I Built a GIANT CITY in Minecraft Hardcore (#34)
Today I Built a Giant City in Minecraft Hardcore, welcome to episode 34 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Let's Play. In this episode I will be building a city in minecraft, as well as building skyscrapers in minecraft! Enjoy!
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  • Max Leo Bararnowski Arnason
    Max Leo Bararnowski Arnason

    He needs too build WadZee Industry’s

  • J and M
    J and M

    Make the city much bigger!

  • LetzGoUltraGaming

    A stonemason’s master trade is quartz blocks

  • Sara Pedraza
    Sara Pedraza

    i want wadzee to expand the city!!! (like if you think same)

  • LeoPlaysz !
    LeoPlaysz !


  • BroadwayGames

    For building number 4 make the long thing on top a 3 by 3 and a hole in the middle so you put a becon through it

  • Ishm Dhakulkar
    Ishm Dhakulkar

    best of all in the city is the cars n the traffic lights

  • Ishm Dhakulkar
    Ishm Dhakulkar

    you could have made a gallery / balcony in any one of the skyscraper?

  • Ishm Dhakulkar
    Ishm Dhakulkar

    I like the 3rd SKYSCRAPER!!

  • Tony and Margaret Westley
    Tony and Margaret Westley

    wadzee use flint and stel

  • Abdoallah Shehata
    Abdoallah Shehata

    i have Built the CITY already

  • Change Your Name
    Change Your Name

    I want in 2.7 can to do brics everything color you like

  • SuperKuMario

    8:50 He Is EVERYWHERE

  • Emile Janin
    Emile Janin

    6:35 am I alone to hear an enderman scream in the music?

  • Suleiman Shaikh
    Suleiman Shaikh

    Wadzee: Make sure you watch the whole video to see how it turned out. The thumbnail: THIS IS HOW IT TURNS OUT.

  • Trainminator

    Looks good. The only issue is that the roads are the wrong way.

  • toshiba satellite
    toshiba satellite

    can you make a river plz it will look cool in your mincraft world

  • Adhyu

    I loveee the red and white and black building cus its more colourful and modern . It also kinda looks like a fun building with lots of restaurants and stuff and i like the fact that its taller than the other buildings Good job dude ur a rlly awsoem builder



  • Petersson

    Connect one part of the road to the closest sea and build a huge pier

  • thenuggethead gaming
    thenuggethead gaming

    19:30 look before you leep🤭😆

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    It kind of annoys me that the cars drive on the left, when the city is based off of NYC.


    A plane would go good with those skyscrapers.

  • Daniel Caringi
    Daniel Caringi

    De red unit pocos is di culés 🛕

  • Carlos Gómez
    Carlos Gómez

    You should populate the buildings, with the 100 villagers 😁 I loved the brick and sandstone building

  • Émilie S-G
    Émilie S-G

    Honestly you should join hermitcraft

  • Samuel Halford
    Samuel Halford


  • Christine Kendall
    Christine Kendall

    Nvm he tell us to drink water

  • Christine Kendall
    Christine Kendall

    Can u make a water check point

  • L U C I F E R yt
    L U C I F E R yt

    Quick question? Do You Sleep 💤???

  • Jessica Thompson
    Jessica Thompson

    won't tell mr beast

  • Jason Dare
    Jason Dare

    De route is boring


    I encourage you to make a military base with tanks and helicopters in your hardcore world.


    I dare you to add helicopters on the city

  • jacqueline jara
    jacqueline jara

    dat is rich

  • jacqueline jara
    jacqueline jara

    I love it

  • !-

    is the red and dark gray building meant to be a hotel? if so, you NAILED IT! all of the buildings look awesome, WadZee!!!

  • !-

    that plan made me laugh soooooo hard! XDXDXDXD 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ali Zahedi
    Ali Zahedi

    Wadzee: teraforms Also wadzee: plants trees where he had teraformed

  • Chincho Shantanu
    Chincho Shantanu

    I miss the water breaks im dehydrated

  • Zoe S.
    Zoe S.

    He should put little forest biomes in each of the empty building

  • Jessica Grose
    Jessica Grose

    me in hard mode and dies from fall damge wadzee: doing very high stuff


    Has anyone actually seen him fix his elytra?!?

  • timm wiese
    timm wiese

    yea you are right ima drink water now ugh ugh ugh ugh aaaahhhhh nice!!! and btw thx for reminding me

  • Mariusz Wildner
    Mariusz Wildner


  • Neha Khaire
    Neha Khaire

    WadZee: Just stone and black stained glass Me: this building is reflecting my depression

  • Shawn Walker
    Shawn Walker

    building 3 i like the design and colors

  • Yenom Playz
    Yenom Playz

    Deforestation is what this is all about

  • Tom K678
    Tom K678

    Can u build the burj khalifa

  • Sana Ashraf
    Sana Ashraf

    Building no.3 was my fav

  • The LEGO Club
    The LEGO Club

    I really got triggered by the Stone building.

  • TheBestifed

    :bushes on stone

  • Lu

    Villages feel like a pea

  • Levi Farkas
    Levi Farkas


  • Little DP
    Little DP

    Reddd house for da dub

  • SeemlyNinja Man
    SeemlyNinja Man

    Wadzee's builds:🏣🌋🏔🌏 My builds:🏚⚰

  • CallMeGonzi

    the third building's first floor looks like a mcdonalds lol

  • iamnotfound

    Dug up some clay 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝘆

    • iamnotfound

      @CallMeGonzi hehehhehehehehe

    • CallMeGonzi


    • CallMeGonzi

      to make hard clay

  • Luka Victor Costa Baptista
    Luka Victor Costa Baptista

    8:42 where's he's nephrite shovel?

  • Camiel Wanders
    Camiel Wanders

    when are you going to make the inside look good??

  • misbah anfal
    misbah anfal

    Your 3 building is best because it is of quardes and i like qurades

    • CallMeGonzi



    If i was him i woudnt be alive hes just to good

  • Melody Balag-ey
    Melody Balag-ey


  • Preston Trussell
    Preston Trussell

    Dude what happened to water breaks I loved those

  • Bosko


  • Christopher Rizzo
    Christopher Rizzo

    Put ur beacons on the buildings

  • Ninja Fun Days
    Ninja Fun Days

    I’m jelous

  • Ninja Fun Days
    Ninja Fun Days


  • SooFloop

    When you realize, Wadzee Plays on a single player world, meaning he built a city for his own single player world...

  • shane corner
    shane corner

    The 4th one was the best

  • SFG Cards and Craft
    SFG Cards and Craft

    I like all your buildings but probably the first one best. Years ago in my XBox 360, I built a tall building up to the old sky limit but I put floors in it every 4 blocks, are you going to add floors too? 3 years ago for my 60th Birthday my son gave me an XBox One. And I am loving the much bigger worlds. Can't wait for the new bigger caves and -64 levels you showed in another video. I have watched several of your videos, but do you do actual Tutorials? Sometimes you do things so fast it's difficult to follow exactly what you are doing. Thanks for sharing. Regards Liz

  • Gaming Ghost Forever
    Gaming Ghost Forever

    I love em all!

  • NeoNexx

    can we get a moment of silence for the fact that i can't build better than Wadzee in creative? o_O

  • Oof Ooferman
    Oof Ooferman

    wadzee at the start of every episode: FARM SIMULATOR TIME BABYYY

  • Camilo Escobar
    Camilo Escobar

    "I want to build them like a million blocks tall" *remembers that the build height limit is 256*

  • Buat Duit Online
    Buat Duit Online

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  • Prakash Baskar
    Prakash Baskar

    you should make your buildings different buildings in real life for the inside

  • noma and noah
    noma and noah


  • Alexandra Kate Abuleche
    Alexandra Kate Abuleche

    Me in hardcore:*die million times* Him:*building a city* Me: ooo🤩 Me inside:🥲🥲🥲🥲

  • Fati Channel Elyaagoubi
    Fati Channel Elyaagoubi

    Arr you stupid meik Black woll

  • Ji Erica
    Ji Erica

    this is awsomeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ji Erica
    Ji Erica

    how do you build so well?

  • 陳雅詩

    Wadzee: I'll build a city! Me watching this video: nope, I won't do it, I'm too lazy for it

  • Rafael.levit@gmail.com Rafa11
    Rafael.levit@gmail.com Rafa11

    nomber 5


    Nice job👏👏👏 next you can build an airport.

  • hyperspace racing
    hyperspace racing

    there is an apartment building identicle to the blue red and white one rite at the end of my street

  • Langino

    How long and wide the buildings on the ground floor are.

  • Animator Boysss
    Animator Boysss

    I live in wa

  • Animator Boysss
    Animator Boysss

    Ur from Australia I’m from Perth

  • Sandeep BAzaz
    Sandeep BAzaz

    why not you make room in your bulid

  • MothIX

    i love ur builds wadzee ur better at building than me :)


    Tilted Towers in Minecraft ???

  • TC

    New challenge: build the HYBE building that is in South Korea

  • Jacob Boston
    Jacob Boston

    U should do 9 11 in a bit lol

  • Foxy Doxy
    Foxy Doxy

    The 3th skyscraper should be named the zeetell

  • Jack Daniel
    Jack Daniel

    #3 looks like apartment. #4 looks like government/police office. 🤔

  • Michelle Baransky
    Michelle Baransky

    cool wow

  • Tyler The Collector!!!
    Tyler The Collector!!!

    this reminds me when i got like over 500 blocks of cobblestone and misclicked and got a stack of furnaces


    You can build the street with black and white teracotta

  • Silas Sommer
    Silas Sommer

    My favarit is the qots i like the muden luck