Minecraft, but EVERYTHING is a Time Bomb...
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In this video I try beating Minecraft but everything is a time bomb. This is the Minecraft time bomb datapack created by iGrantastic. This datapack makes it so EVERYTHING in Minecraft Explodes after a short amount of time. Will I be able to beat Minecraft but everything explodes? watch the whole video to find out!


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    black_angel 365

    I want woter checkpoint

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    Win Moe Oo

    Imagine lava and water are both time bombs 💣

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    Cody Ferguson

    6:16 wadzee: this is so much iron Me: I found a 24 vein

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    00:34 good day to u too

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    Benjamin Angulo

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    Moeen makhoul

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  • Go Away
    Go Away

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    Alternative title : everything is creeper

  • Muffin Bruv
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  • Sakshi Jadhav
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  • Mamodo GaminG
    Mamodo GaminG

    Why are you using axe when you have enchanted sword

    • Hoa Quach
      Hoa Quach

      ...With sweeping edge 2? The axe is more powerful despite not having any enchantment comparing with that sword

  • Hazylane

    Ah yes the old timely method of mining. Strapping dynamite to your pickaxe and throwing it.

  • thewitchbasket

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  • Skarp is Here
    Skarp is Here

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    All I can think of is the bomb section in undertake "E V E N M Y W O R D S A R E A B O M B "

  • Jonah Warner
    Jonah Warner

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    Antoine Roffignon

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    Wadzee exploded

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  • Raied Faisal
    Raied Faisal

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  • Alex Penguin
    Alex Penguin

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    alternative title: minecraft but im a FREAK to everyone (even blocks)

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  • Gabriel Etherington
    Gabriel Etherington

    wadzee : makes rediculously insane challenges that im not exactly sure how tf he motivates himself to do wisp: lets see if i can beat the game but when i take damage i get a random op item. CaN I dO It??? * ends up with 8 stacks of diamonds at the end of the vid *

  • MyFavoriteGamer2006

    But what if when the dragon perched you just dropped all your blocks on different sides so they dont stack?

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    Porsches_are_my_favs_ Always_


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    The Shoddy Turtle

    wil do

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    that one commenting gatorade

    Minecraft but YO MAMA IS GAY

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    Aryan Singh

    Fun Fact: Wadzee Uses an iphone XR

  • Kya Godkin
    Kya Godkin

    8:33 We're just not going to talk about how there is a literal pigman riding a zombie in the nether?!

    • Charles

      Zombie? You mean chicken? It's called a chicken jockey, and it happens in the overworld too with baby zombies.

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    Soviet Comrades

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    Soviet Comrades

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  • Dragon

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  • Cazza the kid
    Cazza the kid

    Wadzee: I might be a bomb!? Shigechi: First time?


    Why did the wonder dragon not explode

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  • Green Apple
    Green Apple

    I would constanly make and throw sticks at what I want to explode. Sticks are harmless to craft, and you get 4 at a time, as opposed to say, dirt and cobblestone. Just constantly throw sticks down a hole, and boom, easy access to the diamond level lol.

  • Zombie 1005050
    Zombie 1005050

    Creeper blows up. RUNNNN

  • conr8980 conr8980
    conr8980 conr8980

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    Cheems The Roaster

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  • Puglicous Pug
    Puglicous Pug

    Lmao he played like 3 seconds of pigstep and coughed so he wouldn't get copyright striked

  • DaddySauce父

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  • Tom J
    Tom J

    Me tinking if someting explode than it drops items and that explodes again and it drops items and that items explode again

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    Ruben Ramirez

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    Kyril Kavetsky

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