UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! (#35)
In this video I got UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 35 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series, Today I Built a Gold Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE Gold! I also built an Automatic Piglin Trading Farm for all my gold & I became the RICHEST Hardcore Minecraft Player! Want to find out how to get unlimited gold in minecraft hardcore? Watch the whole video to find out!
Gold Farm Tutorial:
"Minecraft Gold Farm for 1.16 - Easy and Efficient Build Design"
Watch the Series from Episode 1:
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  • Guo Zixuan
    Guo Zixuan

    netherite farm?

  • Mangesh Deshmukh
    Mangesh Deshmukh

    You can trade rotten flesh to a cleric

  • Alp Tuna Tuncer
    Alp Tuna Tuncer

    You can make an item sorter and connect the rotten flesh part to a dropper (or a bunch of them since there is so much rotten flesh) and make a clock circuit that throws all the rotten flesh into lava or fire

  • Mats Moelard
    Mats Moelard

    A cleric buys rotten flesh

  • George Adams
    George Adams

    _2000 Days and Nights in Minecraft is:_ *666* hours, *27.7* days, *3.9* weeks, *0.91* months (roughly), *0.075* years, *0.0075* decades, *0.00075* centuries.

  • Mohamed Saalif
    Mohamed Saalif

    build a death star from starwars out of melons

  • OhAhPickles

    It doesn’t work on my 1.16.5 wersion

  • WhyFive

    This is the Minecraft police I am officer WhyFive um.... you have broken 2 laws not just one but two.... um you need to save your words for the judge aka notch you are up to between 2 and 11 years in jail and you have first broken the rule of going above bedrock and breaking bedrock.. no no no save it for the judge bye....

  • Ferdinand Abellera
    Ferdinand Abellera

    Mellon box

  • Emil Hogrefe
    Emil Hogrefe

    You are the richest you have a netherite beakon

  • xD0p

    LTN Should keep up... Melon idea: make a statue of liberty with melons idea: War with LTN who will raech 10 thousand days first

  • mikey d
    mikey d


  • Alonso Reyes
    Alonso Reyes

    A giants melon out of melon blocks

  • Hilmi wahid Abdul Aziz
    Hilmi wahid Abdul Aziz

    cool im like pigman farm

  • Andria Pilieri-White
    Andria Pilieri-White

    Make a big melon out of melons

  • end Lord
    end Lord

    You should make a planet out of melons

  • Bodhi Baldwin
    Bodhi Baldwin

    What’s next a diamond farm?

  • Terry West
    Terry West

    I feel like wadzee needs more subs then 3.15M because he puts so much effort into everything he does

  • Kenny ?
    Kenny ?

    Build a melon block out of melons to sky limit

  • ghost king gaming
    ghost king gaming

    Make a House of the melons

  • Oreo Overseer
    Oreo Overseer

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the music

  • Renveer kang
    Renveer kang

    no, it dose not look tasty my man

  • Renveer kang
    Renveer kang

    sell you mellons to villgwers ?

  • oliver knowles
    oliver knowles

    make a melon house

  • A Tree
    A Tree

    "What are they so scared of?" meanwhile he is wearing full netherite prot 4 and a sharp 5 fire aspect sword. i wonder why they are scared

  • Gamer Craft
    Gamer Craft

    A melon castle!!!!

  • Kieran Boy
    Kieran Boy

    why didn’t you shift while mining the magma

  • cookie gamer
    cookie gamer

    Why not a lady of liberty statue made from melons

  • FaZe_ObaMa

    99.9% for the sub watch

  • Ten Co Snědl Chleba
    Ten Co Snědl Chleba

    Villagers trading emeralds for roten flesh


    build a giant melon house out of melon

  • 501st Productions
    501st Productions

    Make viliger trades with melon

  • Sanjita Nare
    Sanjita Nare

    Is it possible to make infinite diamonds??

  • Lachlan Barry
    Lachlan Barry

    then he dies..

  • Abdul hadi
    Abdul hadi


  • Makayla

    Am I the only one who didn’t know you can get turtle eggs?

  • professi

    make a giant melon build

  • Aoron Ulsemuul Ngwal
    Aoron Ulsemuul Ngwal

    man how 'bout an automatic villiger melon trading farm and if this gets 100 likes he has to do it

  • Tony and Margaret Westley
    Tony and Margaret Westley

    malon wadzee

  • Jamie Guthrie
    Jamie Guthrie

    Make more dog's

  • jashive zanudo
    jashive zanudo

    Email in the sky scraper

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    Mellon city

  • Ingrid Allstrom Anderson
    Ingrid Allstrom Anderson

    melon pit

  • Vijoy Khatri
    Vijoy Khatri

    melon city

  • NollamaDrama

    melon castle

  • Katie Huber
    Katie Huber

    use the rotten flesh to trade to clerics for unlimited emeralds too

  • tissip

    make a HUGE melon out of melons

  • Newfie16

    Can you still break the bedrock with dark oak saplings?

  • twitch hipootje
    twitch hipootje

    get a cleric and trade ur rotten flesh


    Melon factoryyyy

  • Kristupas Games
    Kristupas Games

    you should build a wah wah army logo out of the melons in the sky

  • owen mai
    owen mai

    can u make a ALL OF THE ORES farm?

  • owen mai
    owen mai

    melon tower

  • Gretgor

    I gotta wonder, how does WadZee manage to make something as tedious as building a monster farm into a fun and entertaining video? Cuz he always manages, somehow!

  • Tobias Mudra
    Tobias Mudra

    you shoul make a giant mellom filled with melons

  • Der Rotsteiner
    Der Rotsteiner

    Brett means plank in german XD

  • Der Rotsteiner
    Der Rotsteiner

    17:23 The redstone that you've built there was not complex at all

  • armaan siddiqi
    armaan siddiqi

    why didnt he just buy golden carrots from villagers


    This is very good 😀😀😀👍👍❤️🤭🍌😋🤪😀😃😄😁😆

  • BillCypher 1388
    BillCypher 1388

    Use the rotten flesh to trade with cleric for emeralds.

  • Nike Gamer
    Nike Gamer

    Rotten flesh trade those with cleric

  • Nike Gamer
    Nike Gamer

    Trade with cleric

  • H Polinder
    H Polinder

    Make a Melon shop

  • Charlie Archer05
    Charlie Archer05

    Melon tower

  • Morris Meinema
    Morris Meinema

    Hey wadzee you should make al mellon castle of melons ofc end a redstone melon door ;) gg (love your channel)

  • Aidan Yepez
    Aidan Yepez

    Clerics buy these

  • Nik Hig
    Nik Hig

    You need to give us a tutorial of some of the builds like the automatic trading system

  • Ali Chughtai
    Ali Chughtai

    Build a GIANT melon

  • Codey Slater
    Codey Slater

    Is it just me that kinda gets just bored at night so I watch him

  • Christopher Agudo
    Christopher Agudo

    Video idea: biuld a raid farm for infinite totems?

  • Tiger Mos*
    Tiger Mos*

    Me in before 2015:I just build an gold house and back to game mode survival and say to my friend it was made of survival👁️👄👁️

  • Lexie Simpson
    Lexie Simpson

    You should build a giant melon out of melons

  • The Fridodo
    The Fridodo

    Make a Giant Melon golem - like a iron golem but instead of iron there are melons

  • Amistrophy

    U can feed doggo with rotten flesh

  • Amistrophy

    4:50 Wait couldn't you just build another nether portal

  • Retaliate

    who would win in a Minecraft fight Like = WadZee Comment = PewDiePie

  • Dustin Morgan
    Dustin Morgan

    he should get super hungry and eat them all

  • Rafael Gonçalves
    Rafael Gonçalves

    I know what to do with the rotten flesh. Cleric villager, more emeralds

  • SmashBash Josh
    SmashBash Josh

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  • Aloe Vera Games & Films
    Aloe Vera Games & Films

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  • Wut Cat
    Wut Cat

    I respec he actualy put the like in the description

  • A. Adithya Guru
    A. Adithya Guru

    Gold digger

  • Gigen Wang
    Gigen Wang

    Your next building for the city should be just melons

  • David Conceição
    David Conceição

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  • Aditya Malviya
    Aditya Malviya

    you can make your own gold castle

  • why? why?
    why? why?

    Build big mellon

  • Krista Hughes
    Krista Hughes

    Trade the rotten flesh for emeralds

  • Lamija Korajlic
    Lamija Korajlic

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  • mayank

    Bro if your are legit then you are best

  • Roddhhh

  • jacqueline jara
    jacqueline jara

    it dem


    Hmm, trade them for ABSOLUTE PROFITS and make a emerald house

  • Olive Consumer
    Olive Consumer

    You should probaly turn the fog of.

  • Wookiee gaming
    Wookiee gaming

    Who else has sweaty hands when a ghast comes

  • Salmon Gaming
    Salmon Gaming

    If we combine the world of stampylonghead, wadzee, philza, fru, and dream smp, it will be GINORMOUS

  • William Waterfield
    William Waterfield

    I had just died in my hardcore world and was really mad but then I started watching this video and it made me feel a lot better. So thank u

  • Alexander Rieken
    Alexander Rieken

    Make a Melon factory

  • Faulkal

    First walker enchant would help out well when placing magma blocks. No damage when walking in them!

  • Aj Schaare
    Aj Schaare

    bild a gint malln and make a gint cict of mallns

  • Will Brush
    Will Brush


i was killed..
1,3 m.