I Made a FULL EMERALD BEACON in Minecraft Skyblock! (#9)
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In Episode 9 of Hardcore One Block Skyblock, I Made a Full EMERALD BEACON! Following the video where i made One Of Every Beacon in Minecraft Hardcore, I decided to make a return to my Hardcore skyblock series by making an emerald beacon in minecraft skyblock!
Welcome back to One Block Skyblock! The Series of Minecraft Skyblock but you only get one block! The difference is... this time it's HARDCORE One Block Skyblock! What can you achieve in Minecraft but there's only one block? will I be able to survive one block survival minecraft when it's in hardcore? Let's find out! This is Minecraft ONE BLOCK SKYBLOCK, but it's Hardcore episode 9
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  • Emmett Porter
    Emmett Porter


  • OH - 01ZZ 913157 Cooksville Creek PS
    OH - 01ZZ 913157 Cooksville Creek PS

    Make a holtel

  • OH - 01ZZ 913157 Cooksville Creek PS
    OH - 01ZZ 913157 Cooksville Creek PS

    Make a house

  • Jit Long Tso
    Jit Long Tso


  • ram aravind
    ram aravind

    Wadzee 2100: I made 4 layers of beacons for beacon

  • Thais Sid
    Thais Sid

    What everyone sees minecraft as: fun What Wadzee sees minecraft as: WORK

  • Aryeh Grun
    Aryeh Grun

    Next time waterlog the entire platform to make it so the wither cannot explode any of the blocks .

  • DDS Daredevil Studios
    DDS Daredevil Studios

    dog water

  • Deividas Kelmelis
    Deividas Kelmelis

    Mhhhh.... Math *i can't*

  • TheBigNoob1234

    Ahh, circles... perfect form

  • bark2028

    I think I'll *stick* to trading *sticks*

  • Aleksander Ofarrell
    Aleksander Ofarrell

    could you make a full... diAMond beacon?

  • This guy
    This guy

    I made one in two hours with a raid farm lol

  • Rhys Bhogal
    Rhys Bhogal

    He calls 26 sticks for an emerald a good trade. I messed around with the hero of the village enchantment and got full diamond armor for four emeralds

  • Thomas Liju
    Thomas Liju

    He actually forgot to make a iron farm

  • kostas pst
    kostas pst

    why dont u get entherite armor and tools hommie??

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez

    Wadzee is cool

  • Briny Wolf
    Briny Wolf

    lol that diskiles

  • Im a cat thats gaming
    Im a cat thats gaming

    When are you going to use your trident

  • uchka uchral
    uchka uchral

    waterlogged blocks have HIGH blast resistance

  • uchka uchral
    uchka uchral


  • Gallagher Alicia
    Gallagher Alicia

    The royal flavor phytochemically buzz because pilot ecologically explode under a disastrous railway. aberrant, disagreeable lobster

  • 31-Ravi Kaushik .C
    31-Ravi Kaushik .C

    if you blow up a chraged creeper near a stray, it will drop a wither skeleton skull

  • çınar hatırnaz
    çınar hatırnaz

    Fun fact most people say netherite or diamond is rarest ore hey you!do you ever found emerald.


    Actually, your subscribe rate is pretty high

  • Ruben Docter
    Ruben Docter

    From what is that ooohhh meme

  • Avinash Deshpande
    Avinash Deshpande

    you not using netherite?

  • Its Random
    Its Random

    Am I the only one who is thinking that he should have made a giant sugarcane farm also so that he could get a large amount of emerald from librarians also

  • Hayden Rice
    Hayden Rice

    java edition= can fight wither on a platform less than 50 blocks from base bedrock edition, you better kill it with sufication or you will go through 5 totems

  • The Brenner Family
    The Brenner Family

    can you make evere full beckern

  • Barba

    About the withers, you had a 12% probability of not getting an head after 37 attempts, not too rare after all

  • Rameshkumar Rajagopal
    Rameshkumar Rajagopal

    U should do another week of videos every day since you have reached 3 million subscribers

  • BTB Gaming
    BTB Gaming

    If you use closed captions he says G'day guys my name is woodsy

  • Webb Family
    Webb Family

    Wah wah army Goooooo

  • MaybeFil

    Is anyone else geting ads... FOR AN ADD BLOCKER?!?

    • Caden Nelson
      Caden Nelson


  • yousef diaa
    yousef diaa


  • Roblox studio
    Roblox studio

    Love it

  • rayan manoochehri
    rayan manoochehri

    We didn't have water checkpoint😟

  • Chanel Hunyh lol
    Chanel Hunyh lol


  • salmon495

    Lukethenotable:Laughs in emerald tower.

  • Itz_ LUNA
    Itz_ LUNA

    Water checkpoint?!?!!

  • luis henrique
    luis henrique

    The numberless bush secondly force because guarantee randomly load among a momentous stage. vulgar, abstracted enquiry

  • Tyrique Gainsford
    Tyrique Gainsford

    First time i see him mahe a square

  • SuNGviN

    3:13 Nope, it ain't like that chief. You can get 3 heads in a row or you can never get it at all. #%team

  • Tomix Tom
    Tomix Tom

    Can u make more

  • Pappator

    can u make a netirhite bean in 1 block skyblock

  • mista ree
    mista ree

    Wadzee should try to kill the wither in bedrock edition

  • Family Tablet
    Family Tablet

    I’d subscribe, but I am already😀

  • Shakir TECH Knowledge
    Shakir TECH Knowledge

    Please talk Hindi 😁

  • Charlotte Winter
    Charlotte Winter

    4 monts Ago : i want to get 2 M subscribers Now : 2,84 M subscribers 👌🏻


    all that to mine faster and cut down trees faster............ BRUH

  • Bálint Suhajda
    Bálint Suhajda

    thats not mutch wood I cut down a chunk tree

    • Bálint Suhajda
      Bálint Suhajda

      it's made of mega trees


    Why Java Wither is so nub

  • Rottweiler dog Ammo R
    Rottweiler dog Ammo R


    • QuinncysBox 1
      QuinncysBox 1


    • QuinncysBox 1
      QuinncysBox 1

      no u


    bro i dont know why but my mob grinder doesnt give me creeper and mobs alot very few for more then 10 min

  • Jamie Stanton
    Jamie Stanton

    I would try to put beacons on all corners of the base and maybe 1 in the middle :) Just a thought

  • Vequ

    no water checkpoint xD

  • Funny Videos
    Funny Videos

    Wa wa squad plz subscribe to wadzy he its the best youtuber ever

  • ultra gaming lol
    ultra gaming lol

    Mega-tree mega-tree mega-tree

  • PierreShark

    The villagers emerald prices, they went higher because he killed a load of Iron Gooems right?

  • EA - 05LN 811666 Springfield PS
    EA - 05LN 811666 Springfield PS

    There is no way you get that much wood from 3 mega trees like a stack or 2 stacks is like ok but like 5

  • Maria Ortiz
    Maria Ortiz

    Bamboo for my guy

  • Maria Ortiz
    Maria Ortiz

    I like how you say oh I like the dark oak wood I think that’s what it’s called from the four trees that can only be grown from four2 x 2 I think you said you like that right meanwhile I’ve never seen you chop down the tree in the whole series IoI

  • Maria Ortiz
    Maria Ortiz

    My guy what about the obsidian block for the weather with or not whether I said excuse my spelling

  • Benkay V Falsifier
    Benkay V Falsifier

    I can't believe he threw away all those iron tools in earlier episodes. Such a waste. He could have recycled them into iron using a smelter.


    Lanjut lagi. Survival one block nya Boleh kan kak

  • Ashlyn S
    Ashlyn S

    build a water house

  • Queen Of Rose
    Queen Of Rose

    Also btw since All the beacons are all made out of ore blocks ummm why dont mojang add a redstone beacon?

  • Isaac Pascoe
    Isaac Pascoe

    “Play the epic music” plays chirp

  • Lanny the Great
    Lanny the Great

    Mojang coded it so that looting swords dont actually increase the amount of iro an iron golum drops

  • DannyHD

    if you make the villagers zombie villagers and then cure them, they will give you better deals like 1 stick per emerald

  • Gray Joe
    Gray Joe

    The unhealthy freighter genotypically desert because pamphlet crucially double besides a redundant gemini. mature, vast jasmine

  • Its Pooxin
    Its Pooxin

    I like how his bow is cold pew pew

  • Alan Channel
    Alan Channel

    WadZee : 18 wither skeletons equals 1 wither skeleton skull minecraft : *that's not how math work darling*

  • cheeky chilupa
    cheeky chilupa

    Of course it's longer it's a one in 300 chance to get a wither skeletons skull

  • Aleks Ledwoń
    Aleks Ledwoń

    you can do a iron farm

  • Ingrid Gjelstein
    Ingrid Gjelstein


  • 好无

    Please don’t it can Destroy everything

  • New Pro
    New Pro

    Make a nethrite beacon

  • Super duper gamer Budd
    Super duper gamer Budd

    Iron golem abortion

  • HEX-lxl

    Last time you had 86 levels

  • Hollow •
    Hollow •

    when he said lets fight it in the overworld i was like ok this wither is about to end this man whole series and then he came in clutch the beast the lord of lords wadzee

  • Shin Chan
    Shin Chan

    wadzee 2025: i made a full minecraft world in skyblock wadzee 2040: i made a netherite beacon irl wadzee 2050: i made a full minecraft world irl

  • shanti sharma
    shanti sharma

    You are a legend😀

  • sri

    isnt unbreaking useless if u have mending?

    • Abtin G
      Abtin G

      No because you'll need to get less xp to repair.

  • md helal Uddin
    md helal Uddin

    i read all the comments it was an amazing time

  • Aksshat Ahuja
    Aksshat Ahuja

    how many minecoins is one block skyblock, i rly need this

  • Hoyt Sparrow
    Hoyt Sparrow

    You should try to make a mega mega tree. Normal mega tree-2×2 Mega Mega tree-4×4

  • Student - Sean Adachi
    Student - Sean Adachi

    oh no there are 911 dislikes

  • MexSaurus

    Places: Pig/Cow farm Leaf Tunnel Village House STILL NO HOUSE Cathedral-looking house

  • TBNRNinja777

    Dream in a cage just like now

  • The Gamer of Memes
    The Gamer of Memes


  • Nitro X P90
    Nitro X P90

    Alot of hamiltons you got there mate

  • L OL
    L OL

    1v1 dream

  • Gacha Evelyn
    Gacha Evelyn

    12:26 maybe i will just stick to sticks

  • Gobind Duneja
    Gobind Duneja

    LukeTheNoteable: hehe boi

  • UltimaZilla

    Leaves also sometimes drop sticks, and mega trees have LOTS of leaves, so you don't need 100 stacks. Also, to speed up the iron production, just hit a villager and they'll all get mad so you don't have to go in and out and in and out.

  • Oliver Burgess-Heath
    Oliver Burgess-Heath

    Is it my luck or does anybody else get 1 wither skeleton skull per 3 wither skeletons?

  • Sarah Brady
    Sarah Brady

    3:11 I put that there so I could watch where I left off

  • Scarlett Morris
    Scarlett Morris

    me: *ew a square* WadZee: (doesnt care) me: *F I X. I T. N O W.*

    • Scarlett Morris
      Scarlett Morris

      vid: shows he did a circle me: *YAY*