I Drained an Ocean Monument in Minecraft Hardcore (#37)
Today I am going to be Draining an Ocean Monument in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! I Drained an Ocean Monument in Minecraft and it took me about 16 hours! If you want to figure out how to drain an ocean monument in minecraft make sure to watch this video until the end!
In the next episode I'll be transforming the ocean monument, make sure to leave a comment on how I should transform it!
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  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob


  • Gacha Life
    Gacha Life

    You planted 7,400 melons

  • Kamileq

    N O L I F

  • Julian Rodriguez
    Julian Rodriguez

    I build one of these with a bigger radius and my god it took longer than to get Damascus on cod

  • chris holani
    chris holani

    man he shoulda done blue glass, so it would look like a wall of water, and it'd be harder to see the glass...

  • Andres Gv
    Andres Gv

    pffff... Quien no conoce a @alexelcapo, a cualquier santo le reza...

  • CG Fir3
    CG Fir3

    just watched this video while in braining a monument myself. i feel ur pain brother

  • Neel Raut
    Neel Raut


  • YoyipYT

    I like how you were on beat when placing the sponges!😂 Keep it up bro!

  • Kaitu

    OMFG why when I drained a monument I didn’t thought about using a torch to remove the sand. I’ve wasted a lot of time digging sand

  • Wassim Riahi
    Wassim Riahi

    Try hard😎😎

  • Featherfox

    Philza who?

  • Ttv Jmarcy
    Ttv Jmarcy

    The dedication to do this 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Blue Dolfine
    Blue Dolfine

    i just realized something couldn't he just MADE THE BOARDER FROM GLASS, IT WOULD HAVE SO MUCH EASIER THEN THIS...........

  • Suyash Sharma
    Suyash Sharma

    Those dislikes are from the guardians because he demolished there home 😂

  • Vividxz

    Just a tip you should place the sponge at the bottom

  • Taher Ali
    Taher Ali

    Add animals to the floating island to make it more realistic

  • a

    Keep in mind, if he dies EVEN ONCE the series is over.

  • Sucher Murthy
    Sucher Murthy

    Make it a fifa stadium 🏟

  • Bright.Mp1

    He legit just did a philza

  • the Tacogamr
    the Tacogamr

    You could have made a nether portal right there and skipping the smelting processing.

  • Mingchii Suen
    Mingchii Suen

    An idea maybe: glass seal this whole area


    Next up: dry the entire ocean and replace it with lava

  • Nicolas Garcia Gallardo
    Nicolas Garcia Gallardo

    I cant leave this video without subscribing and giving it a thumbs up

  • Heh

    0:53 why is there water in the nether

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      That’s not water that’s ice

  • Rthecool12

    2:23 “Netherack, that’s a gross block that I probably won’t use for a while...” 4 episodes later and that’s the #1 block he needs lol

  • Dead Vexerian
    Dead Vexerian

    @WadZee, instead of smelting sponges put a portal next to your project and place the sponges down in the nether. They dry instantly instead of waiting to smelt. Anyways have fun and keep up the work :)

  • Savinoir

    3:55 😳

  • Seungwon Ahn
    Seungwon Ahn

    you could have just put a nether portal next to the monument and just dry the sand more faster

  • jeffrey taneo
    jeffrey taneo


  • Thrasher Starke
    Thrasher Starke

    This could’ve been way easier

    • Thrasher Starke
      Thrasher Starke

      @cooper oshima hmmm okay sure

    • cooper oshima
      cooper oshima

      @Thrasher Starke nope, not how it works

    • Thrasher Starke
      Thrasher Starke

      Just cut off all sources of water after creating the border

  • echt ja
    echt ja

    "I did a bit off camera"

  • echt ja
    echt ja

    Know him a while and I'm so happy that he is growing so much in the moment. He definitely deserves it!

  • Nils Daub
    Nils Daub

    Can you pls make a base there

  • sum_er

    I should’ve done that- we found 2 monuments

  • Abhinav Poudel
    Abhinav Poudel

    No one: Wadzee in full netherite: please don’t hurt me

  • Lynn V. Magat
    Lynn V. Magat

    does this monument look familer? to anyone who isdowns.info/lift/knCWhW94ioaOjsk/v-deo

  • Adam Galgaňák
    Adam Galgaňák


  • sedRapid ?
    sedRapid ?

    Can you teach me how to do a circle because I have a monument but I tried to make a circle

  • Haise Le
    Haise Le

    How to make a circle bruh it's hard

  • Readssa Gaming
    Readssa Gaming

    Destroy my world and I take yours pls

  • Dean Schultz
    Dean Schultz

    If you use an invisibility potion they won’t be able to see you

  • Gurjaspal singh Singh
    Gurjaspal singh Singh

    He can must make neither portal near ocean monument and dry sponge 🧽 so easily 🧐🤮

  • LIAR it took 2 seconds 2 subscribe He

  • Bo Chhay
    Bo Chhay

    For ur next vid fill up a desert temple with water

  • wzinxl hightilights
    wzinxl hightilights

    Viniccius 13?

  • IamNotPain BG
    IamNotPain BG

    WadZee:i have biggest melon farm Technoblade:lol too small

    • charbel and the cat
      charbel and the cat

      so true

  • Nithish Kamath
    Nithish Kamath


  • Anne Lowe
    Anne Lowe

    How else finds this crazy that he calls his builds bad 😂

  • LH Heuser
    LH Heuser

    Dessert be like byeeeee

  • pink mouse
    pink mouse

    are you... wadzee... just, well... click it then you'll know but wadzee already knows 3:55

  • Deadly Da Noob
    Deadly Da Noob

    I drained 2 ocean monuments in my Deadly SMP world

  • Jay jay Is king
    Jay jay Is king


  • Shaunna Akers
    Shaunna Akers

    I tried this and it’s a nitemare

  • XxGaming BurritoxX
    XxGaming BurritoxX

    My respect for this guy after this: 📈📈📈

  • Deathroid Gaming
    Deathroid Gaming

    I have done the same thing but in creative using world edit 😂😂😂

  • ToothTheWolfDragon


  • Helena Sá
    Helena Sá

    do you ever sleep?? like just out of curiosity ..

  • Wraith Omen
    Wraith Omen

    The amount of time it must've taken to drain the monument. I can respect a man with that kind of determination.

  • Wasif Zafar
    Wasif Zafar

    make a temple

  • Sir yeetetson Boiii
    Sir yeetetson Boiii

    Him “you know the drill melon time” me starts dancing

  • Ephraim Guidry
    Ephraim Guidry

    wadzee needs a super smelter

  • Ephraim Guidry
    Ephraim Guidry

    you could have used dispensers. but good job:)

  • RUBiKS Op
    RUBiKS Op


  • Joselauro Trujilloramos
    Joselauro Trujilloramos

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  • Super GamerYTB
    Super GamerYTB

    I think you can just cover the top of the circle and the water will go away

  • postmanpats gaming channel
    postmanpats gaming channel

    What r good abt melons again I forgot

  • Grow house 420
    Grow house 420

    Make a jungle and farm there

  • Jaheem Williams
    Jaheem Williams

    How do you enchant your weapons to look like that

  • Yvan Pagulayan
    Yvan Pagulayan

    Water on nether O-O

  • Tristin Penner
    Tristin Penner

    I dropped a sub for this bro. Great dedication

  • White storm gaming
    White storm gaming

    Hey wadzee there are some creators who copies you without giving credits you should take action against s the Teddy gaming Baaz gaming

  • L30pard 12
    L30pard 12

    dude i am right in the process of draining a 256x256 circle around an ocean monument and it is hard i feel the pain you must have felt...

  • mary Razatos
    mary Razatos

    this vidio is so cool and sorry you had so much work to do!!!!

  • Shahina Jasmin
    Shahina Jasmin

    I watched your 100 days series

  • ChaiT

    Credit to loony

    • ChaiT

      @Rhett Mueller credit to philza

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      Looney didn’t invent the draining ocean monument trend philza did

  • Royal Gamer KR
    Royal Gamer KR

    My farm in mc is such big that if I have to grow melon while planting all row the first Row's melons are growned

  • Benio Careca
    Benio Careca

    Acho impressionante sua dedicação Gosto muito dos seus vídeos 🇧🇷 Um salve pro Brasil

  • Legión Gamer
    Legión Gamer

    One question I don’t know if you said this in the vid but how big is the circle of sand?? It’s because I want to do it in my world :)


    look like you just used 2 million sand for monument

  • Liberaltango

    Meanwhile my friend and I are doing this... with 34 sponges and no shulkers

  • Nujood Khalil
    Nujood Khalil

    I've been watching you since the first day of harcore

  • Savage13579 Fortnite
    Savage13579 Fortnite

    37x200 is 7400... you have 7400+ watermelons!

  • Nikola Bezstrashni
    Nikola Bezstrashni

    You could say that this task was MONUMENTAL.

    • LH Heuser
      LH Heuser



    This is beyond my patient 🥵

  • myrddyn

    The best way I have found to drain a temple is using a 4x4 sections, diving down the the ocean floor, building up a single sand block, and place a sponge on top. break the sponge, remove sand down into the water and place sponge. rinse and repeat.

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      It’s also good to put leaves in rows every 3 blocks

  • Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy

    The Commitment is Unreal 🤠

  • Unvaded

    I drained one today and put it in a glass sphere. Idk why lol

    • Unvaded

      @Rhett Mueller oh thanks lol

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      @Unvaded you can also make gardian and slime farms

    • Unvaded

      @Rhett Mueller i mean u sure? i did it

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      You can’t drain an ocean monument in one day it’s physically impossible

  • Vlad Mastan
    Vlad Mastan


  • och-er nee
    och-er nee

    sand, ideal to hold water back

  • AOT FAN 8888
    AOT FAN 8888

    its attack on titan😮


    2067 WadZee:”I drained an Ocean monument In REAL LIFE”


    Some minutes ago WadZee: “This is gonna be easy” After WadZee: “This is annoying”

    • Cherry Ann Hernandez
      Cherry Ann Hernandez

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    • Akhrorov Ilkhom
      Akhrorov Ilkhom

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    2050: I beat minecraft in real life

  • Gerardo Gomez
    Gerardo Gomez

    You should make it into an ocean biome

  • michelle kristensen
    michelle kristensen

    How big is the circle

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      It looks about 100x100

  • Yes No
    Yes No

    First video I have watched and be one of my fav

  • mayday

    Next vid being drainin the overworld turn into neher

  • Chengyou JIAO
    Chengyou JIAO

    30149th comment!

  • -_Egor RUS_-
    -_Egor RUS_-

    ou may gat