any Edit:I discovered that you can find diamonds in under water ravines using creative mode

  • Alex Keller
    Alex Keller

    man youtuber luck with diamonds must be great

  • Kaito Nguyen
    Kaito Nguyen

    what level did he mined at ??

  • Greysen Goodliff
    Greysen Goodliff

    9:10 When I first saw this I didn't think to comment but I've actually found a 12 vein of dia

  • Terry West
    Terry West

    so many random stuff happens in wadzee's series first there was rain in the middle of a cave and then there is a bee in the middle of the ocean then there is a zombie librarian in the middle of the ocean also he finds a vane of 10 diamonds twice. SPOILER:and in the next video there are zombies in the nether

  • Matthew Bonney
    Matthew Bonney

    Wadzee grinds for ours getting diamonds Me using a block duplicater and doing it in thirty minutes

  • My name is jeff y
    My name is jeff y

    You should’ve swim mined it’s where you use a water bucket or a trap door and you can mine in a one by one block mine and have ing the swim animation

  • H. Set
    H. Set

    7:00 There is literally a torch right there

  • Raar Kind
    Raar Kind

    i found a 11vane

  • Brick and Mortar Studios
    Brick and Mortar Studios

    a nine vein is just a one next to an eight, two next to a seven, three next to six, or four next to five.

  • bluedragon

    9:26 the cursed Diamond ore

  • Leave me alone Pls
    Leave me alone Pls

    “Pls go deeper pls”

  • Jenny Lee Sagadraca
    Jenny Lee Sagadraca

    If it's land it's boring

  • Rambi

    Me and my friend once found 15 vein of diamonds! Not even joking 😳

  • Pig step
    Pig step

    Wadzee is my happy place. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I come here.

  • MaNtis Golem
    MaNtis Golem

    Tellin you now nothink worse than mining your first dimond ever and drops into lava

  • Gaming with Cohen
    Gaming with Cohen

    with the 10 vein it would be 2 veins put together or a glitch

  • Dinh Nguyen
    Dinh Nguyen


  • Jado Dannawi
    Jado Dannawi

    Wadzee:good speedrun for diamond Me:I think he is doing a speedrun for finding so much diamond I love you❤❤

  • Apple Banana
    Apple Banana

    Me watching his videos for entertainment but where my 💦 water 💦 checkpoints 💦 at!

  • Apple Banana
    Apple Banana

    How do you make a full NETHERITE beacon before a full Diamond beacon! 🤨 🤭

  • Drake Justus
    Drake Justus

    We all must had that time were we were just finding diamonds everywhere

  • Hema

    thanks, i might go mining at Y=5 (:

  • Gfghdvb Fbgcbdc
    Gfghdvb Fbgcbdc

    I just found a 10 vane as well!!

  • Kimberly Klagholz
    Kimberly Klagholz

    You missed a diamond

    • Nolan Berghout
      Nolan Berghout


  • Aviation Knowledge
    Aviation Knowledge

    At which height did he the mining?

  • Huskerpsycho

    I know he's not faking it because the hearts wouldn't have a face if he cheated or went in creative.

  • Joshua Kameros
    Joshua Kameros


  • Joshua Kameros
    Joshua Kameros

    he has a full netherrite beckon when in my worlrd i just have a iron

  • Adriana Ser
    Adriana Ser

    Do you think that your rich cuz look at luke Thenotable hard core sirres to day 100-2000 rich bigger than you

  • dictator gaming
    dictator gaming

    At 8:59 you get 10 Wayne but 8 is most so you get 2 joined Waynes it could be 5 5 two Wayne or any no. 2 Wayne the 8 is most remember that

  • Gemma Danielsen
    Gemma Danielsen

    this is like the second vid i see of you and i love it

  • Gemma Danielsen
    Gemma Danielsen

    me just chilling with 7 diamonds block. he just chilling with a netherite and a diamond beacon.

  • bark2028

    Maybe your name should be WadThree


    am i the only person that did not know that u could mine dimond from the ocean

    • Nolan Berghout
      Nolan Berghout


  • Navya Sharma
    Navya Sharma

    Only Indian legend know triggered Insaan is a fan of wadzee

  • Tomtendo YT
    Tomtendo YT

    „Im always finding 4-veins“ *angry mista noises*

  • Cookie Games
    Cookie Games

    The highest vein of diamonds you can get is 32

  • Kieran Porter
    Kieran Porter

    The diamonds could’ve been different veins in separate chunks next to each other.

  • Rita Pal
    Rita Pal

    He kept diamond from creative and cover it with blocks and then mining the diamond he is fooling us

    • alex zhao
      alex zhao

      don't be toxic

  • Rita Pal
    Rita Pal


    • Nolan Berghout
      Nolan Berghout


  • Mohammed Ashfan
    Mohammed Ashfan


  • Niko D
    Niko D

    8 is the most diamonds in a vain but two vains could spawn together

  • santiago caballeros
    santiago caballeros

    does someone know what is the song in: 4:50

  • Mr Man 1645
    Mr Man 1645

    To be honest, I would invite WadZee onto the dreamSMP if I was dream.

    • alex zhao
      alex zhao

      judging by his favouritism in mega projects, and that pvp isn't his strong suit, i think he would do better in hermitcraft

  • Ryan Bendel
    Ryan Bendel


  • HeroesField

    Bro i would be burned out and this man makes a diamond beacon after..

  • Duco Brouwer
    Duco Brouwer

    why is the java wither so easy and the bedrock wither so hard

  • Kasper Hjelmgaard
    Kasper Hjelmgaard

    me thinking what he uses the melons for