Transforming the END into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#31)
Today I'm Going to be Transforming the END Into the Overworld in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! I don't do enough building in my Hardcore World so I wanted to do a cool building project in my End Island!

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  • WadZee

    This video is a little late, and there's a couple issues with it but regardless hope you enjoy! ALSO Hope you all had a wonderful christmas if you celebrate it!!! Cheers

    • nngj

      @flying umbreons get ou

    • Jagdish Prasad
      Jagdish Prasad


    • Oscar Glad
      Oscar Glad

      @WadZee i used so long to scroll through the replies to find your reply and it was at the bottom the whole time

    • Garreth Thompson
      Garreth Thompson

      you should have put your bees i there

    • Red Ant
      Red Ant


  • Cyrus Garcia
    Cyrus Garcia

    You should have made an becon in the end with efficiency so you would mine faster

  • Pennx Ice
    Pennx Ice

    You have 6,200 melons planted

  • VI_Assassin_IV

    all fun and games untill the ender dragon gets bored

  • MO_Rager

    If you leave the End and go back to The Overworld the obsidian towers will spawn instantly back.

  • Jenezy Kaela Ilao88
    Jenezy Kaela Ilao88

    wadzee make a enderman farm

  • Anthony Allen
    Anthony Allen

    The obtainable flugelhorn july clear because sauce subcellularly repeat versus a disgusting stinger. handsome, regular forest

  • Aayush Rajput
    Aayush Rajput

    Dude I don't have a pc so I enjoy Minecraft though your videos thnks bro 🙂

  • Diamond

    Now summon the ender dragon

  • 2007_Ford Gt
    2007_Ford Gt

    Bruh before he said cheers there was a enderman just vibin on the chimney of the house

  • ThiccTree 100
    ThiccTree 100

    TREE TREE IN THE END my heart my name

  • AxolotlStudio

    You should turn the end islands into Overworld island

  • Macc- ART!!
    Macc- ART!!

    All what WadZee does resumed in a quote 17:08


    Floa,e,elpsppotlpapaqppwpooeuodoxj. Dieuwopuwpur. Spuemmxputamsksjd

  • Kevin Hoy
    Kevin Hoy

    #minecraftidea make a fish aquarium


    Thablhrtblj no h jbjbjjnjn reí j nurydtk

  • William Boy
    William Boy

    here is a science theory on how the end dimension formed and why can you grow trees even through theres no light and water and fertile soil (this is just speculation its not real) back in the days, when the end realm wasnt even added, there exist a massive black hole, with a mass of 7.8B solar masses, the black hole didnt do anything other than trapping light, matter and energy, creating a spectaculer accretion disk but one day, on alpha 1.4, something happened to the black hole, it began decaying and getting smaller via hawking radiation, then it continued to decay, during beta 1.2, elements that got sucked into the black hole somehow combined and its molecules mutated into an entirely new structure, forming an entirely new substance and thats how endstone was formed, then during 1.3, the black hole is decaying so much faster, all endstone that was formed by molecules going haywire somehow clumped together via gravity, and thats how the outer end islands form, during 1.8, the black hole has decayed and whats left has evaporated into a bright explosion similar to a nuclear bomb, the black hole is completely gone, but all the energy and matter that got caught in the accretion disk of the black hole is still there, therefore all the energy contaminated the end islands, and since theres no air, none of the energy radiated away, but its a special type of radiation, instead of being green, its completely purple and not radioactive at all, then the radiation gets so strong it began mutating into seed like substances, then sprouts of chorus stems began to gron and thats how the chorus trees oeiginated from, but then during the first 1.9 snapshot, gravity began sucking the rest of the matter from the black hole in the centre, and it formed an island and thats how the central island formed and why the centre island is very far from the outer ones is because the outer islands formed before the black hole completely decayed so it sucked the islands that formed too close, then the gravity isnt strong enough so the center island was small so who knows, maybe the end dimension is using the energy of past black holes and the energy is good enough for overworld species to grow there, and if the energy could in fact radiate away, species in the end like chorus fruit wont last that long note" this theory is inaccurate because in real life black holes can take up to trillions of years for it to decay completely and minecraft is only around for 12 years also in minecraft the central end islands was added first before the outer end islands

  • TechnoDream

    To light it up you could put shroomlights or glow stone in the trees.

  • nngj

    Sorry to be late but, you could have done a trick for the edges, put the like brown clay powder I think it's called and put green/lime carpet on top so it would kinda look like a grass block.(powder acts as dirt and carpet as grass)

  • Parker Ridings
    Parker Ridings

    Everyday I lose 200 more brain cells

  • RuruCrossing

    How did you do it without enderman grabbing dem blocks?

  • Brobery

    14:21 I thought he actually killed himself lol.

  • Rhuel W
    Rhuel W

    I see the chests UwU

  • Phsyco Kiwi
    Phsyco Kiwi

    late xmas present

  • SweetDonut

    Wadzee: what else do you have to do in minecraft is your done with it Me: transform biomes into other biomes, make a melon mansion, get unlimited gold, build giant desert pyramids and other ofc!

  • Subject Unknown
    Subject Unknown

    Top left corner of a circle Nice

  • Blaze


  • Jaylens29

    Giving our lake some death *death lake*


    Pls use villagers in this i know it takes a lot of time but villagers can sleep in the end without exploding the bed and it would look so much cool😃😃

  • Aayush Suzie
    Aayush Suzie

    he could have used the beacon for haste

  • UwU

    I dont even survive 5 min in hardcore minecraft lol

  • Strechycafe

    Put fish in the lake

  • insouled alexandra
    insouled alexandra

    As someone who has done this before I can confirm it is a nightmare

  • Hat Man
    Hat Man

    do you plan to put any fish in the pond/lake?

  • Noah Morales
    Noah Morales

    Yo the whole time I thought turning the end into the nether was awesome but now I changed my mind

  • Çağdaş Şahin
    Çağdaş Şahin

    DogukanAdal made this

  • Spider Gaming
    Spider Gaming

    This comment is for the algorithm

  • Wasee Chowdhury
    Wasee Chowdhury

    Maybe you should add ores in the cave

  • Atkataff the Alpha
    Atkataff the Alpha

    Hmm... respawn bed, respawn nether anchor, WHERE'S THE RESPAWN END ANCHOR?!

  • Pizofsoda

    I tried this once a few years ago

  • Isaac Morrey
    Isaac Morrey

    don't forget 1.17 things are available now why haven't you updateted


    Who are Indians here

  • The newestgamer!_ _ _ _ _
    The newestgamer!_ _ _ _ _

    You made this because Christmas is coming

  • Quirol, Julian
    Quirol, Julian

    WHERES THE WATER CHECKPOINTS? several non-drinking children have now died of thirst.

  • Alwayshalfchill َ
    Alwayshalfchill َ

    best youtuber

  • Hind

    I swear everyone’s gonna watch this whole man movie

  • Manage Bull
    Manage Bull

    Couldve used a becon 😂😂😂

  • DogeBlock

    The ONLY ISdownsr who has the right to say they have finished Minecraft

  • Glitch Gaming
    Glitch Gaming

    alternative title "what it would look like if humanity moved to mars.

  • Oliver Lund
    Oliver Lund

    its sooooooooo cool

  • HatDowg

    Thought you were gonna turn the whole island but a part is still good too

  • Vishnu Vikram
    Vishnu Vikram

    Where's Animals ? Add Animals also 🙂

  • Dipesh Bishnoi
    Dipesh Bishnoi

    Tip: you should use beacon in end so use can work faster 🙃🙋‍♂️👍🔥 But you are such a awesome thing 🔥

  • II_Radio2021_II II_Twitch_II
    II_Radio2021_II II_Twitch_II

    Nasa : Omgg we just discovered that there was water on moon ! WadZee : Pfff, did you ever come to my hardcore world ?

  • Qcumber 19
    Qcumber 19

    *flowers* : places absolutely no flowers *trees* : places all the flowers visible confusion

  • Epic Gamer 47
    Epic Gamer 47

    He could’ve just brought a beacon and used haste then it would’ve made the end stone breaking step so much easier


    U should have done 3 sections do end nether and the over world on a end island with the portal in the center

  • tom louis
    tom louis

    Now spawn the dragon

  • Oorjit Sethi
    Oorjit Sethi


  • Mghirit Haïtam
    Mghirit Haïtam

    You brought the ordinary world to the end. If it remains for you to bring my End City into the ordinary world, it would be better if you made it with your own design. I like designs.

  • lucid

    Someone tell me how he is so good at building

  • Chi Fang
    Chi Fang

    I've always loved endermen, something about them picking up blocks and carrying them, with their little noises they make randomly (obviously when they try to murder you its less cute) They remind me of my brother in all his tall awkward weirdness, endearing even when they annoy the carp outta me

  • ewan

    I expect all the end stone under the dirt to be dirt aswell then

  • Sakshaum Jaiswal Gaming
    Sakshaum Jaiswal Gaming

    I think that was perfect. It can't be better!!!

  • Sanctus_krammin

    Should’ve put diamond ore and iron ore in the caves

  • Marlene Mccoy
    Marlene Mccoy

    The frightened frightening full fumbling functional melody quantitatively push because headlight adventitiously own following a strong alto. judicious, dull van

  • Lauren McIntire
    Lauren McIntire

    And the enderman are just like: What the heck is that guy doing to our home

  • Morgan Thiessen
    Morgan Thiessen

    he should get rid of the pillers

  • Rebeka Wardzala
    Rebeka Wardzala

    I think it would look cooler if you put fish in the lake and see grass and also make animal farms.

  • Elite Alex
    Elite Alex

    Fun fact: the gold pickaxe is the fastest in the game

  • Bobly Chopper
    Bobly Chopper

    14:00: when his "not too impressive" end house is better than your mansion it took you years: BRUH

  • Francisco Antao
    Francisco Antao

    Y r unit using hayst

  • Lili's Secret World
    Lili's Secret World

    WadZee: Green wool looks a lot like grass 1.17: Hahahah! Good joke *Moss Block has entered the chat*

  • Ethan Harrington
    Ethan Harrington


  • _________

    I just realized that this ep is on my bday

  • pritam ninja
    pritam ninja

    At ages u might put some brown wool blocks and cover the head with green carpet

  • Nasrin Yousaf
    Nasrin Yousaf

    @WadZee You should take a elytra and take 64 fireworks and a flint and steel When your fireworks are finished Burn your elytra and start from scratch

  • Flame Wheel YT
    Flame Wheel YT

    This episode and forward is what I'm excited to watch

  • Sharona Arthy
    Sharona Arthy

    Add fish to the lake

  • owen mai
    owen mai

    from a hight view the torches look like flowers

  • owen mai
    owen mai


    • No username
      No username

      during xmas the chest look like presents

  • owen mai
    owen mai

    merry Christmas! *Intense looking for the sub button* I found it! *clicks red button* *like* *notification turn on* *copy link and send to frens* *other stuff* there are your presents C:

  • Gyümi Bence
    Gyümi Bence

    Dumaragu zene :D

  • Mukesh Kumar
    Mukesh Kumar

    You are noob wadzee i mean lazer beam hahahaha

  • Clash with Dan
    Clash with Dan

    Break all the obsidian towers , and make the bedrocks look like stars Do this because...... It is..... "POINTLESS BUILDING" btw nice vids

  • Manuel Santos
    Manuel Santos


  • Havizateam


    • Carlos Osvaldo Beltrán /\/\/\
      Carlos Osvaldo Beltrán /\/\/\


  • Bary_Craft

    I recommend making the bed from Wool And Snow and Carpets To make it Safe

  • Sylas Anderson
    Sylas Anderson

    Put glow stone with carpet on top to light it up and not have torches :)

  • Twoset Viola
    Twoset Viola

    I think you should add sand or clay to the bottom of the lake because normal lakes spawn with that not just dirt



  • James James
    James James

    Hallo 😜

  • Mohit Choudhary
    Mohit Choudhary

    Can I download your world

  • Michael Tang
    Michael Tang

    The dazzling cello sequently escape because kilogram evidently haunt on a instinctive zone. insidious, rampant coke

  • SillyBilly

    When wadzees cave looks better than your 3 year long world

  • Ethan Pan
    Ethan Pan

    the bad part about this is if he summons the ender dragoon, his house will be destroyed

  • AndIPokeAlot ALT
    AndIPokeAlot ALT

    How to get enderman to take your grass blocks:

  • Maria Arlei Fahigal
    Maria Arlei Fahigal

    Why didn't use stone for the lake?

  • Axel 0
    Axel 0

    You need a bee hive in the end

  • Plasma Szyms
    Plasma Szyms

    Did you say In creative at 2:16