I Built a Wither Skeleton FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#39)
In this video I built a WITHER SKELETON FARM in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 39 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series. Today I Built a Wither Skeleton Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE COAL, BONES & INFINITE WITHER SKELETON SKULLS. Want to find out how to build a wither skull farm in minecraft hardcore? watch the whole video to find out!
Wither Skeleton Farm Tutorial (by ShulkerCraft)
"Minecraft Wither Skeleton Farm - Over 60 Skulls Per Hour - 1.16"
Watch the Series from Episode 1:
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  • Golden Retriever
    Golden Retriever

    you do all that work to put the slabs down to just dig them up again


    Omg how much real hours do you spend for this? Hahahahaha love u man

  • Suy De's School Vlogs
    Suy De's School Vlogs

    #HARDCOREIDEA-I suggest trying to make a XP farm of every single mob except for flying mobs such as phantoms and bees. Please make a video for it. Thanks WadZee!! #WahWahArmy

  • Lamija Korajlic
    Lamija Korajlic

    Imagine if his netherite mine vas there

  • Max Bejkov
    Max Bejkov

    little does he know, pigstep is copyrighted

  • Viktor Jerkert
    Viktor Jerkert

    I thougt you were going to say " And the Most important Whiter skulls" 😅

  • Catalin Theodor
    Catalin Theodor

    0:11 you mean infinite wither skeleton skulls.

  • Debayan Maity
    Debayan Maity

    U even hv caka farm

  • Jake Taylor
    Jake Taylor

    He gained 150 thousand subs in 2 weeks

  • Hernan P
    Hernan P

    Did you really use Reynard beach soundtrack from Air Rivals on on the video?? Lol... I know that song.


    Next up witch farm for infinite Redstone

  • Mikael Jonasson
    Mikael Jonasson

    Does this work on xbox?

  • PiANoGoOSe 2
    PiANoGoOSe 2

    Bro I got an ad in how to distance yourself from computers and stuff while watching a video on a computer. what is ISdowns thinking?

  • Emiliano Fonseca
    Emiliano Fonseca

    you should make a new world evenyually!

  • ur mum
    ur mum

    WadZee in 2050: I built a netherite farm

  • Tony Aspras
    Tony Aspras

    Yay coal 😐

  • DevChessWorld

    Wadzee: Does't make a blaze farm in hardcore minecraft Also Wadzee: Makes a blaze farm in Nightmare difficulty in hardcore

  • Spongebob Gaming
    Spongebob Gaming

    i hate elsa

  • Shivank Freefire 3.0
    Shivank Freefire 3.0

    I am an Indian

  • Carla Dakin
    Carla Dakin

    Plant 300 instead

  • Vin Ruscitti
    Vin Ruscitti

    can i have the seed to your world please?

  • Aniket Bachwani
    Aniket Bachwani

    Why don,t you just pour lava on that area insted of putting slab

  • Mistake

    every minecraft youtuber:loses half a heart him:ohh my god i almost died oh my god

  • The Gaming Master
    The Gaming Master

    Music is ,I think should be changed

  • Victor Mercier
    Victor Mercier

    Him happy to find 2 acient debris in a chest but got over 5000 for a beacon. lmaooo

  • Shikha Thakur
    Shikha Thakur

    Precaution:No slabs were harmed in the making of this video

  • Swesteve 58
    Swesteve 58

    Good work man shhhhyyyyyyssss

  • Stefan Petrovic
    Stefan Petrovic

    Do you play bed wars

  • patates_yemeyi

    i think you can explode bastion

  • Veer Woochit
    Veer Woochit

    Wadzee build a big castle

  • LightLudy

    imagine if 1.17 has a patch where mobs can spawn on slabs now LOL

  • temuulen _Ts
    temuulen _Ts

    bru where is shoutout machine

  • aliyah fabian
    aliyah fabian

    What if you tare down the bastion...?

  • Finny _
    Finny _

    Every time I see “loading” effect i do a pushup... Okay so I’ve done 93 pushups

  • S W
    S W

    every mistake with wadzee would be disastrous

  • Emperador Nocturno
    Emperador Nocturno

    25:39, What's the name of the song?

  • Darcy Ludman
    Darcy Ludman

    Anyone else notice the nether is pig hell?

  • Billy Salvadora
    Billy Salvadora

    Do a wither farm

  • xd Golden
    xd Golden

    Yo someone give me a seed for my new bedrock survival .

    • Nate


  • Jamal Moutair
    Jamal Moutair

    vid idea i made 100 name tags for my dogs

  • Owenplaysminecraft


  • TeAgMaN -
    TeAgMaN -

    Don't let technoblade see this

  • Kieran Vincent
    Kieran Vincent

    now just get a auto clicker and set it to click about every 800 milliseconds then use your looting sword then bam so much more loot

  • i am ver
    i am ver

    i don't think I have ever seen a dog that's sitting in a minecart

  • Vincent Traina
    Vincent Traina

    The real title should be: "making the nether look lie a snow biome then making a Wither Skeleton Farm"

  • Alan Del Río
    Alan Del Río

    If u enjoyed watching me place slabs, please consider suscribing, it's free and u can always unsubscribe. Enjoy the video

  • K1ngpin1975

    How much melons does WasZee have?

    • K1ngpin1975

      Literally how

  • Anton Rossbach
    Anton Rossbach

    Kann you transform a bastion into something cool? Pls?

  • blackiller11

    it works with button too

  • NollamaDrama

    notice how he hasnt built a regular mob farm yet

    • Nate

      if you mean with zombies skeletons spiders and creepers theres not much of a need

  • SoftieRobin

    jesus, you chose to slab everything on your wither skelly farm... i chose to mine out a square 128 by 128, bedrock to bedrock... i regret everything

  • Sorame

    How does he get so many melon seeds?

  • GangstaNemo

    You sound like a barber. A bit of slabs there, here, over here as well.

  • Simon Bejcek
    Simon Bejcek

    Good farm, thanks for sharing. But laying cobblestone slabs is not that interesting mate. Had to skipped half of your video. little tip for the next time :-)

  • akt179

    Now redstone farm, for the memes

  • Ruby kumari
    Ruby kumari

    Plz make a raid farm For unlimited emaralds and totems

  • Anay

    26:00 someone tell me what that song is called lol

  • gamerguy

    cant believe you actually did that!

  • will_warrior

    I believe he used Flight of the Bumblebee on the start, Nice! :)

  • Hamburger is very good . 9 years ago
    Hamburger is very good . 9 years ago



    Ngl I want to download his map (if u finish the series can u make that we can download ur map)

  • Sophia Zimmerman
    Sophia Zimmerman


  • Nithish Kamath
    Nithish Kamath


  • GAMEđevÎL PĽÀÿs
    GAMEđevÎL PĽÀÿs

    Warzone Minecraft edition

  • GAMEđevÎL PĽÀÿs
    GAMEđevÎL PĽÀÿs

    I enjoy his episodes when he suffers (JK)

  • coldcoma

    Now you need to build a auto wither killing farm and make a beacon house. Or a beacon tower in the city.

  • xAs_hh

    pigstep is a copyrighted song smh

  • ZZesteRR

    The slabs.....PAINFULLLL.

  • Guillermo Alfonso Selva Rivas
    Guillermo Alfonso Selva Rivas

    U made a new dimension where its peace lol

  • Fiera 202
    Fiera 202

    Just tell me when is he getting a pass to dream smp by tommy

  • Marcus Lam
    Marcus Lam

    As long as you hold a looting sword the looting effect will happen if the mob was killed because of the player (tridents, arrows, dogs or the player attacking it)

  • ShadowGamerFakey

    Next thing you know he makes an infinite diamond farm

  • Alvi Farhan
    Alvi Farhan

    Awesome work but woudnt it be better if you just bkew up the whole bastion with tnt??

  • Farin aka Boss und Banger
    Farin aka Boss und Banger


  • Levi J
    Levi J

    U should join Hermitcraft

  • Owen DeBell
    Owen DeBell

    "...is to build this fu-" *ad interrupts and gives me a heart attack because I thought wadzee swore*


    the dedication tho

  • Anaric world
    Anaric world

    To bad there is no diamond farm

  • diperrizo72

    Make a raid farm just don’t end up like Dan tdm

  • Its_urboyCHIPSAHOY 69
    Its_urboyCHIPSAHOY 69

    all the slabs on the ground look kinda like ash which kinda fits in with the nether

  • xd Default Boi
    xd Default Boi

    Does anyone know how rare a pigmen baby spawning on a chicken in the nether is??

  • Zack banner
    Zack banner

    Near the end when he said if u want to try this out urgently selves I said to my self noooo way I'm to lazy to put in that much egort

  • Timothy Oliver
    Timothy Oliver

    He is really taking over ISdowns


    Wow !! He really did the all efforts for us he actually diserve much much likes and subscribe 😘😘😘

  • bongo cat
    bongo cat


  • TaborJolaanYT

    You should’ve used a stonecutter to get more slabs. It’s a big help.

    • Nate

      with a crafting table its 3 blocks for 6 slabs with stonecutter its one block for two so its the same overall rate


    You can trap wither under the portal of bedrock in the end and you can spawn chickens around so it's easy

  • Craig

    bro I did the math and he put down 65 THOUSAND slabs when he built the 256x256 space

  • Meng Yu
    Meng Yu

    Me: think about when he build the netherite beacon for 6 month Wadzee: this build took me the longest to build

  • Timmy LeCroy
    Timmy LeCroy

    They won’t attack u if u have gold on


    Is it bad that when I hear Pigstep I can't help bu think about Sad-ist?

    • Hai Voai
      Hai Voai


    • Spirit MC
      Spirit MC

      lol same

  • Rando Vaher
    Rando Vaher

    Roses are red woilens are blue jour a great builder but wadzee is peter dhen u

  • Andrew Doughty
    Andrew Doughty

    Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool bro

  • Lael And Yohan
    Lael And Yohan

    I just realized that i've never actually skipped or fast-forwarded through any one of WadZee's timelapses.....

    • Nathan Norrena élève
      Nathan Norrena élève


  • li zhao
    li zhao

    good job what about infinite emerald and potion or totom

  • Officer, I drop kicked that child in self defense
    Officer, I drop kicked that child in self defense

    Wadzee can u probably concider streaming on Twitch, cause id like to see how u do all your work and getting materials cause im a psychopath and like watching long streams of breaking blocks

  • Braydon Cote
    Braydon Cote

    You should build a enderdragen farm (:

  • Sniperdog 102 Larsen-Thacker
    Sniperdog 102 Larsen-Thacker

    I feel like wadzee became less funny. When he had 3000 subs he had no shots to give

  • Jack Carson
    Jack Carson

    you're telling me you placed over 10000 thousand slabs to make a coal farm? dedication

  • king Benni The Bee
    king Benni The Bee

    Why didn't you just level the bastion it would have been quicker (probably)