I Built a Wither Skeleton FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#39)
In this video I built a WITHER SKELETON FARM in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 39 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series. Today I Built a Wither Skeleton Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE COAL, BONES \u0026 INFINITE WITHER SKELETON SKULLS. Want to find out how to build a wither skull farm in minecraft hardcore? watch the whole video to find out!

Wither Skeleton Farm Tutorial (by ShulkerCraft)
"Minecraft Wither Skeleton Farm - Over 60 Skulls Per Hour - 1.16"

Watch the Series from Episode 1:

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  • ced ed
    ced ed

    The interesting hair metrically bruise because kevin pivotally terrify times a spooky slope. spooky, lonely pressure

  • Eslaved Manga
    Eslaved Manga

    My man use a stone cutter for slabs

  • AaRavXd

    Setup toor

  • ZePUD

    Can you build a mall in your world? Biggest as possible if you can

  • Oren Wildstein
    Oren Wildstein

    when did he get so big I remember when he just had his first viral video about building a melon farm bigger than lazars and that was at like 10k but now he's at 3.5 mil

  • Umbreyond

    just saying, you dont need the dogs to make it afk, the wither skeletons wil start dieing as soon as 25 of them as in the same block so once you get beack you only have to kill a few while every other one dies

  • UniWise

    just can say : WOW

  • Umair 75
    Umair 75

    Please make an efficient mob grinder without spawner... I need that...

  • Doan Kieu Hoa
    Doan Kieu Hoa

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  • kyle taft
    kyle taft

    Does it work in 1.17?

  • Adam Greening
    Adam Greening

    What you should do is a nether void. They are soo cool but they take a while

  • Cain Cordova
    Cain Cordova

    Where gonna bring you on 4million subs.

  • Dattatraya Naik
    Dattatraya Naik

    u need to make more storage ur game is so lagy but still u earn a like

  • Chiara._. Slz
    Chiara._. Slz

    9:53 gave me so much serotonin

  • SurrealScotsman

    I mean honestly..... who the fuck was the original designer of this farm?? It's mental! lol

  • akash kongara
    akash kongara

    gun powder farm tho what happened to him

  • Greyson Kriesel
    Greyson Kriesel

    ..i built this my hands hurt from placing so many slabs now i know how you feel

  • chenson

    Why you dont cover the nether whit lava?

  • B2

    is no one gonna talk about how he leveled up from 104 to 119 in an hour

  • Jacko Mako
    Jacko Mako

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  • ILikeFrogs00

    Lol I wouldn’t be bothered to make this even in creative


    huge tip for any farm that includes spawning mobs put your chunk distance so thats it right in the farm for this farm 2 chunks for illmango gold farm 7 chunks

  • Noah Baha
    Noah Baha

    Wait what if you just took a bunch of tnt and blew up that area

  • Noah Baha
    Noah Baha

    If you wanna truly grasp how many slabs he had to place, just type 256 times 256 in a calculator

  • Kaitlin Ward
    Kaitlin Ward

    I said "... infinite stone swords" at the same time as you :D

  • Roberts Manguss
    Roberts Manguss

    Next. Infinite drown Cooper farm

  • Todi

    Insane, very nice

  • Gamerninja SK
    Gamerninja SK

    wadzee i have question what will happen if you will die in hardcore?

  • KeiPixle

    what is next a diamond farm a netherite farm??????

  • edouard levac richard
    edouard levac richard

    gg that is pretty cool

  • mom your
    mom your

    any other content creator *does it off screen* Wadzee: ready 3 2 1 MONTAGE!

  • Da boss
    Da boss

    When I look at the nether when he put down the slabs I forgot he was in the nether

  • Ahmed Shabab
    Ahmed Shabab

    Just blast it off bruh?

  • Henryke menezis
    Henryke menezis

    vinnicius10???, é você ???

  • Mohamed Nagem
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  • Ranpoop

    1:30 lazarbeam should be embarresd

  • Corn1zGud4u

    Wait he got more skulls then swords

  • Kali Guglielmo
    Kali Guglielmo

    WadZee: *plays gun loading sound* The ghast he was gonna fire at: Hmmmm nahh man im good *disappears into thin air* me: oh so that's what always happens to my phone

  • Eclipse Kitsune
    Eclipse Kitsune

    Honestly I would rather just blow that Bastian up than spawn proof it.

    • Eclipse Kitsune
      Eclipse Kitsune

      Or just find a different fortress.

  • Knox Ditto
    Knox Ditto

    alot of this is philzas stuff?

  • Joanna Wilson
    Joanna Wilson

    WadZee: it looks like it snowed Me: it looks like it rained ash

  • Fist Playz
    Fist Playz

    You could have used iron and gold pressure plates considering u have both gold and iron farm

  • L25 陈恺鹏 Tan Khai Phern
    L25 陈恺鹏 Tan Khai Phern

    this maybe the largest building and the most tired one wadzee ever made. RIP wadzee, have a rest, in peace...

    • aye

      i thought u said he died

    • L25 陈恺鹏 Tan Khai Phern
      L25 陈恺鹏 Tan Khai Phern

      i am saying that this farm wadzee made is very tiring so that when he is done he can finally have a rest, in peace. RIP isnt it?

    • L25 陈恺鹏 Tan Khai Phern
      L25 陈恺鹏 Tan Khai Phern

      @aye ??? what are you talking about??

  • Lakshya Agrawal
    Lakshya Agrawal

    i directly saw output first i was amazed and wa ted to make one but then i saw laying down slabs me : nvm that will take me an year

  • 21 Mohiuddin Syed XII-B4
    21 Mohiuddin Syed XII-B4

    U moron check if mobs can spawn on the trees before wasting time mob proofing them. All it takes is the F3 menu. look at the block and there will be a tag for 'mob spawning' on the right side of the menu.

  • Saim Khan
    Saim Khan

    Wadzee built all beacons and then he buid skeleton skull farm

  • Brianne Portelance
    Brianne Portelance

    It is depressing to think he will die and it will all be gone!

  • Aditya Jyoti Swain
    Aditya Jyoti Swain

    Can you tell you world seed

  • nguyen bao toan
    nguyen bao toan

    i came by a triple cross section and made basically a 9 layer withersheleton farm

  • Dollopez

    Why doesn’t he just use lava

  • Kevin Panji
    Kevin Panji

    Im autofocus on bastion remnant beside thw fortress

  • Terra Was Still Failuringed For An Eternity
    Terra Was Still Failuringed For An Eternity

    i forgot you needed wither roses... i had "made a wither skeleton farm" (I didn't slab ANYTHING because LAZINESS) and i made myself make a wither rose farm first to get the wither roses required

  • Dude Come On
    Dude Come On

    This system for bone and coal?İ don't need it i have bamboo farm

  • Andrew Doughty
    Andrew Doughty

    MELON nani

  • ??? ¿¿¿
    ??? ¿¿¿

    Is he just destroy the nether with slab?

  • Stevie the great
    Stevie the great

    Infinite diamonds?

  • Alexis De Paz
    Alexis De Paz

    From far it kinda looks like snow

  • Cheese



    I am your wah wah subscriber ( full enchanted)

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  • Zaylie Beilfuss
    Zaylie Beilfuss

    the fact that he finished the slapping exactly halfway through the video-

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    Ava and mason Francis

    Can we all just appreciate how much time and effort he puts in each video just for us

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    Charlie Edge

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    BearFace Guy

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  • Owen Stewart
    Owen Stewart

    Why not just destroy the bastion?

  • Frezzy Chen
    Frezzy Chen

    Wither: hey buddy.. what is this human get a slab storm to our place??.. Wither 2: owh no.. its mean we are all abducted and will DIE!!.... Wither : Noooooooooo.. WadZee: MORE STONE SWORRDDDDD!!!! LIFE COBBLESTONE!! xD

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    Bonnie Cen

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    Tristan Ian OMNES

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    AshokRaj Chandrapandian

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  • PenguinMan0604

    Imagine being able to walk in 1.5 block high spaces This was made by the Bedrock players (send help)

  • Marlene Mccoy
    Marlene Mccoy

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  • Ian Lujan
    Ian Lujan

    original favorite word, tedious, new favorite word, disasterous

  • pyro main
    pyro main


  • Zac W
    Zac W

    Idk why he didn't use buttons

  • Dis is zid
    Dis is zid

    If you have an effiency 5 netherite hoe with mending and unbreaking, i suggest you break the red leafy blocks because since you break it so fast, its way better than using even more slabs to spawn proof it. Plus, you can even cut down the entire tree because then you can use the wood to make even more slabs.

  • Gile Tigar
    Gile Tigar

    ISdowns getting real comfortable with theese double unskipable adds....

  • Brad Zhang
    Brad Zhang


    • Brad Zhang
      Brad Zhang

      Also if you want the tutorial, go to JC Playz’s channel.

  • dulux antonic
    dulux antonic

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  • anthony Phung
    anthony Phung

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    Could have tore down the bastion,,I think it would be easier to spawn proof just the ground instead of the intricate floors otherwise

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    Nyah Master

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    Salt yoself

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    Been Brown

    I can’t even built mob grinder and He is building a wither skeleton farm

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    Sreang Bolong

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    Hayden Adams

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    Bryce Is cool

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    Vazquez Family Vlog

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    Asher Jaffe

    Some quick math: 128x128=2^14 divide that by 64 and we get 2^8=256 stacks of slabs

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