Minecraft, but Eating Gives You Random Potion Effects
Minecraft but Every Time you Eat you get a Random Potion Effect! In this video I try Beating Minecraft, but food gives you random potion effects. This could be anything from, levitation, fire resistance, speed, poison and even instant death! This is the Minecraft Random Potion Effects Challenge!
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  • Rainy_Dayz12

    wait- *but what's the point of golden apples?*

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    Stanbruh_nl ツ

    this intro reminded me of tapple

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    Vetolu Kapu

    I was today years old when I found that Wadzee's Minecraft character's face is (WZ)

  • Bárt Brokovník
    Bárt Brokovník

    luck means better loot in chests

  • Lemon Oujia
    Lemon Oujia

    Ah yes my favorite potion in minecraft, instant death

  • JeneralJane

    i like his mic noises

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    Adnan Daien

    please ask me?

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    final flame

    why did u kill technoblades family

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    The Brainy Kid

    please tell which song you use on 0:40

    • The Brainy Kid
      The Brainy Kid


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    Moumita De

    The skeleton was hacking

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    Гэрэлт T.

    Me during this vid:MILK TGE COWS

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    Avery Savage

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  • KillerKitten CZ
    KillerKitten CZ

    WadZee: he is invisible My brother: I have trere invisible ravager...

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    hey bro play o rtx on bro that well be sick

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    New bridging method: Drunkbridging!

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    Violet Childs

    So basically everything is suspicious stew

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      Violet Childs

      You are right me. hahaha

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    Dean Cushway

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    Cherlyn Marceline

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    Om Botke

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    Cade Whitaker

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  • FN sirsamiboi
    FN sirsamiboi

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    Cherlyn Marceline

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    GD Plus890

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    Olivia Protsenko

    Shaders look so nice 👍

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    Gemma Verdun

    “Why won’t you stand in my boat?” -Wadzee 2021

  • WolfGieGamer

    The intro is like wisp and tapl lol BTW I love ur vids

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    The reason he got instant damage cause he have that bad luck effect At 08:51

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    Sreeram M

    Buy a face cam plz

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    Sultana Chougle

    Why dont you play with shaders

  • Cobra Kai1209
    Cobra Kai1209

    Soulution to all effects: get a milk bucket

  • Pim Hendriks
    Pim Hendriks

    the effect luck gives you looting en bad gives you fewer good drops

    • Pim Hendriks
      Pim Hendriks

      * bad luck

  • Evan Mendoza
    Evan Mendoza

    i don't notice any difference between your old/previous microphone and your new/current one

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    yousef diaa


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    Hydrokinetic Gaming

    16:55 wither heart starts to play in the background

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    Naruto’s Stalker

    11:17 That one got me good 😂😂

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    Mystery Box

    Wadzee what's your real name??

  • Emily Palmer
    Emily Palmer

    I kind of want him to genuinely speed run - no mods or challenges, just a good old fashioned speed run.

  • Gacha_Oasis

    Did it concern anyone else that there was no water checkpoints? Cause it surely did me.

  • Bertram Jakobsen
    Bertram Jakobsen

    Wah wah army

  • Quotient Work
    Quotient Work

    Yeah, bad luck doesn’t do anything, but why does he eat another pork chop?

  • pptoni 06
    pptoni 06

    Wadzee you should try to just beat minecraft, yup, that's it, just beat minecraft normally without any gimmicks

  • PancakeGaming

    Wadzee: I’m really hungry Also wadzee: is missing half a hunger

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    Hello Hello

    Lol look at my bame

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    Rekha Bhanage

    i thought milk would have been better ,

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    Mega baseeee!!!!

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    When you have bad luck dont eat food because that effects the potion affect

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    u spawned in a spawner lol

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    Fun Fact: Piglins will accept anything that is gold keep scrooling dont stop almost there you curios its almost done 1+1=2 bye.

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    Travis Houthoofd

    Not trying be rude

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    Travis Houthoofd

    Acookiegod this isn’t your video get out boy

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    The Cream

    “Give me luck now” Nether: nope

  • Du_cky

    My friend one time found one of the smallest strongholds EVER

  • A Person
    A Person

    If you were smart you would have a milk bucket on you at all times

  • Engineer gaming
    Engineer gaming

    I'm watching this on a train and it takes so much to load the video that I forgot what it was about and I got so confused when you said "I should eat, it is kinda the whole point of the video?"

  • Frosty

    If you eat while having bad or good luck that means that you will get a really good potion or bad potion, that is why you died while eating with bad luck

  • Toaster Roll
    Toaster Roll

    You had 7 eyes of ender and there was none in the portal but then you place 2 then you have 5 but then suddenly you fill in 3 I subscribed buts that's scummy you need to explain

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    Tejal and Indranil

    A cookie god i see your videos

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    When a dead body reported 6:39

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    Psychopath 68

    Imagine being underground and getting mining fatigue

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    HE NEED SUM MILK literally

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    WadZee: All mobs are cheating. Game: Hehe boi

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    It's all fun and games until he realizes milk exists

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    he sowda like DanTDM

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    Fish Clan

    What does luck exactly do?

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    فاء بن ألف'

    You should’ve grabbed a couple of buckets of milk



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    0:44 pause look at shield

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    Logan Song

    This is the best video

  • Mccalment Fam
    Mccalment Fam

    btw luck will give you better loot

    • Mccalment Fam
      Mccalment Fam

      and bad luck does the oppisite

  • Emerick Bouet
    Emerick Bouet

    Tip : The invisible mob glitch often happens, you gotta rejoin for them to reappear

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    he could have used a milk bucket and he could have got the achivement how did we get here

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    Oooo I like ya mic G

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    Alternative title: Every food is suspicious stew

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    I thoughtq bionic made this vid lol

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    13:06 why are your tools and your shield repaired?

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    other people: beat minecraft in 15 minutes. wadzee: finds the portal in 15 minutes after getting into the stronghold

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    why didn't he just pack milk, he had iron and cows

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