I Transformed the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#36)
Today I'm Going to be Transforming the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! This is one of the most unique and creative builds I've ever done, as I had to drain a lava ocean in the nether.
This video is inspired by the time I Transformed the END Dimension in Minecraft to look like the overworld!
Watch the series from episode 1:
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  • WadZee

    This is officially the longest video I've ever posted to date. I worked on this one for 4 days, so I hope you all enjoy! SMASH LIKE!

    • Kornelijus Mockevicia
      Kornelijus Mockevicia

      IT lucks like the over world is turning into the nether And thats cool

    • Carlos Alejo
      Carlos Alejo

      love ur vids

    • emmanuel meza hernandez
      emmanuel meza hernandez

      why don't you put prayers like a diamond

    • bo nana
      bo nana

      Smash like

    • PenguinMaster

      Hi u did well on the nether turning it into the over world well done 👍

  • Anrico Opperman
    Anrico Opperman

    Make a glass dome at the top of it. Might actually look cool like that.

  • Uknown 563
    Uknown 563

    Others: Hell doesn't have a nice place Hell:

  • Gordon Ye
    Gordon Ye

    All u need is a house and it’s the farm from the promised neverland

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon

    btw, for the obsidian u could've traded with piglins

  • Dagmar Nevarilova
    Dagmar Nevarilova


  • Raptor Eye
    Raptor Eye

    The into that says 36 is just really fast cat meows

  • colombilatus

    Who remembers when wadzee was excited for 500k subs

  • Skid

    It's been 1 month? Time is passing.

  • #SA_ everything
    #SA_ everything

    I hope you don't die like DanTDM 😭 it would be so sad btw this was the saddest video i have ever seen for him

  • Jonnis Playz
    Jonnis Playz

    Can you make 100 days in hardcore minecraft

  • mate kung _XD
    mate kung _XD

    why you didn't turn this place to gastiear farm

  • Raph Snek
    Raph Snek

    It would be so cool if wadzee built a planet in the sky of his mc world. Anyone else?

  • Agnes Lara
    Agnes Lara

    i really thought the glass was water i was like "wait how did wad zee got water in the nether?"

  • Candypopboptop

    Why don’t you just go in creative mode ._.

  • StarWars Best
    StarWars Best

    I think it would've looked cool if at the bottom of the waterfall he mixed in some ice for a foam effect.

  • Assassinator

    Him: and if you didint know i plant... Me: like anyone is going to start watchin at ep 36 😑

  • Jaum. Apenas
    Jaum. Apenas

    Do the same thing, but in the overworld

  • Danielius Vita
    Danielius Vita

    isnt there any obi from you auto piglin trader?

  • zaza ivanishvili
    zaza ivanishvili

    its trash project. i wansnt exepting that from you xd

  • NollamaDrama




  • Carolaine Santana
    Carolaine Santana

    “Quando eu cheguei aqui, era tudo lava” 🌚

  • Dimid gaming
    Dimid gaming

    He said:I am now getting the idea of what this shape of the circle

  • Khoaper Mc
    Khoaper Mc

    Hmmmm,water So elegal

  • Seki Services
    Seki Services


  • Little bear bear Moss
    Little bear bear Moss


  • Fernando Perez
    Fernando Perez

    Why the netherite sword changes to a diamond sword?

  • Lilly Does Random Things
    Lilly Does Random Things

    Somebody: how do you get XP? WadZee: oh just killing zombie pigman

  • Brycen Is A Bot
    Brycen Is A Bot

    Get this man a grey check mark next to his name😤😤

  • Lucas Gabriel
    Lucas Gabriel

    Vinícius13 dos Estados Unidos kkkkkkk

  • Adam Farrash
    Adam Farrash


  • MVT-Turtle11

    Wadzee: plzzz build a city above the nether

  • Masked

    how water in nether

  • Derya Demir
    Derya Demir

    Wo ist meine deutsche gang

  • R. K.
    R. K.

    31:21 actual recording of my middle school trumpet section trying to play a song

  • Fiona Harty
    Fiona Harty

    i need to see how much rotten flesh he has collected

  • Eduardo Bozzetto
    Eduardo Bozzetto

    "Im going to make a waterfall" in a dimension that water don't work

  • Mc-Deaner

    All fun games till he dies and he just waisted like 2 years on his life

  • Sarthak Pandita
    Sarthak Pandita

    Dude this is amazing wow 👍👍 😱😱😁😁

  • SteKING34 c/o
    SteKING34 c/o

    WadZee: *tries to build a hill* Ghast: *ANGRY BABY NOISES*

  • iist3rlo

    How is that possible you cant place water in the nether

  • Will RunRun
    Will RunRun

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  • gino death x TV channel gamer
    gino death x TV channel gamer


  • Nở Của
    Nở Của


  • Techno NIGHTMARE
    Techno NIGHTMARE

    Best video of this channel with out a dout

  • Prateek Agrawal
    Prateek Agrawal

    In soulsand valley sand idea doesnot work

  • Fundy The Fox
    Fundy The Fox

    From The ground And Up

  • Might_Wįňģ

    also i probably recommend chainging the trees into savanna trees

  • Might_Wįňģ

    if you hate the nethers grass technically you hate the savannas grass its tbh the same

  • Mattgames325 _
    Mattgames325 _

    This kinda looks like AOT halfway through

  • omar_ isthesuperofdarkis
    omar_ isthesuperofdarkis

    day 1000 : Transforming The whole over world into the nether

  • Ean Heck
    Ean Heck

    Did this man really just put water in the thumbnail?

  • jayant Bidhuri
    jayant Bidhuri

    but how sick it'll be if you just sleep there!

  • just a czech dude
    just a czech dude

    hey wadzee i know that you wont even find my comment if you wanted, but you could put a glass cap on the build to make it look like its some kind of treasure to have the worlds connected and you protect it from ghasts that way. i hope you will see this comment and get inspired in some builds.

  • Arti Dayal
    Arti Dayal

    Omg melons😋

  • ceilvertin

    putting passive mobs like horses or cows or chickens would be sick

  • Nithish Kamath
    Nithish Kamath


  • YaBoyColu

    Honestly using optifine would make the terraforming look super more natural I don’t play without optifine on

  • Atom Soldier
    Atom Soldier

    You could’ve used torches to remove the sand

  • Jhustin FPV
    Jhustin FPV

    what if peds and wadzee play together 😁

  • Siddhant Mishra
    Siddhant Mishra

    how about using TNT duper??

  • Adeleigh Deffenbaugh Rivera
    Adeleigh Deffenbaugh Rivera


  • Tharun krishna
    Tharun krishna

    I have not seen a guy who has this much patient and not at all lazy....bruh crazy guy

  • Gamer Clips
    Gamer Clips


  • Nicolas Leblanc
    Nicolas Leblanc

    Di he saw the piglin with a enchanted netherite chess plate at 21min

  • adriel flecha scarlat
    adriel flecha scarlat

    viniccius 13 riu desse deserto

  • BlackEyedIncubus

    I once built a big glass dome in the nether with an overworld theme and in the end I regretted it because Ghasts kept spawning and they destroyed the glass, grass, dirt and leaves...

  • BlackEyedIncubus

    Sooo many zombiefied piglins... 😰 I was so confused when you jumped in the lava without fire resistance

  • Max Hilgenberg
    Max Hilgenberg

    Please bro just make a sand duper

  • Amanda Plays69
    Amanda Plays69

    How much years did you play mincraft for

  • Max Riley
    Max Riley

    22:29 “This is hell.” Correct.


    Forget about not using plastic to save the oceans! We need to make sure WadZee doesn't get a shovel to save the deserts.


    4:00 getting a rough idea of what ‘shape’ the ‘circle’ is gonna be

  • Pursuant Games
    Pursuant Games

    WadZee: Blue stained glass. Me: Light blue stained glass. WadZee: Lemme grab more blue stained glass. Me: I quit.

  • Ayush Pawar
    Ayush Pawar

    I found the water to look so convincing I clicked on the video to check how he got water in the nether

  • BlueCover

    32:54 strider be like: I rule this land

  • Timelapse

    10:13 skeppy reference?

  • dzamija922

    Elon Musk likes this.

  • Kobi tArel
    Kobi tArel

    can you make the Water ting in mincreft

  • EJ_ow_

    Dude just take a beacon with haste 2 and it takes 10 min to get a full double chest of stinr

  • Calipso Micheli
    Calipso Micheli

    you are a heroes

  • arnav thobhani
    arnav thobhani

    Op wadzee

  • Bighed Boy
    Bighed Boy

    Alternative title: Making the biggest nether portal ever!

  • bln clan
    bln clan

    Let’s learn how to say w 9:37

  • grenin shiny
    grenin shiny

    O forever gringo

  • Cooper OCE
    Cooper OCE

    tip: could of used beds to get ride of the netherrack quicker

  • Ninja Coala
    Ninja Coala

    You sould add a glass dome

  • jhomar Deypalubos
    jhomar Deypalubos

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  • James Pettersson
    James Pettersson

    why do you not craft sandstone

  • Salva B
    Salva B

    British accent ... 😐😐😐

  • Baldevram Latiyal
    Baldevram Latiyal

    Teddy gamer ki chicken ki hai

  • Nugget Bugget
    Nugget Bugget

    I subscribed

  • Don Shin
    Don Shin

    It looks like a part of the overworld was just stolen or portaled out. Maybe you can create the other side of the portal. Something simple like a big circle of lava. As thr other side of this portaled overworld.

  • Chundra Xiong
    Chundra Xiong

    That’s honestly dope

  • chxmmyz

    The maze runner.

  • Apple Gamer
    Apple Gamer

    Imagine he dies in from 2 ghats 100 pigmen 200 zombie pigmen and 4 mags slimes

  • Jackson Ge
    Jackson Ge

    I’ve been subbed for two years hope your happy :)

  • Jackson Ge
    Jackson Ge

    Oh hi

  • Samuil Plamenov Dimitrov
    Samuil Plamenov Dimitrov

    Sick build brah!!