I Transformed the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#36)
Today I'm Going to be Transforming the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! This is one of the most unique and creative builds I've ever done, as I had to drain a lava ocean in the nether.
This video is inspired by the time I Transformed the END Dimension in Minecraft to look like the overworld!

Watch the series from episode 1:

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  • WadZee

    This is officially the longest video I've ever posted to date. I worked on this one for 4 days, so I hope you all enjoy! SMASH LIKE!

    • ARF-Trooper Builds
      ARF-Trooper Builds


    • Shramen Noodles
      Shramen Noodles

      It would be cool if u were invited to Hermitcraft NGL

    • Lame Bro 2005
      Lame Bro 2005

      WadZee if you use glow lichen on lava source you can get water in the nether

    • Nick Munro
      Nick Munro

      yes we do

    • Joanna Wilson
      Joanna Wilson

      Already done, and I subscribed

  • Гергана Найденова
    Гергана Найденова

    Why didn't u put like 1 layer of the sant and place block that doesn't burn so u use less blocks?🤷🏻‍♀️

  • arian1108

    I will be lagy very lagy if i go to your world

  • Fatima may (or may not) start a YouTube channel
    Fatima may (or may not) start a YouTube channel

    'mankind received a grim reminder' sorta shit

  • Die drei Gaming Brüder
    Die drei Gaming Brüder

    wait a minute there is a zombie in the nether

  • Die drei Gaming Brüder
    Die drei Gaming Brüder

    WadZee there is a way to get infinite sand idiot

  • ArcticDragon

    Cool. Now make the overworld into The nether.

    • Lokesh


  • Ashley Kirkman
    Ashley Kirkman

    This guy like to give himself pain

  • Nafoni cotely
    Nafoni cotely

    This reminds me of attack on titan

  • A Glory God
    A Glory God

    What the he'll is wah wah army? No Offense. :/

    • A Glory God
      A Glory God


  • Gaurav

    Make some iron golem to take care if mobs

  • rymakes

    wadzees gold farm design :p

  • Anton Johansson
    Anton Johansson

    That last montage looked dope!


    if u melted the ice with a torch it would make water but if u used regular ice

  • Efu

    It look,s like savanah you should plant acacia trees

  • Xenoblader

    It looks like whenever you placed one sand block it destroys all the lava source blocks on the way down... You possibly could have just placed one line of sand and kept it going without filling it up except around the perimeter.

  • mexicator0

    12:25 time stamp

  • mexicator0

    Pls tell the dimensions i want to do this also

  • Hydr

    This video made me subscribe! Also, this is first video from this channel ISdowns recommended to me

  • Royale Aries
    Royale Aries

    “I might be dying” His hearts: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ What he thinks his hearts are: ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • У23Б Теодор Стоянов
    У23Б Теодор Стоянов

    Add glass over it

  • Retsi Carlos
    Retsi Carlos

    You should have probably used soul torches instead of regular torches, since those repel piglins

  • Willow Davis
    Willow Davis

    It kind of looks like your looking down at earth from your nether base which looks sick.

  • KensterBooster

    Me: kills zombie on east mobil HARD also me on mobil: kills ender dragon and 2 whithers EZ

  • JiRReH

    When he said idk I'm gonna be playing cod zombies I related to that cuz I'm always getting swarmmed by tank zombies

  • Silas Walsworth
    Silas Walsworth

    This is an underrated channel

  • Funball101

    I dont know if this is still in the game or if youll see this but i saw a bug where if you use shears with silk touvh on lichen thats in water and place it in the nether, it will make flowing water/ thought that could be useful!

    • MatiazAnimates

      @Funball101 yeah it was too game breaking

    • Funball101

      @MatiazAnimates oh ok thank you. I didn’t think it would be in the game for long.

    • MatiazAnimates

      It only worked on a snapshot

  • Tomek Davies
    Tomek Davies

    You need some sugar cane, cows and a golem

  • minecraft 10
    minecraft 10

    Ok this video was uplaoded 4 months ago and yet still i can't stop beeing impressed, i would never be able to do somthing like that in minecraft.... Or in real life

  • ken zie
    ken zie

    the patience this guy have

  • King Atir
    King Atir

    Love it

  • KING GAMER9000
    KING GAMER9000

    are you crazy red is not gross you do not like red right well a lot of people like red your the only dude who hates it that is my favorite color!!!??????????????

  • Smriti Pandey
    Smriti Pandey

    Wadzee: Let's put Overworld in the middle of the Ocean. Me: "dies 3 times in a row in the nether "

  • Michel Angelo
    Michel Angelo

    It makes me tired

  • Minh Nguyễn Anh
    Minh Nguyễn Anh

    im in wah wah army. Good job Wadzee

  • Gerald Laksmana Noor
    Gerald Laksmana Noor

    Wadzee in 2025 : Can We Create Nether In OverWorld?

  • Lani

    instead of the stone u placed around the lake you could've used stone buttons, they look like little rocks and give a realistic effect

  • Everything fitness and bodybuilding
    Everything fitness and bodybuilding

    He should make a hardcore let’s play in the April fools snapshot and make a random diamnecion and make his house there🤘🏻

  • furroy2

    very cool! if you ever revist this build, maybe you could put a circle of ice on the ceiling to be the sky above it.

  • Débora Borges
    Débora Borges

    ISdowns recommended me this video, so I spent the last few days watching the previous 35 videos of this series and now I can finally watch this one.

  • clutch167

    F3 be like What biome did I come?

  • Annatjie Hanekom
    Annatjie Hanekom

    Why diddn't you just youse real water ????? 🏞

  • Sync Sky
    Sync Sky

    Dude it looks like a wormhole

  • Rinapat K
    Rinapat K

    Why you don’t use real water

    • MatiazAnimates

      You can't put water in the nether

    • Rinapat K
      Rinapat K

      I really don’t know pls tell me

  • STELo

    You sir have earned my subscription!

  • Sylvia Karau
    Sylvia Karau

    Rewatching this the third time because it is 3 am and I am bored

  • gamers only
    gamers only

    are you german because you said alter

  • Bob Vaner
    Bob Vaner

    Do a glass dome over it

  • Leif Gonzalez
    Leif Gonzalez

    It’s called terraforming

  • the Lego game person
    the Lego game person

    The king that he showed us the thing is actually you can make your world in a whole cave

  • Walid Nawfal
    Walid Nawfal

    Please answer you and (jihita) with one server

  • Dolls, Forts and Fun
    Dolls, Forts and Fun

    Everyone like subscribe to wad Zee he is incredible

  • Gamer Noob
    Gamer Noob

    Who else watched the entire video instead of skipping to the fun part

  • Panha Panha
    Panha Panha

    Next video turn the over world to the nether

  • V. Pravin
    V. Pravin

    Nice ghast farm

  • Eli Kasinger
    Eli Kasinger

    Me watching this being new to the channel: oh cool WadZee: 1:10 Me: you planted grass?

  • Joran Mueller
    Joran Mueller

    Brooo that looks sick, and it must have taken forever

  • Sato Nice
    Sato Nice

    Great idea, could be a cool mod to have! Just random holes with different types of terrains! Could also work in the overworld.

  • Life Is a Conundrum of Escoterica
    Life Is a Conundrum of Escoterica

    Lol, can someone remind him that water doesn't spawn in the nether?!

  • aqiva mendoza
    aqiva mendoza

    In thumbnail in the nether I found water that you build

  • M VanBoxtel
    M VanBoxtel

    Wadzee: 'And just a bit of obsidian' but there is 12x64 obsidian!!!!!!!!

  • The Gaming Marmot
    The Gaming Marmot

    it kinda looks like some portal

  • Jamil memoona
    Jamil memoona


    • Jamil memoona
      Jamil memoona


  • Sickmin

    Fun fact: I'm actually gonna try this on my own hard-core world

  • cinimmon


  • Praseetha Praseetha
    Praseetha Praseetha

    I just can't do it in creative mode😁

  • DJ Gamer
    DJ Gamer

    make a glass dome over it so ghast cant see you

  • amir ambag
    amir ambag

    piglin are scare of soul torch

  • phobicpigeon

    it looks like part of the overworld teleported into the nether. very cool :D

  • Felicia L
    Felicia L

    looks like a cool world

  • Felicia L
    Felicia L

    Is that multiplayer I want to goin

  • power carrot 3934 Perks
    power carrot 3934 Perks


  • Gurmukh Singh Sandhu
    Gurmukh Singh Sandhu

    and i struggle to build a house in creative

  • 개놈의 시키
    개놈의 시키

    isdowns.info/lift/0mu7h6OGhayLmM0/v-deo Same idea but more insane

  • Aman Dhaliwal
    Aman Dhaliwal

    Bro you have a trade farm that has lots or obsidian


    Dude you can just install some more lighting in that It would give a great effect....

  • Lightning fighter
    Lightning fighter

    I am confused which’s the best wadzee building 😂😂😂🤦

  • Life Of Epic
    Life Of Epic

    I’ve been watching ur videos so much lately that I have started putting WhaWha in front of my tools lol

  • Mahdiyah Ali
    Mahdiyah Ali

    After five to six hours digging he is finally going to tell us what he’s doing Me already know bc I read the title lol

  • princee

    How join me pls

  • leeza dhamelia
    leeza dhamelia

    Put animals

  • Destiny

    I feel like they should make a game function where if you put lava or fire on Sand long enough it just automatically turns into glass

  • Ne No
    Ne No

    you couldve drank invisibility potions to not get attacked by them ghasts

  • Hello hi:P
    Hello hi:P

    That strider isnt ok...😅😂

  • hokhim tang
    hokhim tang


  • Cookie Fpv
    Cookie Fpv

    Place a netherportal in the middle, and then transform the overworld at this point to the nether

  • Ranasurya Ghosh
    Ranasurya Ghosh

    spawn some iron golems there, they will take care of the mobs :)

  • Shredder878

    I just found you recently but I wish I could sub multiple times you’re sooo good at content and everything

  • Snowing moonlight
    Snowing moonlight

    Him: *water* Me : water can’t spawn in well The ✨ *nether* ✨

  • Padmapriya BS
    Padmapriya BS

    person: *spends hours trying to find how to make gold farm* me, an intelectual: *Uses wadzees nether island*

  • Kevin Josh
    Kevin Josh

    Its so Satisfying when your destroying sand with that Shovel💖

  • Hey Yoshi Official
    Hey Yoshi Official

    lol did you just do a min mogpit thingy with those pigs? XD lol

  • Gavin Kordus
    Gavin Kordus

    Around 1:23 to 1:27 in the background, you can see another melon grow. Sorry just had to point that out.

  • Vanja Lukic
    Vanja Lukic

    WadZee: Don't try doing this Me who is already thinking abt it🤣

  • Flameintherain

    I'd put a light blue glass dome over it

  • Aleksandar Gorgiev
    Aleksandar Gorgiev

    how do u have water in the nether?

  • S M
    S M

    I think the thing that looks the coolest i/ the perspective from above when you can see through the black obsidian ring, it almost looks like a portal :)

  • Sidney Markwell
    Sidney Markwell

    0:11 That damn Rich Piana theme

  • Fenii

    You should add like a little shack and it's like abandoned

  • jacob kristensen
    jacob kristensen

    make the sky at the top