Minecraft, but EVERYTHING is BOUNCY!
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Minecraft: Bouncy Difficulty Challenge (Datapack Download):
In Today's video I play a datapack that makes EVERYTHING BOUNCY in Minecraft! Will I be able to beat Minecraft but everything is bouncy? or will I fail miserably, I guess you'll have to watch to find out!
Little did I know beating minecraft while everything is bouncy was going to be one of the most annoying "minecraft but" challenges I've ever tried to complete, enjoy my suffering as I play minecraft but everything bounces you
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  • Maitreya Shukla
    Maitreya Shukla

    who is here in 2021?

    • CGJ F
      CGJ F


  • Starrkaleb

    I know how he could’ve traded with the piglins all he would need to do is get in a boat after throwing down the gold and getting away from hoglins

  • It's2FishLplayz

    this sould be in hypixl

  • fwitzervision

    this made me so happy. boing boing boing boing!

  • First

    Imagine if the stronghold is not in the ocean and he needs to dig down

  • Señas y más Señas
    Señas y más Señas


  • Mitsui Mikhail
    Mitsui Mikhail

    that lava pool looks like heart

  • Olaresai YT
    Olaresai YT

    Bad Boy Halo's bouncy bouncy :D

  • Harmi Patel
    Harmi Patel

    I am seeing this video when it have 31 lakhs sub

  • dark kingg-nightcore
    dark kingg-nightcore

    Why is he not questioning the water that is not moving?

  • Da Blue Guy
    Da Blue Guy

    21:12 OptiFine has a feature where it unrenders entities outside of your FOV, making large entities like the Ender Dragon disappear when at a certain angle.

  • Mr. BroGood
    Mr. BroGood

    did you guys realize that lava pit was the shape of heart

  • Dehan Swanepoel
    Dehan Swanepoel

    the mobs is the best lol crying of laughter

  • Yathartha Pal
    Yathartha Pal

    21:48 , Damn , bugged ender dragon likes being hit on It's...

  • Pim Hendriks
    Pim Hendriks

    i realy like 07:17

  • Olivia Bravo Lopez
    Olivia Bravo Lopez

    grearr video sso funny

  • Crystal

    969 dislikes, nice?

  • Wonderful Willow
    Wonderful Willow

    This is just minecraft but you can't take fall damage lol 😆

  • Miles Stoneburner
    Miles Stoneburner

    You can make the over world the end?

  • Pim Hendriks
    Pim Hendriks

    are you a slime block because sometimes you see a green block

  • Mochi Bunny Buns
    Mochi Bunny Buns

    6:40 heart shaped lava pit

  • Skyler Swart
    Skyler Swart

    He does something other than just build useless stuff in hardcore

  • /ᐠ•ꞈ•ᐟ\

    An iron golem drops 3-5 iron

  • cococoolboy1024 coco
    cococoolboy1024 coco

    this is so pog

  • Talkative Yellow Toad
    Talkative Yellow Toad

    12:13 the silence adds to it so much 😂

  • Talkative Yellow Toad
    Talkative Yellow Toad

    Speedrunners be like:

  • Jada Douglas
    Jada Douglas

    Atleast you have no fall damage now

  • riff raff
    riff raff

    whats that seed it looks epic with the blend of biomes

  • dresik2705

    after 3 minutes i started to feel sick

  • Ryder Hall
    Ryder Hall

    He’s at 3m now

  • H D
    H D

    Compare his dragon kills with TapL's 🤣🤣🤣

  • KillRZoc YT
    KillRZoc YT

    WadZee: Everything is Bouncy BadBoyHalo: BoUnCy!?!?

  • Zəalmý

    The Ava pit shape like an heart

  • LegendAiry0804 TTV
    LegendAiry0804 TTV

    Getting BadBoyHalo Vibes?

  • Hype Society
    Hype Society


  • Tepu Zirdo
    Tepu Zirdo

    Congratulations on 3 Million subscribers

  • Ayhan Gumus
    Ayhan Gumus

    It is already 3mil my man

  • Andin Gangsar
    Andin Gangsar

    It's not bouncy, you just can't stop jumping

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker

    Don't watch this if you have photosensitivity.

  • TrippyFN

    Almost 3MIL 🔥🔥🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Carmelle Harben
    Carmelle Harben

    The narrow belgian intuitively relax because learning spectacularly wink above a guttural H habitual ceiling. rural, super golf

  • C.T Gems
    C.T Gems

    are u aussie

  • Ghost Black
    Ghost Black

    I like to bounce

  • _Lift_Saturn

    Get this man to 3M quick

  • Anthony Gajek
    Anthony Gajek

    Life of a slime

  • Ok

    Its going to be 3M not 2m

  • Conservative Deck
    Conservative Deck

    what hacked client do you use

  • PolarXP

    Look on the bright side. You won't get fall damage : )

  • Rasmus Grüning Pedersen
    Rasmus Grüning Pedersen




  • Dustin Grubb
    Dustin Grubb

    Imagine this on a world made of almost 100% stone, gravel, and has some monuments around for wood/food. It would be like a "moon world" play through.

  • Nachtster

    I already got a headache in the first minute.

  • pptoni 06
    pptoni 06

    You should do the video of just Beating Minecraft normally

  • AppleX craZe
    AppleX craZe

    6:09 is that a modified jungle edge?

  • Elijah Gibbs
    Elijah Gibbs

    I really like the oblivion music.

  • Alexander Najy
    Alexander Najy

    7:41 he could have placed the boat

  • Nina C.
    Nina C.


  • Nina C.
    Nina C.

    I’ve never seen him die so much lol

  • Flixz YT
    Flixz YT

    If ur doing a challenge like this put water down and the creeper will die and u won’t take damage hope this helps

  • Cute Piggy
    Cute Piggy

    Umm... At least you don'y take fall damage...😕

  • tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn
    tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn

    every time he goes through the nether portal i can’t stop laughing at the sound and visual

  • tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn
    tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn

    imagine if tapL did a uhc video with this plugin

  • tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn
    tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn

    “but you know what won’t throw you into a pit of lava? my new merch”- wadzee

  • Jelly Alien
    Jelly Alien

    this looks like a weird dream

  • just a cat
    just a cat

    wait this is uploaded on my bday

  • Danger Ous
    Danger Ous

    He had a gold chestplate all along.

  • Queen Of Rose
    Queen Of Rose

    I thought this was slime super flat-

  • シNice

    Wadzee:*gets 3 iron* Me:Iron pickaxe! Him: no. Bucket.


    who was saying yeet everytime he jumped?

  • Liop ard
    Liop ard

    6:38 I think it is a heart because it shapes like a heart

  • Ultimate Lazer
    Ultimate Lazer

    So I guess he can not take fall damage

  • cheeky chilupa
    cheeky chilupa

    The Minecraft bouncy difficulty except water hurts you

  • Aidenpons

    "but you know what _won't_ throw you into a pit of lava? *My brand new merch!*" geez _that's_ reassuring

  • Shadow_ Blade
    Shadow_ Blade

    i love the timing of him falling in the lava then the meme music starts on love it so much

  • Dongmei

    I thought you were a slime you know because like sometimes you just turn like into a slime

  • Stephen Landrum
    Stephen Landrum

    I dont know if youll get this over the thousands of comments, but how many shulker boxes of tnt did it take to make the netherite beacon?

  • Mehzabin Mariam
    Mehzabin Mariam

    Please make a video on minecraft but its confused or minecraft but you Can't sleep

  • Gemma Stahulak
    Gemma Stahulak

    Sense when does wadzee swear

  • survival 762
    survival 762

    This but every time he bounces it's the bonk sound afekt

  • Penguin Fan
    Penguin Fan

    Minecraft but you don’t take fall damage

  • Daphne Schwab
    Daphne Schwab

    20:22 I got wah wah mall'd

  • Simon Sjunnesson
    Simon Sjunnesson

    07:06 how come you could stand still without the water?

  • colloquialism

    7:05 am I seeing things? He didn't bounce...

  • Katherine Salazar
    Katherine Salazar

    did anyone else notice that the lava pool looks like Micky mouse?

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    everything 😏😏😏


    Wadzee: *bounces* Creeper: *Nuke Incoming*

  • Prajisha Mohandas
    Prajisha Mohandas

    Lava pool in first try it was like a heart

  • Artefic

    6:48 when your wi-fi drops down 1 bar 😂😂😂

  • Atul Yadav
    Atul Yadav

    Imagine having elytra eith this mod

  • Mystik Wanderer
    Mystik Wanderer

    I saw this and I felt slightly annoyed looking at it. I can't imagine playing like that.

  • crystal HCR
    crystal HCR

    Ignore this comment... Jk

  • Kendrick Outer
    Kendrick Outer

    Hahahaa i miss this episode :)

  • K - Sco
    K - Sco

    Atleast you can't take dall damage

  • Jeral_ adt
    Jeral_ adt


  • KVS Gacha
    KVS Gacha

    6:37 anyone feels like it looks like mickey mouse

  • Mate Szilard
    Mate Szilard

    The lava is look like Mici mouse !!!!

  • RedTheExoVet

    Now he's got to do this in hardcore now XD

  • 4shler

    I feel like it’s a challenge AND an anti-challenge at the same time


    Do this in hardcore!

  • Lupo

    I like how he deliberately made a joke about how youtubers being up merch info out of completely random topics. You know what won't throw you into a pit of lava? My merch.

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