UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! (#35)
In this video I got UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 35 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series, Today I Built a Gold Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE Gold! I also built an Automatic Piglin Trading Farm for all my gold \u0026 I became the RICHEST Hardcore Minecraft Player! Want to find out how to get unlimited gold in minecraft hardcore? Watch the whole video to find out!

Gold Farm Tutorial:
"Minecraft Gold Farm for 1.16 - Easy and Efficient Build Design"

Watch the Series from Episode 1:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7z9M​​ ...

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  • Simonice 99
    Simonice 99

    You can trade rotten flesh with a cleric villager

  • The Haley’s Haley
    The Haley’s Haley

    You help the popularity

  • Sydney Hock
    Sydney Hock

    Melon mansion

  • Aarush Sharma
    Aarush Sharma

    Build a mansion out of melons

  • ExecuteOpus66

    Pewdiepie Episode 35: Infinite Gold Wadzee Episode 35: Infinite Gold kinda sus

  • Willow Davis
    Willow Davis

    Oh no......now he may get as much carrots as he does melons....hes planning on expanding his carrots....

  • Dr.shailaja Veeresh
    Dr.shailaja Veeresh

    How about a melon city

  • wewewe. clocloc
    wewewe. clocloc

    build a melon in melons; WAH WAH CLOCLOC

  • FF Boy Gaming
    FF Boy Gaming

    melon statue from melon

  • Harsh Soni
    Harsh Soni

    My gold farm is triple than yours farm. My gold farm produces around 317/hour. It's a portal based gold farm and has 34 spawning layers. Because of portals, the portals make the farm so efficient.

    • Boughton360 _
      Boughton360 _


    • Harsh Soni
      Harsh Soni

      He made 4 farm 1. 650 ingots per hour made in this video 2. 1200 ingots per hour which is very large in size e 3. 300 blocks per hour which I made and the last which is made by gnembon which produced 600 blocks per hour( when used a looting 3 sword) otherwise 150 blocks per hour so my farm is best

    • Harsh Soni
      Harsh Soni

      This tutorial is by shulkercraft

    • Harsh Soni
      Harsh Soni

      Because it's portal based

    • Harsh Soni
      Harsh Soni

      Total 317 gold blocks per hour

  • Bugatti Chiron
    Bugatti Chiron

    9:08 me just vibin to the music

  • Nick Chord
    Nick Chord

    Build a massive melon with melons

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh

    Hi wadzee... Am you big fan form India please beat the game without touching grass block... But you can touch dirt and other blocks please make video on it...❣️👌👌

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh

    Hi wadzee... Am you big fan form India please beat the game without touching grass block... But you can touch dirt and other blocks please make video on it...❣️👌👌

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh

    Hi wadzee... Am you big fan form India please beat the game without touching grass block... But you can touch dirt and other blocks please make video on it...❣️👌👌

  • jim log
    jim log

    No one: 8 year old me: 22:35

  • Sehajdeep Sikka
    Sehajdeep Sikka

    Is it necessary we have to go above bed Rock????

  • ILikeFrogs00

    The gold house looks like a 5 yr olds first Minecraft house in creative

  • CJ Media
    CJ Media

    what about a melon tower

  • Abdullah Mumin
    Abdullah Mumin

    You should build a giant melon made of the melons

  • Ulises Leon
    Ulises Leon

    I know I’m very late but the cleric villager sells emeralds for rotten flesh

  • Neo gozer
    Neo gozer

    Make a MELON BIOME whit a MELON CASTEL!!!

  • Kim Guest
    Kim Guest

    Freckles is here

  • popcorn omg
    popcorn omg

    The pig men are like mine no mine MINE MINE MINE SSSSSTTTTTOOOOOPPPPP

  • Lucas R0123
    Lucas R0123

    Notice he droppd the ACCENT

  • Guythre _
    Guythre _

    Should of made a food farm in the nether for unlimited pork

  • Bayfam number1
    Bayfam number1

    You should make a giant melon out of all the melons with a melon crown on top but I'm a few months late🤣

  • Shock Mock
    Shock Mock

    Petition to add wadzee to hermitcraft

  • Snow King
    Snow King

    #Hardcoreidea make your head (or your whole skin) with melons from your melon farm.

  • Joanna Wilson
    Joanna Wilson

    Why can't I build on top of the nether :(

  • BlackWolf 22
    BlackWolf 22

    I joined the wawa army

  • bqng XD
    bqng XD

    would anyone know why my eggs are not working

  • abcal213

    I feel bad for the desert ngl

  • Rick Jensen
    Rick Jensen

    Buy the golden carrots from farmer villagers

  • Terra Was Still Failuringed For An Eternity
    Terra Was Still Failuringed For An Eternity

    Wadzee: "what are they scared of?" meanwhile, there are multiple zombified piglins standing there, menacingly (piglins are scared of zombified piglins) EDIT: they are also scared of soul fire, and I think wither skeletons too

  • Kevin Hoy
    Kevin Hoy

    Make a melon factory

  • Billybob

    imagine if he did this before he grinded the nethorite beacon did you see how much nethorite was in the chest 21:57

  • Annette Garmon
    Annette Garmon

    a melon kingdom

  • Philo

    Intro music is very noice

  • TITAN gaming
    TITAN gaming

    Creative 😐 if the piglin died why did not you find the sword?

  • Bacon Egs
    Bacon Egs

    The stained glass looks like a qr code

  • Xx Hepatitous xX
    Xx Hepatitous xX

    you have the best intro mate

  • Evan Nadler
    Evan Nadler

    Make the flesh trade with clerics

  • Goated Punisher
    Goated Punisher

    Tutorial for the piglin trade farm?

  • Team Eclipse
    Team Eclipse

    make a bone meal farm

  • 100k_ kevstsh
    100k_ kevstsh

    Trade for emeralds and make a second emerald beacon as a flex

  • Amir Neupane
    Amir Neupane

    Dude u can trade Rotten flesh with the villagers.

  • Raymond Champion
    Raymond Champion

    A shit ton of farmers with the Mellon trade


    Ur fire on Redstone man

  • vyrto


  • Giovanny Fields
    Giovanny Fields

    I just thought he could use the same filter system to get only gold in the gold farm and the same for rotten flesh he can then make a dropper system which is connected to the chest with rotten flesh to constantly remove the rotten fleash

  • Gabriel


  • lolza1

    you gotta love that low key among us sound effect.

  • Colton Gillespie
    Colton Gillespie

    TrAde flesh with clerics

  • U Zaw Zaw
    U Zaw Zaw

    You can trade with villager with rotten flesh

  • Alan Yeong
    Alan Yeong

    build a big melon with those melons

  • Cataclysm

    3:32 Sad Bedrock Sounds.

  • Fade

    Wadzee:we need to save turtles We see:Wadzee breaking turtle eggs

  • RicRicRic

    Turn the desert into a nuceular bomb site with a giant bomb sitting in the middle

  • Adhithya K
    Adhithya K

    Prockchop and cake fills you hunger bar the most

  • N30NBLU

    make a melon beacon

  • Yassin hasni
    Yassin hasni

    why r u gay

  • Funny Tik Toks
    Funny Tik Toks

    You can trade the rotten flesh for emeralds with a cleric.

  • Akshat

    Total 1,083 gold Ingot

  • Gaming On Edge
    Gaming On Edge

    Build a melon

  • Emilio Emca
    Emilio Emca

    @WadZee you can trade the rotten flesh to some clerics to get emeralds

  • Mr.WeakKnees

    Do an emerald farm get some melon men villagers and get rich

  • Obi Sindora
    Obi Sindora

    what you can do with the rotten flesh is there is a villager trade where they take rotten flesh

  • Fortnite_ Clipz
    Fortnite_ Clipz

    Maybe you could build a secondary house out of melons or you could sell them for emeralds. You can also use the rotting flesh for emeralds. You’ll have to sell it to a cleric

  • EvanVerse

    Btw the piglins are scared because you are wearing netherrite

  • Yaakob Pirus
    Yaakob Pirus

    Trade the rotten flesh with a clerk villager tho.

  • Retnuh

    Make an automatic carrot farm using villagers

  • Retnuh

    Rotten flesh is good for trading with villagers

  • Wilman cubing
    Wilman cubing

    Build a giant melon to store your melons

  • Avengers Fans
    Avengers Fans

    You can connect the gold farm with piglin farm it will be very nice u just dont have to get golds and give them to piglin

  • LorEnzoS edit
    LorEnzoS edit

    magma bloCCC!ks

  • angel samrin
    angel samrin

    The clever shock methodically trust because meter reciprocally bare concerning a icy joseph. abandoned, chunky daniel

  • Haha123

    LTN holds the title

  • donee young
    donee young

    build a statue of you out of melons

  • Junayed Rafi
    Junayed Rafi

    Melon City?

  • Island Tours
    Island Tours

    how do you make a auto sorting system ? can u maybe tag the video you watched or make a tutorial on some builds

  • Sara Arfinn
    Sara Arfinn

    WadZee: What I'm about to do, is about to break so many Minecraft laws Dream: *Are you sure about that*


    You can make a sorting machine to take away the r o t t e n. f l e s h

  • Avduzkan_Gaming

    Me after seen the melon mansion


    Who is here after the melon mansion 😂

  • Eliah Urschel
    Eliah Urschel

    WadZee: magma blocks are so annoying Me: uses frost walker

  • ArmedPencil

    Replace everything you have built with melons

  • XxWitherSkullxX

    Trade the rotten flesh with cleric

  • Kevin Li
    Kevin Li

    The pitman is spinning around at the top of the nether for some reason. Maybe it’s freaked out...

  • Håkon Øverby
    Håkon Øverby

    You can bulid your skin with melons

  • Mohit Rawat
    Mohit Rawat

    u can trade rotten flesh to the potions villager

  • ananymous

    He can make a iron farm from the melting iron shoes

  • Meho mrzic
    Meho mrzic

    bild a bigg melon

  • T H E - W O L F
    T H E - W O L F


  • cfwwille

    You can trade With a Claric vileger

    • cfwwille

      Rotten flesh

  • Pedro C. B.
    Pedro C. B.

    In case of getting stuck, why not carry flint and steel and obsidian for a new portal?

  • AstralPlayz

    You should sell the rotten flesh to clerics, and make a village at your base.

  • Greg Nelson
    Greg Nelson


  • tracy crisp
    tracy crisp

    trade the melons with a farmer and get a heap of emeralds

  • Abody Salah
    Abody Salah

    make an another melon mansion