I Transformed the OVERWORLD into the NETHER in Minecraft Hardcore (#40)
Today I'm going to be Transforming the OVERWORLD into the NETHER in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! This is my favourite giant build in minecraft that i've done so far! This video is inspired directly by the time I transformed the nether into the overworld in Minecraft Hardcore!
Watch the series from episode 1:
"I Transformed the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#36)"
"I Transformed an Ocean Monument in Minecraft Hardcore (#38)"
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All music by Kevin Macleod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. creativecommons.org/licenses/​​...
Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-​​...
Artist: incompetech.com/

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  • R3alMariuscgn

    Why in hardcore mode?🤔 it make on sense in creative is much easier and much faster

  • Sachin Shinde
    Sachin Shinde

    This .. is .. an .. AMAZING BUILD!!!! ur so creative !!😉😍

  • Dhairya Tanna
    Dhairya Tanna

    You should have used the obsidian from your piglin trading farm

  • JetStar Gaming
    JetStar Gaming

    The nether looks great! Half way there, now you need to build a roof for the nether build :P

  • JulijanPlayzMinecraft

    Just got notification for this 😶

  • JetStar Gaming
    JetStar Gaming

    You should build a dome over the build you did in the nether... just like the Simpsons Movie

  • עמית אקלר
    עמית אקלר

    Make the end in the overworld

  • Goku ui
    Goku ui

    Ruined portal

  • laRoXx

    You could use some glowstone

  • maria florea
    maria florea

    the blue tree is named crisom trees red ones warped trres

    • maria florea
      maria florea

      the blue tree is warped red crison tree

  • malachi lopez
    malachi lopez


  • cam marshall
    cam marshall

    Make the inside a house

  • KrayzSrgin

    Male a automatic tree farm for apples

  • iron pigman gaming
    iron pigman gaming

    @WadZee you shoud put nether rutes coming off it

  • Bhavana Patil
    Bhavana Patil

    I think minecraft designer is wadzee 🤔

  • Atrayu Thompson
    Atrayu Thompson

    You should add a cave in that nether thing and have like a bastion

  • roy greer
    roy greer

    ha, I once collected 4 shulkas of ob with a friend I feel your pain.

  • Ddollz

    transform a full biome in nether to end world

  • Bobby Mechalke
    Bobby Mechalke

    Bruh you have to get soul speed

  • Jett Hussey
    Jett Hussey

    I just want to Rome around your world

  • Chase Curry
    Chase Curry

    Fortress should maybe come out of the side.

  • artemis houdelis
    artemis houdelis

    Me:Inspired. Me:Makes 47 Diffrent types of farms in 12 days.

  • BUB!

    Does he know about creative mode???

  • Thique Kennedy
    Thique Kennedy

    You should add a huge nether portal inside the side of it. It might brighten it up a bit? I don’t know only a suggestion? 😊

  • GB - SFZZ 837787 Mount Royal PS
    GB - SFZZ 837787 Mount Royal PS

    yo my guy its called netherrack not netherrite but its okay

  • Trent Glander
    Trent Glander


  • Purple Sam
    Purple Sam

    14:14 ~ow~

  • Gabriel Stern
    Gabriel Stern

    Can we get this guy on hermitcraft?

  • Lael Harris
    Lael Harris

    this looks like a giant cake

  • Wyrm YT
    Wyrm YT

    I understand he has an elytra, but this man is so brave that he didn't even react to the fact that he could've fell and died in lava in the beggining.

  • Everything Cat
    Everything Cat

    End in the overworld???

  • ItzTiffoGamez

    Build the End in the Overworld/Nether or build the Overworld in the End....???

  • Lolcrafter

    can you share my the save 🙏🏻 Please

  • Vincenzo Pagliarini
    Vincenzo Pagliarini

    You shoul'd make a cave that goes trhough the side of the nether build :D

  • Benjamin Pereira
    Benjamin Pereira


  • Benjamin Pereira
    Benjamin Pereira


  • Cold Weeb
    Cold Weeb

    you know a good idea to the biome you just did? you do the ying yang symbol with it, i think it would be pretty cool too

  • zakariya Alabdali
    zakariya Alabdali

    13:40 this reminds me with my voice actually LMAO

  • Gaurav Thakur
    Gaurav Thakur

    Stop this man.

  • Weyoun Six
    Weyoun Six

    how long did it take you to edit those cuts to the music hahaha good job

  • burnt pizza king
    burnt pizza king

    Wadzee why didn't you add the most best thing about the Nether the bastion

  • toterfisch333

    replace the blackstone parts with corridor to the indside with a giant fireball in the middle who is making the biom

  • Weyoun Six
    Weyoun Six

    WadZee's Normal Voice: How I think I sound WadZee's glitched Mic: How I sound when I hear myself back on a recording

  • toterfisch333

    i love your videos

  • Æsir

    the sides are super flat, maybe try adding some caves and divots and such

  • Ally Valley
    Ally Valley

    Can’t do this is creative

  • Weyoun Six
    Weyoun Six

    i love your videos lmao

  • Dimitris Gaitanidis
    Dimitris Gaitanidis

    Where was the Bastian Remnen?

  • Tom Davies
    Tom Davies

    Make a wither boss killing farm

  • nin jitzu
    nin jitzu

    Now: Every overworld biome into the nether

  • Nabil the Beast
    Nabil the Beast

    i cant tell whats the overworld or nether when it hits 13:56

  • Kenzzo Classic
    Kenzzo Classic

    Song at 20:00 ?

  • jorik durguti
    jorik durguti

    your the best on building

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee

    yup i'm in the wah wah army

  • Jixuan Wu
    Jixuan Wu

    wut if you put mellon s all over d world? huh?

  • ne mo
    ne mo

    this guy is just destroying normal minecraft and building his ownlol

  • ne mo
    ne mo

    what enchant do u put on you're compass

  • The_amazingPug

    Twist: there was nothing wrong with his microphone He just sounds like that normally.

  • exotic cat
    exotic cat


  • Rev’s Vids
    Rev’s Vids

    Fill the inside with a lava lake and a bastion

  • TheVedge

    Wadzeeeee remember u have a autk piglin trader! They give obsidian The build looks very good tho!!!!! Gj

  • zander

    8,000 mellons milestone?

  • Bo Martinez
    Bo Martinez

    Wadzee when he makes a new build: this has to be my favorite one yet

  • HR Spooneyes
    HR Spooneyes

    7:12 song name?

  • Plushy

    He sounded like Stampylongnose or head with the audio

  • RedRehaan Plays
    RedRehaan Plays

    Hmm one little touch missing a bastion

  • Flower Pot Human
    Flower Pot Human

    Wadzee: bit of soul sand *proceeds to put soul soil*

  • Pretzel CherryBlxssoms
    Pretzel CherryBlxssoms

    yeah this is the best build by far

  • Gaming Johnny Roblox
    Gaming Johnny Roblox

    But what about a bastion

  • NICE 4YU
    NICE 4YU

    I just can't believe i missed alot from wadzees hardcore world

  • AsdfTrash

    It looks like a cake actually

  • Seth Thompson
    Seth Thompson

    the outline looks like kirby with one foot

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo

    It looks like a cake and i want it for my birthday.

  • Giuseppe Boccini
    Giuseppe Boccini

    Upload more!

  • The Deer
    The Deer

    This is a really stupid af idea but what if you built the nether into the overworld, then built the overworld inside of that nether, and then the overworld again?

  • Maxton Marshall
    Maxton Marshall

    You should put tiny caves in it.

  • Santiago nothing
    Santiago nothing

    Wadzee, why did you make a gold farm for piglin trading and you don't go there for ur obsidian. Plz save an hour of ur day next time

  • Girolamo

    Looks super sick but I would’ve probably extended the obsidian farther on the ground so it looked darker all around instead of being surrounded by grass

  • Boxer Main
    Boxer Main

    These builds look like they can be in a snow globe

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    This is just a video idea: Can u build like a heaven in the over world or in the nether

  • Joanna Gonzalez
    Joanna Gonzalez



    You should have added ancient debris

  • Abdulmalik Bindaar
    Abdulmalik Bindaar

    Leave strider here

  • Adelle Zhao
    Adelle Zhao

    Next time transform the overworld to the end! Please do that!

  • Shelby Vaughan
    Shelby Vaughan


  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones

    It needs a nether portal in it somewhere. Then get some zombie pigs and other pigs to follow you through so they are in the biome.

  • MagicLemon NeonSSamurai
    MagicLemon NeonSSamurai

    who else randomly found WadZee and could not stop waching

  • Domancave

    The Harry Potter Yule ball music is fantastic 😂 like so random but I love it


    Plot twist:That’s his actual voice and he is disguising it

  • Pi

    U should put ancient debris on the side of the overworld nether

  • Oscar Jessop
    Oscar Jessop

    Its quite funny how he has done all of this building but still has a tiny house

  • 0kIcey

    Y didn’t u use gravel in the sides in u go digging in the nether there’s a shit load of gravel but u have none

  • Bamboozled ghost
    Bamboozled ghost

    Just the fact you missed diamonds. Go for netherite!

  • Rohan Deepak
    Rohan Deepak

    You know you can get obsidian from piglin trading?

    • Rohan Deepak
      Rohan Deepak

      Someone needs to tell him

  • jared maharaj
    jared maharaj

    POV: *when a creative pro plays hardcore* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ꧁Dakota Julius꧂
    ꧁Dakota Julius꧂

    Made a desert in plains or desert in nether or do the opposite. Just a suggestion

  • A ja na 2
    A ja na 2

    Wadzee: *Building Huge... things* Minecraft: Break the tree >:D

  • Wavy Seahorse
    Wavy Seahorse

    This man is sooo dedicated and patient....

  • Mr Animespam
    Mr Animespam

    How you take out all the time like this cotton🤫

  • Shashwat Playz
    Shashwat Playz

    I'm getting triggered at that diamond just lying there at 2:45