So Dream Challenged me to Beat This... (Minecraft, But It's Pitch Black)
Dream Challenged me to beat this pitch black Minecraft challenge, and today we beat it in hardcore! Following dream's latest video where he played minecraft but you can't see, dream actually challenged me to beat it without dying, and as a reward I'll get a kiss on the cheek!
Thanks to Dream for challenging me to do this!
Dream's Original Video:
The Pitch Black Minecraft Challenge has been coded so that every block has a light level of 0, and EVERYTHING is pitch black all the time, on top of that in the nether and the end you can't see very far. Will I manage to beat dream's challenge in hardcore with zero deaths? watch the whole video to find out!
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All music by Kevin Macleod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.

  • Dream

    well... *kisses on cheek*

    • Hananiah Tsubasa (Hananiah) Mata
      Hananiah Tsubasa (Hananiah) Mata

      dream underestamated wadzee but he so good like dream2.0

    • Badman Farhan
      Badman Farhan

      Guys we did it

    • ORANGE GUY 123
      ORANGE GUY 123


    • Arnav Sharma
      Arnav Sharma


    • ItsXxautobtw

      Insert speed run music

  • Andy Oamelda
    Andy Oamelda



    You forgot about the WATER CHECKPOINT 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦

  • LavaX Gamer
    LavaX Gamer

    Nice congrats bro for the complete the challenge

  • Marko Mladenovski
    Marko Mladenovski

    POV:your trying to find a dream comment

  • Bwennen ツ
    Bwennen ツ

    me actually going and checking dream to see if it is not click bait: -_-

  • S Wilson
    S Wilson

    Now I feel for blind people

  • S Wilson
    S Wilson

    When your watching this at 10pm and it looks like this in real life

  • S Wilson
    S Wilson

    Alternate title: Wadzee talking while we’re not knowing what he is talking about

  • shadowpark200

    BRUH, I started watching this video while sober, and I got high, and I couldn't see anything cause it was so dark, I kept trying to refocus and see but then I'd lose it again. This video has been a journey!

  • •Wolf L0ver•
    •Wolf L0ver•


  • manjula nagendra
    manjula nagendra

    12:35 INDIAN Music

  • Brooks


  • Orb


  • Donglei Liu
    Donglei Liu

    Exploring caves are so realistic when you have a torch

  • Shazia Tariq
    Shazia Tariq

    Wadzee: its pitch black Me: where is the ender dragon Others: u cannot see it because the ender dragon is black to so is the end

  • CerTix Gaming
    CerTix Gaming


  • oOoH dReEaAmMm
    oOoH dReEaAmMm

    This whole video was just me seeing my own face😳😭😂

  • CeNedra Lea Heldra
    CeNedra Lea Heldra

    Not much to watch, just like you said.

  • TimothyWasTaken

    Just watched 18 mins of black screen, nice

  • Rishit Maheshwari
    Rishit Maheshwari

    I just watched 18 minutes of black screen

  • Danita Bailey
    Danita Bailey

    Do torches not work?

  • MH - 04KE 870287 Briarwood PS
    MH - 04KE 870287 Briarwood PS

    Minecraft, but it’s a horror game

  • Maarten 22
    Maarten 22

    this is cozy and horrifying at the same thing XD

  • Emily W
    Emily W

    this made me calm while i was crying

  • Badinfernu

    The golden axe is glowing its looks like netherite

  • Saamir Sohail
    Saamir Sohail

    If dream add wadzee in manhunt so he can't beat the game

  • asmo asukas
    asmo asukas

    do xray challenge pls pls

  • Jignesh ::
    Jignesh ::

    i can see my pic on phone nothing else ffffff

  • Wholesome thoughts
    Wholesome thoughts

    This is just a video explaining me lookin for beans at 3.AM

  • Pj Bobilin
    Pj Bobilin

    Just go to a bastón

  • Dani_PRO


  • Maureen Narine
    Maureen Narine

    The dark duuude !👎

  • Martie Josh
    Martie Josh

    *maxes out brightness-*

  • Afroza Bulbul
    Afroza Bulbul

    This tests your hearing capability

  • Napstablook Play
    Napstablook Play

    Alternative title: Green blob challenge col man to mincecraft but you are blind

  • Equanex

    this challenge is gonna be easy for people who use dark mode for every single thing

  • ZiHao Tang
    ZiHao Tang

    doesn't that technichly mean that wadzee is better than dream?

  • Ezbow Larsen
    Ezbow Larsen

    DREAM the best minecraft player dies and wadzee doesn't die once 😄

  • Sam

    *I never knew I can just do the asterisk to make my text bold and I've wasted hours on the generators bruh :/*

  • Natalie Davis
    Natalie Davis

    wad zee loks like lazar beam

  • goofyMAR

    in ur face dream

  • The Only Chicken Dog
    The Only Chicken Dog


  • Nayan Kamath
    Nayan Kamath

    POV: u searched in the chat for dreams comment

  • AMC_Gaming

    WadZee: Gets full iron armor and tools while not being able to see anything in hardcore. Me: constantly sleeping at night on easy mode

  • Joshua Jansen Lips
    Joshua Jansen Lips

    should have made night vision potions

  • Denver Sanico
    Denver Sanico

    Dream team doing normal suvival using pitch black mod and still dies WadZee:imma do it on hardcore to make it more easy

  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh

    Who Wants Wadzee As A Hunter In Dream Manhunt ??

  • Rebecca Symons
    Rebecca Symons

    5:17 Mirkwood

  • Bishwa Rimal
    Bishwa Rimal

    Dream: Nobody can beat it WadZee: Let me introduce myself😁😁

  • Rahul Barman
    Rahul Barman

    This gameplay is as dark as my life is right now

  • Colin Curran
    Colin Curran

    Ummm can’t he use night vision

  • Immortal Gameplay
    Immortal Gameplay

    Me:having trouble beating normal Minecraft Wadzee:I will beat Minecraft in dark and in Hardcore!

  • Francisco Portillo
    Francisco Portillo

    The naughty spark recently groan because racing causally milk from a ordinary page. enormous, mysterious switch


    Wadzee is better than dream dream is on normal mode wadzee is on hard core mode and he is in her own dream is at multi player

  • Owen Morris
    Owen Morris


  • Shashank Menaria
    Shashank Menaria

    I bet when this challenge started ecerybody watching on phone , increased their device brightness 😁😁

  • Naman Agrawal
    Naman Agrawal


  • Grenn Shorts
    Grenn Shorts

    *yo* but _can you do this_ -or even this-

  • Clashing Fever
    Clashing Fever

    12:18 bg music name

  • Evan Mendoza
    Evan Mendoza

    what about one of your cursed mode videos but in this pitch black mode?

  • Mayank Kumar Mittal
    Mayank Kumar Mittal

    His phone be like:NOOOOOOOOOOO

  • CC

    Alternate title: Minecraft but the sun doesn't work

  • Sup nerd ——
    Sup nerd ——


  • Remo Grecko
    Remo Grecko

    I can see myself in the screen. lol

  • Aditya Ramani
    Aditya Ramani

    U are my best Gamer 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  • Dimitur Pashov
    Dimitur Pashov

    Someone: Makes a new Minecraft but it's ... WadZee: Now this looks like a job for me!

  • Kilo


  • YØW TrOoPs
    YØW TrOoPs

    weelll wadzee voice like a dram

    • YØW TrOoPs
      YØW TrOoPs

      dream i mean

  • Ryan The Epic Guy
    Ryan The Epic Guy

    he does realize endermen are everywhere in warped forests right?

  • A Marquis
    A Marquis

    Oh DrEeEaAaAaAmMmMmMm

  • Logan Foster
    Logan Foster

    yesterday I had 3.86k today I had 3.87k tomorrow I'll have 3.88k You pressed read more. have a cookie🍪

  • Daniel Voinea
    Daniel Voinea

    3 mill

  • Carson Shane
    Carson Shane

    never use the pumckin ever again

  • A Ar
    A Ar

    I feel like night vision would have helped


    Minecraft but it’s Alaska

  • Dhiraj Praveen
    Dhiraj Praveen

    Tip guys you can increase your brightness and you can see better

  • Panos k
    Panos k

    video idea: beat minecraft while playing in the background the Everywhere at the end of time, and the game slowly "forgets" whats your purpose there, or what exactly can and cant you do, and you have to finish it fast enough to make it count.

  • The Beast
    The Beast

    Oh ill be waiting

  • Abdulrahman waleed
    Abdulrahman waleed

    this is how a blind person feels i think

  • Animation World
    Animation World

    WadZee is insane

  • cazey

    night cision pots?

  • Daan luchtmeijer
    Daan luchtmeijer

    nice bet.

  • Talen London
    Talen London

    @Dream make wadzee the fifth hunter!!!!

  • Abdullah Baroudi
    Abdullah Baroudi


  • Nils Fliegen
    Nils Fliegen

    Wadzee should join the dream team!!!

  • Hi

    how do u make it look so easy

  • Shoreless

    ultimate chalenge: brightness: Moody + Render distance: 2 + Shadders

  • ZammmTzy

    Bro did you see my dad?

  • bilghates jorolan
    bilghates jorolan

    Wenzee is a hardcore master i think :)

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      Have you ever heard of philza

  • Axel Fritzson-Bajdor
    Axel Fritzson-Bajdor

    Nice challange :D

  • Shubh Ranjan Chakraborty
    Shubh Ranjan Chakraborty

    Wadzee is beating rageelixer 😂

  • RAJANI Tirkey
    RAJANI Tirkey

    If he just had a golden carrot to make night vision....

  • ItsReddify

    the ender trick where you trap it in a boat is such a good strategie ima try that out

  • Millie and Jacob Lol
    Millie and Jacob Lol

    This gives me walking dead vibes

  • Ugly TheDucky
    Ugly TheDucky

    Dream was regreted it, Ofc WadZee is going to be it!

  • SpadeX

    Alternate title: minecraft nightmare fuel

  • Pestosul

    Me:turns phone to the max light level The ad that is waiting for me to turn it: *D I E*

  • Дмитрий Басанский
    Дмитрий Басанский

    0:14 :(

  • Keyden Juega
    Keyden Juega