I Built a MANSION out of MELONS in Minecraft Hardcore... Part Two (#42)
In this video I Built a Mansion Out of Melons in Minecraft Hardcore. This is episode 42 of my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play, and yet another episode of pointless building in Minecraft. For this build I built a giant mansion in Minecraft made mostly out of melons and it turned out amazing!

Watch the series from episode 1:

"I Built a MANSION out of MELONS in Minecraft Hardcore (#41)"

"I Transformed the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#36)"

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    Imagine filling the mansion with melons

  • Kakakshi

    I'm melon lord

  • santiago3000 :3
    santiago3000 :3

    minute 13:54 wadzee hand is changed to alex the main character of minecraft

  • ttv_eamattmark

    You should place a beacon over the melon farm to plant the melons faster😀

  • ReckneZ -
    ReckneZ -

    Just make endrods

  • Yeet Dude Bro of Death
    Yeet Dude Bro of Death

    bet this is his Heaven

  • Topias Heikkinen
    Topias Heikkinen

    ”I’m not gonna be going to get a full set of netherite armor just for a mansion.” - The guy with a full netherite beacon.

  • Gamerkid_5 YT
    Gamerkid_5 YT

    Wadzee may be empty, but he makes sure his gf isn’t if you know what I mean

  • Isaiah James
    Isaiah James

    Wow you are the best builder ever

  • Ss gaming
    Ss gaming

    Woodenland mansion spwan natrally and melonland mansion 100% prcent chances to spwan when wad zee is playing with you and they looks like smiler

  • •JustARandomPerson •
    •JustARandomPerson •

    Day 2 of asking wadzee if he can make a zoo with most hostile mobs

  • CC 10
    CC 10

    Imagine LazerBeams face watching this😲

  • Aleeza Xiang
    Aleeza Xiang

    I'd like to live in that melon mansion!

  • Wincibl Crown Ψ
    Wincibl Crown Ψ

    Hey wadzee love ur vids and btw u can craft end rods with smelted chorus fruit and blaze powder

  • mbjggyhjjib bhati
    mbjggyhjjib bhati

    Lols! This is bigger than woolland mansion

  • Zach Parris
    Zach Parris

    His son just got out of spine surgery and all he did was watch your videos off my phone during the whole thing and he wanted me to ask you if he can get a upload of your melon mansion I want to get it for him for his birthday and he has to spend in the hospital so I just wanted to ask as a big favor

  • Thisonewastaken

    When i make a library i only put thw book shelves as a wall

  • Cecilia Jordán
    Cecilia Jordán

    with all that you build it can be a village

  • Sophie Davies
    Sophie Davies

    He can build better in survival then I can in creative with a million furniture mods *i am pathetic*

  • Kuyya Mayuri
    Kuyya Mayuri

    When I saw this mansion my mouth was literally wateing

    • Kuyya Mayuri
      Kuyya Mayuri

      I mean watering

  • Lloyd

    Should have used looms for empty book shelves

  • YourFriendMars

    for someone who hates interior design so much, you sure are damn good at it

  • NotPcPlayer

    Wadzee, easiest way to get bookshelfs is just to trade with a librarian. 🤦‍♂️

  • Max Churnock
    Max Churnock

    Petition for wadzee to get on hermit craft

  • viraj thakur
    viraj thakur

    Ending time lapes was epic ❤️❤️


    Wadzee: builds amazing melon farm Me: Install the straw golem mode, wait 1h, find my house was ,,harvested,, )))) Also me: i take my flint-steel and my ,,axe of peace,, and go on a rampage

  • no one
    no one

    he should make the 3rd floor the attic and have cobweb stuff and redstone blood.

  • this is a name
    this is a name

    WadZee: *builds a Melon Mansion*. Me: still lives in caves and Village houses that i built walls there

  • Luis Cuellar
    Luis Cuellar

    My anxiety was through the roof last episode when melon killer was so low on durabilty

  • Joanna Wilson
    Joanna Wilson

    Wadzee: *about to time lapse his cacti farm* Me: I'm going to bed until this is over Wadzee: *starts talking again* Me: *Bruh*

  • Florin Salcie
    Florin Salcie

    Wadzee probably not gonna see this but he says he has a trash house BRO live in the mansion

  • Just4 Fun
    Just4 Fun

    Im glad that i discover this channel

  • Roger Diesendorf
    Roger Diesendorf

    Red windows would look soo nice🥵

  • Viktoriya Koeva
    Viktoriya Koeva

    Maybe you should give your villagers this mansion

  • French Shrek
    French Shrek


  • NICHOLAS Campos
    NICHOLAS Campos

    You wish thir where watermelon stairs lol

  • dani6780 dani6780
    dani6780 dani6780

    for the armoury dye leather armour to make watermelon armour

  • dani6780 dani6780
    dani6780 dani6780

    who else noticed something weird at 13:53....

  • TheExplosive10

    Absolute friggin Ledgend!

  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen

    Wadzee best builder

  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen

    sea lanterns!!!! SEA LANTERNS upside down exclamation mark ¡

  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen

    Am I making to much comments

  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen

    My house is squares

  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen

    I can’t even make a small circle

  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen

    Well I have made more comments in the last video

  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen

    throne for melon cat/melony

  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen

    Am I gonna make more comments in the last video

  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen

    C.A.C.T.U.S. F.A.R.M.

  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen

    How much blocks did the tnt break, you know netherite beacon if you didn’t watch the netherite beacon then go watch it also replace the green glass into red glass

  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen


  • Bonnie Cen
    Bonnie Cen

    melon melon melon MEEEELLLLOOOOONNNNN CAT empty mansion mansion be like I’m lonely

  • IzVzAze

    Can we talk about how Wadzee is literally the melon god

  • Lucky Singh
    Lucky Singh

    You can craft end rod

  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader

    You could've just gone to your stronghold library to mine a few stacks of bookshelves instead of spending hours farming for paper.

  • ILLEGAL Gaming
    ILLEGAL Gaming

    Mojang also not known how useful is the melons are

  • ILLEGAL Gaming
    ILLEGAL Gaming

    What's inside a melon A melon mansion


    i love how he makes a mansion for a cat which is not leo and he lives in a wooden house

  • Hasanthi Dayarathna
    Hasanthi Dayarathna

    wadzees bow is about to break

  • ender craft
    ender craft

    Make it your base

  • CA5

    you should live in the mansion

  • Ahmo Robinson
    Ahmo Robinson

    Watermelon pyramid ._. Please

  • Mikhan Castro
    Mikhan Castro

    Wahwah man with the wahwah army building wahwahtermelon mansion

  • Bergþór Hugi Bjarnason
    Bergþór Hugi Bjarnason

    Those stairs are better then my Minecraft house

  • Seni Khiangte
    Seni Khiangte

    Im not here to kill you Start to kill in 1 sec lol

  • Maury / Moli
    Maury / Moli

    You should make that ur new base!

    • Maury / Moli
      Maury / Moli

      Oh ok its for melony...


    Make a scary attic


    Bruh cactus xp farm farms more green dye

  • V99BV

    Build a statue infront of the melon mansion

  • Susie Baseleres
    Susie Baseleres

    Do a basement and an atic

  • J Moore
    J Moore

    Tbh i don’t like the crimson stuff it’s too purple-y

  • EvantheOOFER 11
    EvantheOOFER 11

    Get a dog and name it melonor and build it a Throne

  • Krozu

    Imagine living in this

  • SamuelZ

    Wadzee earlier on in the series: I’m not much of a builder Also wadzee: builds a floating island, giant pyramid, big city, melon mansion, and mixed up universes….a lot.

  • Ducker McDuckson
    Ducker McDuckson

    And I thought my house was big/cool

  • Pen Ise
    Pen Ise

    The fact that he’s doing this in hardcore

  • Game Og Mix
    Game Og Mix

    Weird flex, but ok

  • Guillermo Alfonso Selva Rivas
    Guillermo Alfonso Selva Rivas

    Cant believe that someone made so quick a cactus farm (automatic) and you like 40 minutes (with extra amount of cacti

  • Luke Dube
    Luke Dube

    Why is that cat built like a stick

  • Guillermo Alfonso Selva Rivas
    Guillermo Alfonso Selva Rivas

    V o i d M a n s i o n

  • Tailisu

    Breh, last time I saw your channel, you were at -36500 subs

  • Dark Infnite
    Dark Infnite

    I feel like he should use Shroomlights instead of Sea Lanterns

  • IceAndZombie

    Aww its so cute how much He cares about melony. Many people have pets just to have them

  • Blueshi DX
    Blueshi DX

    Intellectual building here with our boi WadZee

  • Sabrina Caccamo
    Sabrina Caccamo

    I miss the water checkpoints those actually made me want to drink water

  • Ash_kr

    imagine if he wants to eat anytime he can just destroy any piece of the house and eat it LOL

  • Santi Ludueña
    Santi Ludueña

    this building is awesome

  • Nobody asked but
    Nobody asked but

    Melon mansion Melon throne Melon factory (farm) Melon everything But eats carrots

  • Nobody asked but
    Nobody asked but

    Ugh this is so challenging Wither? Ez Ender dragon? More like boomer downer Shifting dimensions and reversing em? Childs play

  • Nobody asked but
    Nobody asked but

    Pause here 12:47 Looks like a shocked women xd

  • Nobody asked but
    Nobody asked but

    Full protection 4 armour is Protection 6 Well atleast i think so

  • Tegar Sugiharto
    Tegar Sugiharto

    The real pro builder 😍

  • Sarah Fargo
    Sarah Fargo

    friend me my name in Minecraft is taco

  • Lucas Hansen
    Lucas Hansen

    it looks so much like a woodland mansion

  • Ugur Wu
    Ugur Wu

    Make a vid that you are putting your previous builds not the complete ones like the cake in mansion and idk but look for your build from Minecraft pls Is good idea happy 😁

  • Ugur Wu
    Ugur Wu

    I have idea wadzee

  • Ugur Wu
    Ugur Wu

    Every build I get is empty Background voice: bruh

  • Guillaume

    Kid likes watermelon Builders a Mellon house Mom can we sleep hear tonight Mom 😯

  • Blok

    Melony: Has a Mansion for her only Leo: Has a Decent UGLY Cat Base with 100 other cats

  • Blok

    Hes RLLY GOOOOOD at building

  • Khai Pham
    Khai Pham

    Someone is going to turn this into a murder mystery map for sure

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