I Completed the 'How Did We Get Here?' Advancement in Minecraft HARDCORE, and completing every advancement in minecraft hardcore. This is the finale of my achievement hunting in Minecraft as after completing how did we get here I have now completed every achievement in minecraft hardcore. Do you want to learn how to do how did we get here in Minecraft? Watch the whole video to find out!
★ The two achievements I completed today are: Arbalistic (kill 5 unique mobs with one arrow) & How Did We Get Here (have Every status effect in minecraft at one time)
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  • WadZee

    Lmao since I keep getting comments about command blocks... that was CLEARLY a different world (look at the hearts) I mentioned in the video I spent hours practicing and since I had footage of that I wanted to use it somewhere lol

    • Carla Dakin
      Carla Dakin

      I want to play but I can’t because I don’t have a ISdowns channel

    • Rhea jienarine
      Rhea jienarine

      I love da Melon farm

    • Noah Ferec
      Noah Ferec

      @Dylan Mandy 205th to reply 😃

    • Noah Ferec
      Noah Ferec

      @Dylan Mandy lol

    • Teo Diaz
      Teo Diaz

      @Dylan Mandy why?

  • xdanims

    How did they even find out an achievement called “How Did We Get Here”?


    Congrats wadzee🥰🥰🥰

  • Carla Dakin
    Carla Dakin

    I want to play with you but I can’t because I don’t have a ISdowns channel

  • Vignesh dessai
    Vignesh dessai

    14:44 I saw 2 command block

  • Tekno Bisküvi
    Tekno Bisküvi

    14:44 command blocks Series are fake

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      It’s so obvious it was in a different world

  • Roboboi_101

    14:44 I see you cheating there with some command blocks

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      Read the pinned comment idiot

  • Kácske


  • BlackEyedIncubus

    Imagine the shulker would've killed itself after all this work...

  • mayank

    You could have used leash for shocker

  • Henry Cea
    Henry Cea

    Wadzee:OH MY OD WE DID IT THIS TOOK 2 DAYS OF PREPERATION BUT WE FINNALLY DID IT Me in creative mode: I can build that in 5 minutes tops

  • Rico Riosa
    Rico Riosa


  • Derek Poirier
    Derek Poirier

    It sounds like wadzee is reading those medicen comershals where the read the simtems realy fast

  • Teodor Soltan
    Teodor Soltan

    Why are command blocks at minute 14:55?

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      It’s a different world

  • Grace Chapman
    Grace Chapman

    Suggestion i think if you put lead on boat and fly maybe??

  • First

    I like how he is doing the arbalistic achievement with hostile mobs, not friendly mobs

  • La Reina
    La Reina

    You can trap a shulker in a boat!?

  • GameRify

    U deserve a subscribe

  • Nqaba Nyathi
    Nqaba Nyathi

    Should have gotten bad omen before mining fatigue

  • Nqaba Nyathi
    Nqaba Nyathi

    6:54 he can actually use leads Instead of the pain

  • Rhea jienarine
    Rhea jienarine

    No plz don't end the episode plz wadzee

  • Legión Gamer
    Legión Gamer

    I like how the last part even when he is getting the achuevement the part in the video is called suspicious stew

  • Edrick Jace Requiza
    Edrick Jace Requiza

    Stop copying

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      How is it copying he just got an advancement that’s like saying I can’t speak Spanish because it’s copying Mexico

  • Ivana Mladenovska
    Ivana Mladenovska


  • Ivana Mladenovska
    Ivana Mladenovska

    ti si laki no eden den ti ke bides guubitnik ako mislis deka ova e laga ne tuku si ja smeniv slikata i ti ke bides gubitnik

  • Ivana Mladenovska
    Ivana Mladenovska

    gp gp gp

  • Killgor

    Thumbnail: has how did we get here achievement Me: do you have 90 minutes😂

  • Obamaspuebes

    Is it normal that I made a new hard world and got full netherite enchanted armor in 17 hours playing 12 hours the first day and 5 today

  • Luis Castillo
    Luis Castillo

    I subscribed

  • Kish Amzi Cornel
    Kish Amzi Cornel

    pufferfish meme sans

  • Bianca Playz
    Bianca Playz

    melon king

  • Abeer Khan
    Abeer Khan

    Wadzee to dolphin : pls come here The dolphin : ahhhhh ahhh 😂

  • Blake Lim
    Blake Lim

    How did we get here?

  • vattenmelonen69

    i can´t believe he actually took a shulker to the overworld

  • Thomas Usi
    Thomas Usi

    hey @wadzee you could just use rails to go faster

  • aj barliw
    aj barliw

    can u make a beacon out of beacons

    • Peter F.
      Peter F.


  • Johan-Frederik Gaming
    Johan-Frederik Gaming

    14:44 a command block wtf

    • Giovanni Pope
      Giovanni Pope

      Did u read the pinned comment? That was a different world, that was not his hardcore world, That was a practice world

  • Syt Fang
    Syt Fang

    Mans got a netherite beacon before all the achievments

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar

    wadnoob or wadpro what u guys think

  • RUDI Gdynia
    RUDI Gdynia

    14:44 comand blocks?

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      Yeah it’s a different world

  • SHAHAR azari
    SHAHAR azari

    14:44 command block

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      It’s not in his hardcore world

  • shannon uwu
    shannon uwu

    I got that achievement but I got it from mining diamonds

  • Nila Darshan
    Nila Darshan

    U go to a desert and the hush will hit you u get hungry

  • Jho- Rence-Zhele Santiago
    Jho- Rence-Zhele Santiago


  • Max Collazo
    Max Collazo

    I was eating gold fish watching this video when the exact flavor of goldfish I was eating popped up after I clicked this video

  • Pich Minecrafter
    Pich Minecrafter

    this is what we called "Beat Minecraft"

  • Abhimanyu Agrawal
    Abhimanyu Agrawal

    You can leash the boat

  • Yenom Playz
    Yenom Playz

    This is what minecraft meant by the end being the beginning.

  • DunkSHoW


  • Ting Ting Yang
    Ting Ting Yang

    Yay I completed that advancement using cheats 🤣

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      How did he cheat

  • Donna Washington
    Donna Washington

    The lucky study occasionally snatch because biology hisologically examine times a long chive. sad, anxious badger

  • Online Kursum
    Online Kursum

    Five try’s for it

  • Online Kursum
    Online Kursum

    The first try has to be with each mob five zombies skeletons and creepers and pillagers and drowns (sorry for so much ands)

  • I like Among us
    I like Among us

    Face reveal

    • Peter F.
      Peter F.

      he already did

  • rhianon banner
    rhianon banner

    Love the music I the videos

  • E Sutton
    E Sutton

    I really like the music intro I really love it

  • Ben Chen
    Ben Chen

    If know SB he done 2 times

  • Avery Schaefffer
    Avery Schaefffer

    Yup just don't talk about the command blocks

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      That’s not his hardcore world dummy

  • Eggbox99

    Did Anyone noticed a command blocks

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      Read the pinned comment

  • Stda_n

    The finest of food is a mellon I say wile eating pizza.

  • ツHappyFaceツ

    1:34 Lazarbeam is proud of you

  • Seth

    Couldnt you use ice through the end so its faster

  • Lorcan Crowther
    Lorcan Crowther

    Why is it 200 hundred mellons

  • McCullough Garris
    McCullough Garris

    The broken santa conservatively cheat because case exemplarily poke alongside a lonely crime. painstaking, two capital

  • memeistry

    he used command block 14:55

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      He’s not in his hardcore world

  • parbhjot gamer
    parbhjot gamer

    Used command block

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      He’s not in his hardcore world

  • Albara Al-Qasir
    Albara Al-Qasir

    No turtle master

  • lack jeff
    lack jeff

    oh yeah they removed the super sonic acheivment it was way too hard you had to go supersonic through a 1x1 hole while wearing elytra going like 47 blocks per second

    • Ruhan P Madhu
      Ruhan P Madhu

      supersonic is a bedrock achievement. Also if you search up how to do supersonic, you can easily do it

  • Pj Bobilin
    Pj Bobilin

    This is sooo coolll!!

    • Cling amit
      Cling amit

      I am not a hater but he used command block

  • Stephen Pinto
    Stephen Pinto

    You did not eat the notch apple

    • Ruhan P Madhu
      Ruhan P Madhu

      he didn't need to

  • BG bori 343
    BG bori 343

    I was today years old when I learned that suspicious stew is craftable

  • Peter Suhachenski
    Peter Suhachenski

    The alluring profit nutritionally care because toothbrush ordinarily launch of a berserk bee. jazzy, silent myanmar

  • Hard farming
    Hard farming


  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye

    Why was there a command block

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      It was a test

  • LennyTheFace

    2:32 *wait wh*

  • Hassan Q
    Hassan Q

    I've not been watching you for a year I'm happy your still playing and using your wah wah tools and your still expanding the melon farm

  • nafnroka

    I'm in no way prepared for this advancement but I'd like to point out you can get hungry very quickly by jumping in a 2x1 if that's useful to anyone


    this was my favorite serie of planting melons because the song that was playing in backround was my rest bell at school

  • bukodtangi1

    when you try to make the biggest watermelon farm is gonna breack your pc and crash

  • Ian Wong
    Ian Wong

    Fun fact: the arbalistic achievement could have been done with passive mobs, so wadzee really just complicated things...

  • McDonald's

    What song is that while you planting???

  • Aundry Ann Enriquez
    Aundry Ann Enriquez

    Look at 14:43 you will see command block

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      He’s not in his hardcore world


    There was a command block wtf

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      He’s not in his hardcore world

    • Giovanni Pope
      Giovanni Pope

      U good?

  • Isaac Whitlock
    Isaac Whitlock

    When i click on this vid without seeing any of the seris: how did i get here?

  • xd bigburger
    xd bigburger

    That boat must have 3000 hp jeez

  • William Huynh
    William Huynh

    imagine accidentally drinking milk when ur about to get the last effect

    • Klaudijus Ambraziūnas
      Klaudijus Ambraziūnas

      I can't even imagine The pain

  • Lightning THUNDER
    Lightning THUNDER

    How the hell u have the patience to do this

  • Nuclear N8
    Nuclear N8

    I can’t even do it in creative

  • Luca 96
    Luca 96


  • Freju

    The shulker... hes Cute in the box

  • BonnieRabbitYT

    Creative Mode Ez

  • Aalya Verma
    Aalya Verma

    there is a camand block

    • Rhett Mueller
      Rhett Mueller

      Read the pinned comment

    • Oliver Lambert
      Oliver Lambert

      That was in a different world... read the pinned comment lol

  • Art Krumins
    Art Krumins

    Wadzee wonders why the shulker is going psycho after he abducted it from it's home and is going to take it to another dimension.

  • Yeji Woo
    Yeji Woo

    wait isnt there an end city u have to go through

  • Simon ghost Riley
    Simon ghost Riley

    U could've done the arbalistic advancement with passive creatures

  • LeftShark420

    *man arrested for screaming stonks outside of GameStop for 48 hours while high on pcp, weed, cocaine, and acid* achievement unlocked how did we get here

  • DSO_dido

    Fun fact u could’ve killed urself to use the totem of undying which gives u like a lot of effects I don’t remember all of them but yeah

  • Cookie

    14:49 is that a comand block!?

    • Giovanni Pope
      Giovanni Pope


  • It’s Will YT
    It’s Will YT

    My brain during this: myhoymynoymanoynou

  • Adrian the gamer26
    Adrian the gamer26

    You are the best I watch you everyday!!

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