I Built a GIANT CITY in Minecraft Hardcore (#34)
Today I Built a Giant City in Minecraft Hardcore, welcome to episode 34 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Let's Play. In this episode I will be building a city in minecraft, as well as building skyscrapers in minecraft! Enjoy!

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    teacher: show me the definition of dedication ad hardwork wadzee:did someone call me ?

  • Raffi B
    Raffi B

    How Much sleep do you get

  • Exotic33 ._.
    Exotic33 ._.

    Wadzee has the best hardcore world

  • Prashanna Shakya
    Prashanna Shakya

    Sorry wadzee can't sub because.. Already am

  • WAIT! WHAT? Gaming
    WAIT! WHAT? Gaming

    The 4th building kinda looks like a prison

  • Anika JAMES
    Anika JAMES

    Wait he's Australian!? I only started watching him last month! GOOO AUSSIES

  • Transformers Fan Zone
    Transformers Fan Zone

    Do you drive on the left side of the road in Australia?

  • Nikodemus Jönsson
    Nikodemus Jönsson

    You shuld build a McDonalds

  • MikaPlayz YT
    MikaPlayz YT


  • MikaPlayz YT
    MikaPlayz YT


  • popcorn omg
    popcorn omg

    The 3rd won should of been pokemon themed

  • Birch King
    Birch King

    number 4 ITS A BANK


    making city in hive hide and seek be like:

  • joel9301 joel9301
    joel9301 joel9301

    building 3 looking like a hotel from a distance

  • Snow King
    Snow King

    The land is just like 𝙣𝙤 15:02

  • Calvin Dela Cruz
    Calvin Dela Cruz

    Heyy bro i like your hardcore videos and i appreciate it😊

  • shane Carmona
    shane Carmona

    Alternative title: Keralis' base but smaller

  • MorganSoccer

    I have tried to build many things but I am horrible at building. WadZee you are amazing at building I have no idea how u do it

  • North . Exe
    North . Exe

    Trampolines are tangible Jump boost II

  • Hank_official.madness

    Hey wadzee you should try to make all four biomes in a square

  • EL Pichamon
    EL Pichamon

    OMG! I start watches this series yesterday around 10-11pm nonstop, I’m also think more you build it get more and more insane but when I look at the time Now is 12pm in Thailand! Ok, you not only one insane here😂🤣 I do try to watch till the last update because that's what lured me here at first place but it’s the series so I should start from ep.1. I thought I can do it all in 24hr🥲 I was wrong haha, i really need some sleep.😫 I’m make sure to click like every video I had watched but some time it show I didn’t click like yet so have to click again and again till it showed. hope this small support keep you make this series. not sure you will see this message cuz it’s not on the last update🥺 but it ok. I love your video anyway. *sorry for my English, it’s not my first language.

  • BEA Berros Amen Student
    BEA Berros Amen Student

    WadZee in the 420th episode of Hardcore Minecraft: Oh No, my melon farm went to the worldborder


    i dont know if u guys noticed that his wah wah shovel is lost throught the recording

  • Stevie the great
    Stevie the great

    Whadzee is basically in creative mode a this point😂


    wait did the shovel broke so you replace it with diamond NO WAY


    can we appreciate how he never give up on his build and the netherite beacon he never stop it RESPECT FROM ME

  • platsters

    1:52 I thought he was gonna say “the first step before everything is deforestation”

  • Marcin Nogajczyk
    Marcin Nogajczyk

    Wadzee "I BUILT A GIANT CITY". its literally four buildings

  • Megan Hufkens
    Megan Hufkens

    Build a theme park!

  • Wael Hamdy
    Wael Hamdy

    You are the best youtuber i saw

  • Michael Kohlstrand
    Michael Kohlstrand

    My favourite is the quartz and grey concrete one because it looks modern and I love the modern style! Btw I love ur channel!! (people if you haven't subscribed, subscribe and like the video!!!👍👍)

  • Prakash Ghimire
    Prakash Ghimire

    This is how long it takes to build 20000 cities !

  • Jessica Huxmann
    Jessica Huxmann

    maybe you could build the RMS titanic for next episode of pointless building.

  • Kawai Faria
    Kawai Faria

    I like the building that has the stone bricks and black stained glass because it reminds me of the Empire State Building

  • Thomas Parth
    Thomas Parth

    you can pick up the villagers and let them live in your city. Just an Idea

  • trevdt

    not sure how the roads are in australia so i might be wrong, but in the US, it would have to be yellow lines instead of white lines. white means the car can go in either lane and still go the same direction, which obviously would not work in a 4 way street

  • Naman Gammer
    Naman Gammer

    i like the 3rd buliding good colours the black and red one

  • The queen Cat
    The queen Cat

    Bro your not my favourite Aussie ISdownsr your my favourite ISdownsr in general stop trying to put yourself down

  • John Hall
    John Hall

    im kinda upset you didnt feature dr doofenshmirtz's evil corporation

  • Exo PG3D
    Exo PG3D

    Build some nether biomes there, were you mined netherite

  • Garden Warrior
    Garden Warrior

    I like the red/black/ white one best

  • SweetDonut

    POV: those cars are better than your minecraft house

  • Ian Lujan
    Ian Lujan

    Why u using diamond shovel

  • Sara Arfinn
    Sara Arfinn

    #HardcoreIdea you should name the buildings :D

  • Lamprist

    Bro i cant build a house in creative and this boi built a city in hardcore

  • Galactic Wizard 8
    Galactic Wizard 8

    #Building_Idea you should make your own super store like a super walmart or target, or ur own restaurant/ fast food restaurant , a hospital or a jail

  • Felix Persson
    Felix Persson



    I liked the 3 rd skyscraper you made because i liked the colours and the design of of it

  • Mia Walker
    Mia Walker

    the red one because I like modern things

  • Elyas Dawood
    Elyas Dawood

    please use shaders i swear it would look way batter

  • Muhammad Bakhtiar Shahazad Year 3
    Muhammad Bakhtiar Shahazad Year 3

    Ye lol

  • Ruin Riftz
    Ruin Riftz

    Wadzee does it in survival and here’s me can’t even do it in creative

  • critical sir
    critical sir

    wadzee is my favourite Australian youtuber and has to be tied for first for my favourite youtuber

  • Bhavika Arora
    Bhavika Arora

    You can also build a pet shop

  • Thonker Fish
    Thonker Fish

    “It’s kinda lazy”. My man, I won’t ever be able to make that. Like your builds look amazing


    7:08 The Wandering Trader 😂😂😂

  • Aziz's World
    Aziz's World

    Very Hard work man, So much effort, like in hardcore wow and when you were collecting materials in the mesa a spider came under the 1 block gap lol and Amazing work! 😂😎😍😮

  • LucaLand

    Have you ever heard of a diamond ore generator?!

  • daniyal Sheikh
    daniyal Sheikh

    what happened to the water breaks...

  • Aaryan Dahiya
    Aaryan Dahiya

    Wadzee: finishes the whole city build with cars 'Cyberpunk music intensifies'

  • kanu fox
    kanu fox

    Turn the tower into places for the villagers to stay in so that they won’t be all clumped up and you can sort them by trade

  • Aiaxjz


  • Volatile Gaming
    Volatile Gaming

    Uhhhhh. The brick skyscraper looks suspiciously like a penis. Look at the front window lol

  • Yoongi_is my_cutie
    Yoongi_is my_cutie

    Didn't know he was Australian until now 😵😂😂😂

  • Josie Richardson
    Josie Richardson

    you sead GIENT, but it was stile sooooo cool

  • DoomMood

    What if he dies

  • Katie Digirolamo
    Katie Digirolamo

    You definitely Deserves 5 mil subs I respect you

  • pvinodnair

    Sorry I meant this is when he cheats 20:32

  • pvinodnair

    At 20 :23

  • pvinodnair

    Dude one of the part he cheats

  • sipdachery3

    Start calling the wondering trader the building inspector. Lol That guy is literally in all your builds.

  • Saad Bilal
    Saad Bilal

    Oh god its literally the copy of my city i have made in my world bro its exact same somethings are change but like its so like my city gosh did he copy mine?

  • Ali Hafez
    Ali Hafez

    11:53 Wait is that even a tree

  • Santiago Sáenz
    Santiago Sáenz

    Mining quartz: "Oh, this'll take a while" 6 months before: "Hey, what if I make a Netherite Beacon :v"

  • Draw n' Film Channel
    Draw n' Film Channel

    "Long ass windows going all the way up"

  • Chongyun .,.
    Chongyun .,.

    He didn’t plant melon- XD

  • Chongyun .,.
    Chongyun .,.

    3:13 how do u confuse piglins with ender men XD

  • Geeta Jaiswal
    Geeta Jaiswal

    Wtf u decorate every floor

  • C and L tutorials
    C and L tutorials

    his pickaxe broke it is not wah wah pickaxe it was just netherite

  • Palak Baid
    Palak Baid

    You are insaneeeee after seeing some of ur videos i am the biggesst Fann

  • Mairouk Al-Asii
    Mairouk Al-Asii

    Use this city as the storage area .... Add floors and each floor contain 1 material ... Just an idea Minecraft city 1.2

  • Jack spencer
    Jack spencer

    You should make a nether city thatd be awsome

  • Xavier

    I really like the red one, it looks really hotel like

  • Cäptain

    Petition for WadZee to make a melon biome or city

  • امیرحسین رحمتی
    امیرحسین رحمتی

    Nice ❤️👍👍

  • Rose Frasier
    Rose Frasier

    you should DEFENTLY be in the DREAM SMP

  • Draconix

    How Intook the intro to this video: hello I’m going to be building an entire city in minecraft, please leave a like!

  • Anup Kamath
    Anup Kamath

    I liked the first one

  • MoniniPanini

    for some reason the 4th building reminds me of the Palace of Culture and Science from Warsaw

  • BLADEAN 2293
    BLADEAN 2293

    Yeah "giant"

  • Hadley Kehoe
    Hadley Kehoe

    there is 6800 melons

  • Danny Zikry
    Danny Zikry


  • Rahma Allk
    Rahma Allk

    Good job wadzee your the best

  • Rahma Allk
    Rahma Allk

    I like the gray one and the gray,red and white because they look morden

  • Dorukish


  • Joaquin O. Resma
    Joaquin O. Resma

    hey wadzee you can just build with the concrete powder then add water to the top and collect it again. its faster and more efficient.

  • Nicholas Fordham
    Nicholas Fordham

    Note to self, in teas of yellow clay, use purple, and replace smoothstone to black stone

  • Sang Pham
    Sang Pham

    The hoc stick collaterally marry because geometry fortuitously preserve aboard a old-fashioned delivery. nondescript, ahead macrame

  • Piano Man
    Piano Man

    I like #4.

  • Skipit101 Does stuff
    Skipit101 Does stuff

    You really need to build a helicopter flying in the sky